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Bang, bang, bang!

Lin Chen and Broly, the two Legendary Super Saiyans, were fighting fiercely.

Fist against fist, leg against leg.

But this time, Broly didn’t have the overwhelming advantage that he previously had against Goku and others, instead, he was pressed down and beaten up by Lin Chen.

In terms of Power Level, Broly is actually above Lin Chen, but the current situation is that Broly was punched and kicked by Lin Chen, constantly being attacked from all angles, and even Broly’s neck was twisted and lengthened, looking like he was about to lose.

Lin Chen has been trained by Mr.

Popo in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and it finally played a role in the situation where the strength of both sides is equal.

At the same time, the new Planet Vegeta seems to be on the verge of destruction because of the battle between the two.

The rioting energy caused the rocks under their feet to float after getting free from the shackles of gravity, and the mountains and rivers were collapsing with a loud rumble.

Not far away, Goku and the others could only watch helplessly.

Even Goku had no choice but to admit that the battle in the sky is now beyond their abilities.

Even if he gathers everyone’s Ki and goes up, he may not be able to help.

“Really, we don’t have a chance to help in a fight of this level!” Goku scratched his head helplessly, “I didn’t expect that Mr.

Lin Chen would be so strong! I should have had a fight with him earlier if I knew that.”

Gohan said: “Dad, I can no longer see their movements.”

“Damn it……”

Vegeta looked unwilling.

Since defeating Cell, he always thought that he had surpassed Goku and became the strongest Saiyan, but this time he encountered two powerful Saiyans who made him despair.

This is a shame for Vegeta, who has always been proud of being Prince of Saiyans!


Just when Lin Chen had Broly pressed down as he kept beating him up, Broly suddenly curled up, and then suddenly stretched out.

A yellow-green radiance suddenly completely protected Broly’s body inside.

Lin Chen’s fist was blocked by this radiance, as if it had struck a wall, it made a thumping sound.

“Ding! Beginner martial arts talent activating, learning technique Energy Shield!”

Hearing the system prompt ringing in his ear, Lin Chen temporarily stopped attacking and took a break.

“Broly, didn’t you consider yourself to be invincible Then why are you only defending and not counterattacking”

Hearing Lin Chen’s words, Broly suddenly roared.

The muscles all over his body trembled with the roar, and the aura on his body became majestic wave after wave!

“Broly’s Ki has risen again”

“Monster! Are all Legendary Super Saiyan monsters”

The roar stopped, Broly grinned and looked at Lin Chen while laughing wildly.

At this time, he had no signs of sanity left at all.

Due to the non-stop battle, Broly’s sanity finally disappeared, and the current him has completely turned into a beast who can only fight.


Broly, whose mind was controlled by insanity, rushed over recklessly.

Lin Chen didn’t dare to lower his guard, and used all the insights about Ki he had learned from Mr.


Broly, whose strength had improved once again, had widened the gap between him and Lin Chen.

When the strength disparity reaches a certain level, the skills began to slowly lose their effectiveness.

Although Lin Chen still has the upper hand, Broly could already put out an effective counterattack against him.


Lin Chen’s fist struck Broly again, although Broly’s face still revealed pain, but this time, before Lin Chen could retract his fist, Broly grabbed his arms with one hand.

The next moment, a yellow-green energy ball appeared on Broly’s other hand.

Then, he directly pressed the energy ball on Lin Chen’s chest, and pushed it before detonating it.

Broly roared again as if seeing a successful attack, but this time, his roar didn’t last for a few seconds before it stopped in shock.

The smoke dissipated, and Lin Chen was standing in front of him, completely intact, with a yellow-green Energy Shield also appearing in front of him.

Under the Energy Shield, Lin Chen was gasping for breath.

After transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan, just like Broly, he has almost inexhaustible energy.

However, although his energy is inexhaustible, he would still feel tired.

Lin Chen looked at Broly in front of him and felt that it was time to change his strategy.

A monster like Legendary Super Saiyan is impossible to defeat with ordinary methods.

My and Broly’s strength is too close, so I can’t decide the outcome of the fight if I keep fighting like this…

Just then, Lin Chen’s eyes glanced at Broly’s back.

I wonder when did the sun of the new Planet Vegeta rose.

At this time, in the blue sky, a huge white air mass has already occupied most of the sky.

It’s the comet!

In Paragus’ original plan, he was to use the comet to kill Vegeta and other, and the time when the comet would hit the new Planet Vegeta is today.

Unknowingly, the battle between Lin Chen and Broly had already lasted all night, and the huge comet was not far from the new Planet Vegeta.

Got it!

Just when Lin Chen came up with the idea, he saw astonishing number of energy balls surging with aura, struck his body like tsunami.

All of these energy balls struck Lin Chen’s energy shield and kept exploding.

Amidst the smoke and dust, Lin Chen suddenly flew into the sky, and Broly, whose eyes were already red, did not hesitate to chase after Lin Chen while he kept throwing energy balls at Lin Chen.

“What are they doing”

Below, Goku and the others watched in bewilderment as the two flew higher and higher, almost rushing out of the atmosphere of the new Planet Vegeta.

But soon, they didn’t have time to care about it.

Because the huge comet entered their eyes.

“Crap! It’s the comet!”

“Uncle Piccolo, where’s your spaceship”

“Over there! Hurry over there!”

“Vegeta! Stop dawdling!”

As Goku and the others were fleeing towards the spaceship, Lin Chen and Broly finally rushed out of the atmosphere.

Yellow-green energy shields appeared around the two of them at the same time, and then they continued to chase each other.

Along with Broly, Lin Chen almost flew over to the front of the comet and stopped.


Broly once again condensed an energy ball in his palm and threw it towards Lin Chen.

The energy ball was not as big as a fist at first, but when it flew halfway, it suddenly became extremely huge.

The huge energy ball directly struck Lin Chen’s body.

But at this moment, Broly discovered that Lin Chen, who was engulfed by the energy ball, suddenly swayed and disappeared from his place

This Lin Chen turned out to be just an afterimage!


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