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Just when Lin Chen was falling into despair, Broly, whose whole body was exuding a yellow-green aura, floated down and arrived in front of Lin Chen.

He looked at Lin Chen with a cold light flashing in his eyes, and a low roar came from his throat.

“My Ki… is rising! It’s about to explode! Roar!!! Kill! Kill… kill!”

Suddenly, Broly froze before he clenched his fists and roared loudly.

With Broly as the center, a lot of energy began to gather, forming energy balls full of ultra-high energy, completely surrounding Broly.

After a few seconds.

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

A large number of green energy balls shot out of Broly’s body, and for a while, violent explosions occurred everywhere, and even Goku and others who were watching the battle from a distance got caught up in it.

Fortunately, Goku used Instant Transmission in time and brought everyone to a safe area.

But other places on the planet were not so lucky.

Those miscellaneous soldiers who had successfully escaped before, and Shamoian slaves who had not boarded the spaceship, were all swallowed by green energy balls.

Lin Chen, who was closest to Broly, was bombarded by a concentrated hail of bullets.

He had already consumed most of his physical strength in his previous move.

Under this concentrated bombardment, his defense was completely broken through and he sank into the ground.

He couldn’t even keep his Super Saiyan’s form, and his hair turned black.

“Damn-damn it…”

Lin Chen immediately used his remaining strength to take out a Senzu Bean from the system space, and was about to put it in his mouth when he saw Broly suddenly appear above his head.

“You’re relying on that bean to recover your strength, right”

The corners of Broly’s mouth twitched, and he quickly swooped down.


His legs stomped heavily on Lin Chen’s wrist holding the Senzu Bean.


The bones of Lin Chen’s right hand were instantly crushed.

Broly sneered, jumped up, and once again heavily stomped, this time, he stepped directly on Lin Chen’s stomach.


A mouthful of blood spurted out.

Damn it!

The unprecedented pain caused Lin Chen to become extremely furious.

How come I am not there yet I have already reached this point, why can’t I still transform into Legendary Super Saiyan

Danger is opportunity!

Lin Chen decided to take on Broly by himself, it was definitely not to kill himself.

His last reliance is the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline flowing in his body.

Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, in addition to allowing him to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan form and continuously increase his Power Level with age, it also has a very special ability.

That is, a Legendary Super Saiyan gets stronger when they encounter strong people!

Lin Chen’s thinking was to force himself to awaken to transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan by challenging Broly.

However, it now seems that Lin Chen’s hopes are going to be dashed.

Even after repeated serious injuries, he could not transform into Legendary Super Saiyan.


Another heavy stomp and the ground behind Lin Chen was almost unable to withstand it.

The bones throughout Lin Chen’s body completely shattered, and his aura couldn’t be sensed at all.

But at this moment, Lin Chen suddenly felt that the hundreds of millions of cells in his body began to vibrate wildly without any reason and golden energy spread throughout his body.

It was absorbed and used by countless cells before it erupted out again.

“Not good, Lin Chen is going to die! Everyone, provide me your Ki! Give me the power to defeat Broly!”

Seeing that Lin Chen appeared to be unable to hold on, Goku stood up with difficulty and prepared to give it one last shot.

But at this moment, an astonishing aura suddenly erupted out on the ground.

“This Ki…” Goku was taken aback.

“How is it possible” Piccolo was shocked.


Lin Chen! But how” Trunks was puzzled.

Vegeta, on the other hand, trembled and gritted his teeth in anger.

“How, how is it possible Legendary Super Saiyan, isn’t it something that only appears once in a thousand years How is that guy…”

In the distance, lightning flashed and thunder rolled.

Lin Chen, who should have been smashed to pieces, was actually floating in place while exuding an astonishing yellow-green aura.

Lin Chen’s appearance had completely changed.

Now, he is almost the same height as Broly, which is more than two meters tall.

He had robust muscles, which were not inferior to Broly.

The only difference from Broly is that Lin Chen’s pupils were still dark green and revealed calmness.

Yes, Lin Chen at this moment has finally transformed into Legendary Super Saiyan form!

“So that’s how it is… If one wants to transform into Legendary Super Saiyan, they also need the guidance of anger.”

Lin Chen watched as his entire body brimmed with power, and finally realized in vain.

No wonder he has been unable to break through.

Because at that time, his journey was smooth sailing and even when facing Frieza, he was easily able to kill him in seconds.

Being like that, there was no way for him to get angry at anything.

However, Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, like the ordinary Super Saiyan transformation, requires extreme anger as a fuse.

Just now, the despairing Lin Chen’s anger towards himself finally made him achieve his transformation.

After successfully transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan form, Lin Chen’s aura underwent earth-shaking changes compared to before.

Legendary Super Saiyan form not only healed Lin Chen’s injuries, but also made his Power Level soar from the normal state 1.6 million to 80 million, a 50-fold increase, almost the same as Broly.

And unlike Broly, who is starting to lose his rationality at the moment, even if he transforms into Legendary Super Saiyan, Lin Chen could still control his emotions.

He will not become a pure killing machine like Broly.

Feeling the powerful energy in his body, Lin Chen smiled.

His eyes swept towards Broly, and he hooked his fingers at him.

“Roar!!! Kill!”

Suddenly, Broly roared and his expression became crazy.

He moved like lightning, instantly appearing in front of Lin Chen, and his fist struck towards Lin Chen’s face.


Broly’s fist had only flown halfway before it was caught by another fist.

Lin Chen grabbed Broly’s hand and said with a smile, “How does it feel to be suppressed in terms of strength You beat me so many times just now, now it’s my turn!”


Like shattering earth, he punched and Broly spurted out an unknown liquid from his mouth as he bent down in pain.

Broly, whose expression wouldn’t change no matter what attack he faced before, actually showed pain on his face under Lin Chen’s punch!

Boom! !

Lin Chen’s iron fist was like a tempest, hitting Broly continuously, knocking him from the sky to the ground, from the ground to the sky.

Broly seems to have lost his ability to react, and like a punching bag, he allowed Lin Chen to beat him up without putting up any resistance.

And for the first time, Broly’s aura also began to weaken!


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