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“It’s Senzu Beans! That Saiyan has Senzu Beans!”

Namekians have superhuman eyesight and hearing, so Piccolo, who was watching the fight, was the first one to discover Lin Chen’s secret.

Previously, the five of them together were not Broly’s match, so Lin Chen alone naturally couldn’t have lasted that long.

But fortunately, for this battle, Lin Chen specially brought many Senzu Beans from Korin of his world just in case.

Don’t look at the fact that there are not many Senzu Beans in the original work, but in fact, there are at least a dozen jars of Senzu Beans in Korin Tower.

The reason why the number of Senzu Beans in Korin Tower wasn’t much in future was because of Yajirobe, a freeloader who used to eat Senzu Beans as food, causing the number of Senzu Beans to decrease greatly.

Currently in Lin Chen’s world, Yajirobe has not yet arrived at Korin Tower, and because Korin has reached a cooperation with Lin Chen to expand the planting of Senzu Beans, Lin Chen alone has prepared at least several hundred Senzu Beans.

“Ah Lin Chen also has Senzu Beans Why didn’t he give us some” Goku asked in confusion.

Gohan thought for a while and said, “Dad, could it be that Mr.

Lin Chen wants to use Senzu Beans to improve his Power Level”

“Increasing Power Level Ah! I forgot there was such a way.”

Saiyan’s Power Level will greatly improve every time they revive from near-death.

Goku and Vegeta have relied on this trait to rapidly improve their strength several times in the past.

But Vegeta said with disdain: “Stupid! That’s just for ordinary Saiyan, our bodies have already gone through too much tempering, this method can’t improve our strength by much!”

If Lin Chen was here, he would have given Vegeta a thumbs up.

From the beginning of the battle until now, he has been nearly killed by Broly several times, and he has eaten dozens of Senzu Beans, but the increase in Power Level is almost negligible.

Even after the amplification of Super Saiyan’s Power Level, it was only a few hundred thousand and can be disregarded.

However, Lin Chen only learned about this today.

After all, in his world, Lin Chen has never been so close to death since he merged with the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Whoosh, a beam of light suddenly streaked across the horizon, creating a huge chasm of 100 meters in width.

Then shortly afterwards, an energy ball expanded before exploding with a loud rumble, creating a crater with a diameter of one kilometer.

The huge energy light ball froze for a long time before slowly dissipating.

But just as the ball of light began to dissipate, Broly heard a voice.


The next moment, Lin Chen suddenly appeared in front of Broly once again, and pushed the shock wave with both of his hands.

The thick beam of light engulfed Broly.

But when the beam of light dissipated, Broly tilted his head and looked at Lin Chen with a sneer: “Didn’t I say it’s useless”

“Death Beam!”

Lin Chen put two of his fingers together and began to use Frieza’s unique skill.

Golden energy beams intertwined together, forming a large airtight net, which created an inescapable net around Broly.

Each energy ray contains terrifying power, and if one is slightly careless, it will penetrate the body.

But when these rays struck Broly, forget about penetrating the body, they couldn’t even break open his skin.

Before the beams struck Broly, they were blocked by a golden-green energy barrier.

“Energy barrier”

Lin Chen’s pupils suddenly contracted, and his mouth formed a grimace.

“What about this technique Planet Destroying Ball!”


In the distance, Goku and the others were shocked when they saw Lin Chen raise his finger and a purple energy ball condensed above it.

Whose technique was it, everyone present wasn’t unfamiliar.

“How does he know Frieza’s technique”

“Never mind this.

Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks! Grab me!”

Frieza’s Planet Destroying Ball, as the name suggests, can easily destroy a planet.

Now it’s too late to look for a spaceship.

Goku had no choice but to grab everyone and then use Instant Transmission to leave.

“Don’t touch me, Kakarot! I will not accept your help!”

Vegeta reached out and slapped Goku away.



As the scene was in chaos, Lin Chen finally threw the Planet Destroying Ball towards Broly.

Lin Chen didn’t show any mercy this time.

Anyway, even if the planet was destroyed, he could still survive in space.

As for Goku and the others, he just has to find Planet Namek’s dragon balls in this universe to resurrect them.

In short, facing a powerful enemy like Broly, there must be no hesitation.

Seeing the Planet Destroying Ball thrown by Lin Chen, Broly smiled cruelly and even wanted to reach out his hand and slap it away.


But when Broly touched the Planet Destroying Ball, his expression changed.

Frieza’s Planet Destroying Ball is a technique in which one has to focus all their energy on one point.

So this move contains almost all of Lin Chen’s power, and even Broly, who was caught off guard, couldn’t resist it for a moment.

Planet Destroying Ball, which can destroy a planet, pressed down on him.

Under this astonishing power, Broly was sent flying backwards like an arrow being shot from the bow string and fell towards the ground.


Broly was easily pressed into the ground, then the power pressing down on him didn’t weaken, burying him all the way.

Broly, who was buried upside down, finally revealed an unprecedented angry look on his face.

He has never suffered such a big loss before this.


Suddenly, Broly’s falling figure stopped abruptly.

Immediately afterwards, he pushed his palms forward and pushed the Planet Destroying Ball into the sky!


Planet Destroying Ball was like a rocket rising into the sky, it drilled out of the ground and then continued upward all the way without losing any strength before finally drilling out of the atmosphere.

After a while, above the highest point in the sky, an additional sun seemed to suddenly appear, the dazzling light stinging everyone’s eyes, after which a deafening sound swept out in all directions, almost causing people to go deaf.

After a long while, the smoke cleared and the storm ceased.

Lin Chen looked towards the ground and his pupils shrank, his forehead unconsciously breaking out into cold sweat.

He saw Broly slowly fly out of the hole, gasping for breath.

There were still no wounds on his body, and even his aura hadn’t weakened at all, and it seems to be even a little higher than before.

His Power Level was more than 5 million compared to the beginning!

Such bad luck! It seems I have been too conceited this time.

At this moment, Lin Chen couldn’t help but regret his previous choice.

Knowing that Legendary Super Saiyan is so unfathomable, he should have selected an easy mission when choosing the mission.

Have I shot myself in the foot

Lin Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly.



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