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Boom, boom, boom!

When Lin Chen brought Krillin and the others away, exploding sounds like thunder rumbling kept resounding through the sky in the distance.


Lin Chen, Goku and the others will be fine, right” Krillin was carrying Turtle Hermit as he asked.

“I don’t know, that Broly is quite terrifying.” Lin Chen said.

“Then why don’t you go help You are a Saiyan too, right” said Oolong, who was carried by Lin Chen.

“I will go, but before that, you should get on the spaceship and leave first.

Because this planet is about to be destroyed.”

When Lin Chen told Krillin and others the news that a comet was approaching, they turned pale with fright.

“What What about Goku and the others”

“Idiot, doesn’t Goku have Instant Transmission You should be worried about yourself, hurry up and escape!”

As soon as they landed, they quickly ran towards Paragus’ spaceship.

Just at this time, Lin Chen saw Paragus, who was also fleeing towards the spaceship.

“You all go first, I’ll stop that Saiyan.”

Lin Chen’s body flashed and he arrived in front of Paragus.

Seeing Lin Chen, Paragus stopped immediately: “If you want to escape with me, follow me! Otherwise, get out of the way!”

“Aren’t you going to stay with your son” Lin Chen said.

“Humph! Broly is now no longer under my control and would only get in my way!”

Lin Chen heaved a sigh and shook his head: “Paragus, you in this world are really forced too much by reality, let me free you.”


Paragus was stunned for a moment, but immediately realized the meaning behind Lin Chen’s words.

He immediately unleashed his aura and was about to make his move on Lin Chen, but a hand pressed against his chest.

“Paragus, you pitiful man.

I feel sorry about what happened to you in this life.

But don’t worry, you in the other world are doing well.”

“What are you saying”


A sparkling bright white-blue light beam penetrated through Paragus’ heart.

He has been suffering all his life.

The man who became selfish and extreme because of external factors died under the hands of Lin Chen.

In fact, it was a lucky thing for Paragus to die under the hands of Lin Chen.

Because if it wasn’t for Lin Chen intervention, Paragus’ ending would have been to get squeezed to death by his own son Broly in the spaceship, and then thrown towards the comet to die.

Seeing that Paragus died at the hands of Lin Chen, Krillin and the others didn’t speak, but they didn’t have the slightest sympathy for him.

After all, if it wasn’t for Paragus’ manipulation, so many people in the South Area would not have died at Broly’s hands.

This guy’s hands are covered in the blood of people no less than Frieza.

Returning to Krillin and others’ side, Lin Chen rushed into the spaceship and killed all of Paragus’ subordinates, and then walked out and said to Krillin, “Mr.

Krillin, I’ll leave this ship to you, leave as soon as possible, I’ll go over and take a look at Mr.

Goku’s side.”

“Okay!” Krillin nodded, then his eyes suddenly narrowed, looking towards the direction where Goku and the others were fighting.

Over there, the aura of Goku and others was rapidly weakening.

“Oh no! Goku and the others seem to be in trouble!”

Krillin turned around and said to Lin Chen, “Mr.

Lin Chen, please, can you help them I’m just an earthling and not capable of taking part in this kind of battle.”

“I understand, leave it to me.” Lin Chen nodded and took his leave, then he flew towards the battlefield.

On the way, Lin Chen sensed Goku and others’ aura getting weaker and weaker, appearing on the verge of death.

But just when Lin Chen was about to speed up, another unfamiliar aura suddenly broke into the scene.

“This Ki, is it Piccolo”

Sure enough, when Lin Chen arrived at the abandoned city that had become the battlefield, he saw Piccolo feeding Goku and the others Senzu Beans.

After being revived, the four Z warriors surrounded Broly.

At this time, Lin Chen also entered the scene.

Broly glanced at him and smiled disdainfully: “It doesn’t matter how many people come, in my eyes, you are all trash!”

“Saiyan Goku, who is he” Piccolo asked.

“He’s Lin Chen, a wandering Saiyan!” Goku said, and then asked, “Mr.

Lin Chen, can you help us This guy is very powerful!”

“Sorry, I don’t like working with people.

If you all lose, I will then take action.”

Because of the selection mission, Lin Chen could only answer like this.

Hearing this, Goku felt a little regretful, but Piccolo didn’t know how powerful Lin Chen was, so he didn’t care.

After all, what they are facing right now is a monster they have never encountered before.

If Lin Chen’s strength is not good, it will only be trouble if he comes over to help.

“Goku! Don’t talk nonsense, the four of us will go together!” Piccolo yelled.


“Hahaha, if you die obediently, there won’t be too much pain, why don’t you understand it”

Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline will gradually cause people to lose their rationality as their energy continues to rise.

But because Broly’s energy has been suppressed by Paragus in the past, at this moment, he hadn’t completely lost his mind yet.

Although the violent Broly has an indomitable spirit and is fearless, the rational Broly is actually even more despairing.

After relying on Senzu Beans to recover their strength, Goku and others started attacking him together again.

The three Super Saiyan’s Power Level was above 20 million, and Piccolo, which should have merged with Kami, also has a Power Level of around 30 million.

However, the four-person siege failed to even injure Broly.

What’s even more despairing is Broly’s seemingly endless physical strength.

Super Saiyan transformation is actually a transformation that can only fight for a short time.

The higher the level of transformation, the stronger the burden on the body.

So Super Saiyans are not suitable for protracted battles.

However, Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan form doesn’t seem to have this problem at all.

From the beginning of the battle until now, Goku and the others have eaten one Senzu Bean, and was supported by the addition of Piccolo and the freshly joined Vegeta, who had finally recovered his fighting spirit with great difficulty and regained his strength.

But four Super Saiyans, plus a Super Namekian, couldn’t weaken Broly’s aura by even a little bit.



With a muffled groan, Vegeta was pressed into a boulder by Broly’s palm.

A hole that seemed to have appeared after being struck by a huge meteorite appeared on the surface of the boulder, and numerous wide cracks spread out, gradually covering the entire boulder!

Vegeta was pressed into the center of the hole with his head grabbed by Broly and was fiercely smashed a few times.

He lost consciousness and his Super Saiyan state was cancelled.

The collapse of Vegeta also meant the conclusion of the battle.

Except for Lin Chen, who was watching the battle, there was no one else standing.

“Is this it Humph! Trash is trash after all.”

Broly released his hand, letting Vegeta fall to the ground, and then he let out a loud roar as if to show off his strength.

Amidst his loud roar, Broly’s whole body made a “pop” sound and a golden aura erupted out, like a raging golden flame, very flamboyant!

But at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Broly.

“Broly, don’t celebrate too soon, don’t forget, there’s still me!”



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