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The attack from Vegeta just now created a deep pit in the ground.

The spreading shock waves almost destroyed the nearby palace.

Even Goku had to use Instant Transmission to temporarily escape into the distance.

Lin Chen and the others, who were farther away, also escaped into the sky.

However, Broly was completely unscathed even after receiving such a powerful attack head-on, his aura not weakening in the slightest.

No, let alone weakening, Broly’s aura was still improving!

“How is it possible”

Sensing the astonishing power emanating from Broly, Vegeta’s eyes widened.


“Be careful everyone!”

Sensing Broly’s changes, Goku also loudly reminded everyone.

Lin Chen’s face couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat.

In his eyes, Broly’s Power Level started to rise again.

55.5 million!

60 million!

65 million!

70 million!

As Broly’s Power Level increased, the sky shook and the ground trembled.

Suddenly, Broly’s face revealed pain.


Pfff pfff! !

Don’t know when, numerous lightning bolts suddenly flashed in the sky.

These lightning bolts pierced through the atmosphere and exploded in mid-air, and then shattered into countless lightning, falling vertically from the sky and hitting the ground.


Many of Paragus’ minions who had rushed over when they heard the news were hit by these lightning bolts and then evaporated instantly.

“Be careful!”

Goku shouted loudly while blocking the lightning for Gohan and the others.

Lin Chen waved his hand, and dispersed the lightning.


Goku glanced at Lin Chen, the aura that suddenly erupted out from Lin Chen catching his attention.

But soon, everyone’s eyes were attracted towards Broly.

At this time, the golden aura on Broly’s body had changed from the golden color to yellow-green.

Vegeta thought of the words Paragus said when they first met.

“Legendary Super Saiyan’s aura is yellow-green!”

This guy is clearly a Super Saiyan.

Could his transformation be different

It was just as Vegeta predicted.

“Kakarot, Kakarot!”

Broly suddenly roared like a beast, and the muscles all over his body suddenly expanded.

A brutal and tyrannical aura swept out with him as center.

The next moment, Broly’s pupils slowly lost their luster.

And a yellow-green energy suddenly erupted out.

Soon, everyone present on the scene felt a terrifying aura, a chill running down their body.

“Hahaha! You are all dead! No one can save you! Now Broly cannot be restrained at all! He will not give up until he destroys the entire universe!”

Seeing Broly complete his final transformation and finally become Legendary Super Saiyan, Paragus shouted in despair.

Broly’s long hair were fluttering, and his pupil-less eyes revealed a bloodthirsty light.

His body had become extremely tall and burly, just like a demon god.

“Legendary…Legendary Super Saiyan”

Under Broly’s aura, Vegeta’s Super Saiyan state was involuntarily canceled and he fell to the ground, his legs softening.

He knelt down on the ground while gasping for breath.

“What, what’s going on”

“Vegeta, can you feel it”

Paragus climbed out of a crater and smiled cruelly: “It seems that your pure Saiyan bloodline has already felt it! Legendary Super Saiyan, this is the bloodline of the true Saiyan royal family! In front of him, Saiyans will involuntarily suffer suppression!”

“I…I!” Vegeta wanted to resist, but found that he couldn’t do it.

An unprecedented fear appeared in his heart.

This kind of fear and despair, which Vegeta had only experienced when facing Frieza, unexpectedly once again appeared today.

“We…we will die…”

It’s not just Vegeta who thought this.

The same was true for Goku and Lin Chen, both of whom were also pure-blood Saiyans, and could also feel this bloodline suppression.

“So, is this the real Legendary Super Saiyan”

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and barely supported his body.

He didn’t expect Broly to be so strong.

Broly’s Power Level has already reached 80 million.

The strength multiplier of Legendary Super Saiyan’s form is actually 50 times! Instead of a 20-fold increase of a normal Super Saiyan form of this world!

Could he really defeat such an opponent by himself

Lin Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly.


Broly stared at the face that he abhors with a vicious smile on his face: “I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Broly stamped his feet, causing the ground to sunk as he charged at Goku.


Gohan yelled and wanted to help Goku, but was blocked by Goku.

“Quickly flee, Gohan!”

Even the combative Goku, because of the influence of the bloodline, sensed the gap between himself and Broly, and had no fighting will for a while, so he could only run away while holding Gohan in his arms.

Broly chased after them.

Seeing this, Trunks called out to Lin Chen and chased after them.


Lin Chen, please take Mr.

Krillin and the others to hide!”

Lin Chen nodded, and pulled Krillin and the others away in the opposite direction to Broly.

According to his original plan, Lin Chen would not intervene in the fight at the beginning, and only when Goku and the others were defeated would Lin Chen take action.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to complete the task of choice three.

However, can he really defeat Broly by himself

In the distance, Goku and Gohan kept evading Broly’s pursuit as yellowish-green energy balls kept dropping behind them, causing the ground to explode.

Several times, Goku and Gohan were almost caught, but fortunately, he had Instant Transmission skill, and escaped every time at critical moments.

However, after chasing for a while, Broly suddenly stopped.

With a wicked smile, he suddenly condensed a yellowish-green energy ball in his hand, and then threw it towards the nearby construction site.

Along with a yellowish-green flash, countless screams sounded.

The lives of countless Shamoian slaves sleeping in the construction site disappeared amidst a flash.

“Hahaha! Kakarot, if you don’t fight, I will destroy this planet!”

“Bastard! I won’t let you have your way!”

Goku’s eyes were about to split open in anger, he landed on the ground, then growled and transformed into Super Saiyan.

On the side, Gohan and Trunks also landed on the ground before transforming into Super Saiyan one after another.

Facing the astonishing aura emanating from the three Super Saiyans, Broly just burst into cruel laughter and valiantly rushed forward.


A blast swept out in an instant!


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