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Broly recognized Goku the moment he saw him.

In this world, Broly and Goku were born on the same day, and their incubators were placed together.

At that time, Goku cried in fear because he sensed Broly’s powerful aura.

And as a result of his crying, Broly also got scared, leaving a huge shadow of Kakarot in his mind from then on.

Now seeing Goku appear in front of him, Broly couldn’t control his aura and it immediately erupted out.

His aura was full of immense pressure, and those who sensed this aura at the scene immediately became alert.

“This Ki… you’re the Legendary Super Saiyan I’ve been tracking” Goku immediately recognized Broly’s aura.

He was entrusted by King Kai to investigate the Legendary Super Saiyan, who has been wreaking havoc in the South Area.

And the residual aura he sensed on the recently destroyed planets was similar to Broly in front of him!

“Not good!”

Paragus was startled and immediately activated the controller, trying to calm Broly down.

Vegeta hasn’t gone far, and if he was alerted, his plan will be ruined!

“Broly! Calm down! Broly!”


The headband controller on Broly’s forehead lit up and temporarily controlled Broly’s increase of Ki.

However, what puzzled Paragus was that although Broly’s Ki wasn’t rising anymore, it didn’t come down either.

“What, what’s going on Dammit!”

Paragus muttered.

During the day, when Broly saw Lin Chen, he almost went out of control once, although at that time he was soon brought under control by the controller.

But I am afraid that the controller already reached its limit at that time.

Damn it! How could this happen at this time

“Paragus! What are you doing”

Vegeta, who had already left, sensed Broly’s aura and returned in a hurry.

He looked at Broly, who was emitting a golden aura just like a Super Saiyan and was a little surprised.

“Paragus, what’s wrong with Broly”

“Vegeta, Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan we’ve been looking for!” Goku exclaimed.


“No, King Vegeta, it isn’t true, how could Broly be a Super Saiyan He’s just…”

Paragus was still trying to weasel his way out of the situation, but at this time, Trunks flew over: “Dad, Mr.

Goku is right, there is something wrong with this Paragus!”

“He lied to you, everything on this planet is a lie! The cities over there are all ruins! Dad, this man is full of lies, you must be careful!”

“I, I……”

Paragus was at a loss for words.

Just then, he saw Broly’s aura, which had been suppressed by him, suddenly began to rise again.


Broly’s Power Level, like a volcanic eruption, began to sharply rise.

And his hair turned purplish-red.

Pseudo Super Saiyan!

Lin Chen, who has the same bloodline as Broly, immediately recognized Broly’s current transformation.

He didn’t expect that Paragus’ controller would begin to fail at this time.

Because of Lin Chen’s appearance, the plot seems to have undergone some unexpected changes.

The decisive battle that was supposed to take place the next day seemed to be ahead of schedule.


With a muffled sound, the controller in Paragus’s hand suddenly exploded.

Seeing this, he began to feel despair.

Paragus, who wanted to cover it up, finally gave up.

“Da..damn it! Fine! Vegeta! You idiot, you are as stupid as your father!”

“You were really lying to me”

“That’s right!”

Paragus waved his hand: “There’s nothing worth mentioning on this trashy planet! What’s more, this planet will soon be destroyed by a comet.”

“My real purpose is the Earth where you live! I will use it as a base for my and Broly’s empire to rule the entire universe!”

“As long as you all are destroyed together with this planet by the comet, Broly and I will have nothing hindering our way!”

“Even though there’s a change of plan now, as long as you all die, the result will be the same! Go on, Broly!”

Not needing Paragus’ instruction, Broly was already walking towards Goku with heavy steps.

“Kakarot! Kakarot!”

Without the suppression of the controller, Broly’s aura kept soaring, and soon he transformed from Pseudo Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan form.

Although the headband controller on his forehead was still working, Broly’s hair was not blond at the moment, rather blue-green, but the aura he erupted out with was undoubtedly of Super Saiyan.

Lin Chen could even see that Broly’s Power Level has reached 32 million!

Far above his.

However, this strength was not enough to contend against Vegeta, who had killed Cell.

“Legendary Super Saiyan Ridiculous!”

Vegeta snorted coldly, and also transformed into Super Saiyan, his Power Level skyrocketing to 30 million.

But Vegeta’s transformation was not over, his aura was still rising.

As if his aura had exploded, the incomparably powerful energy raised a fierce whirlwind, blowing on everyone’s faces.

“Well! Let me see, what kind of strength does a Legendary Super Saiyan have”

Power Level 52.5 million!

Lin Chen, who was beside him, clenched his fists, and there was a trace of envy in his heart.

Vegeta has now undoubtedly mastered Super Saiyan Second Grade transformation, whose Power Level amplification is 35 times!

Although his normal state Power Level is not as good as Lin Chen’s, Vegeta has surpassed Lin Chen by relying on transformation.

No wonder Vegeta is still confident after seeing Broly transform.

“Broly! Your opponent is me!”

Vegeta shouted, then his figure flashed and arrived beside Broly, and swept a leg at his neck.

However, Broly acted as if he didn’t even feel it and continued to walk straight towards Goku.


Vegeta was taken aback.

I attacked using my full-strength, how does he seem to be fine

“That guy, what’s going on”

On the other side, Goku’s expression was solemn: “He is fine even after receiving Vegeta’s attack Since that’s the case, bring it on!”


“I’m not Kakarot, I’m Goku!”


Seeing Broly completely ignoring him, Vegeta flew into the sky, raised his hand and sent an energy wave towards Broly, ignoring Goku’s presence.

“Vegeta! Stop!”


The energy wave accurately hit Broly, causing the space to tremble, but the energy blast wave that spread out sent the crowd flying backwards.

“Hahaha, what Legendary Super Saiyan! Only I am the Legendary Super Saiyan!”

Vegeta laughed wildly, and was about to turn on Paragus, ready to deal with this guy who dared to fool him.

Suddenly, his eyes froze and he turned to look at the center of the explosion.

There, Broly was standing tall, his body completely unscathed.


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