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Lin Chen and Broly kept looking at each other just like this.

As lightning seems to flash between their line of sight.

Broly’s countenance became more and more ugly, and there was even anger on his face.

“Who are you” Broly asked through gritted teeth.

“My name is Lin Chen, you can also call me Links, I’m a Saiyan.” Lin Chen said.


The similar power of their bloodline was attracting each other.

Originally, because of the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, it was extremely easy for Broly to lose control of his emotions.

Now sensing the same bloodline as his, his fighting spirit immediately erupted out and he was about to lose control.


Paragus noticed Broly’s changes and rushed over in panic, a controller in his palm immediately lit up.

“Broly! Calm down!”

As Paragus moved, the headband on Broly’s forehead lit up.

After a while, Broly regained his composure and ran after Vegeta.

When the spaceship lifted off, Trunks ran over immediately.


Lin Chen! That person just now seemed very dangerous.”

“Yes, I could feel an evil aura!” Gohan also came over and said.

“Vegeta went out with him, will it be okay” Krillin looked up towards the spaceship that had already disappeared.

“Don’t worry, Vegeta should be fine,” Lin Chen said.

Judging from the situation just now, it seems that besides him, it’s only Goku who whenever Broly sees, he seems to lose control.

Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of resentment this kid has with Goku.

He was just disturbed by Goku’s crying when he was a child, and he hated him for the rest of his life

Lin Chen couldn’t help but feel a little fortunate that when the system fused the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline to him, it discarded the side effects of the bloodline.

Although it made his Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline less powerful than the original version, at least he doesn’t have to worry about easily losing his mind like Broly.

After Vegeta and the others left, Krillin and others proposed to go tour the planet.

Lin Chen had nothing to do and followed them.

On the New Planet Vegeta, don’t look at the prosperity near the palace, but as long as you fly out of the palace for a distance, you can see the dilapidated and abandoned cities.

“What happened here”

“Yeah, why would Saiyan’s country be established in such a place”

Krillin and Gohan were baffled.

“Maybe Paragus didn’t want to build a Saiyan country in the first place” Lin Chen said.

“What” Trunks’ eyes widened.

“Look over there!”

Just then, Krillin suddenly pointed to a construction site far away from the abandoned city.

“What is that place”

“It seems to be a Mine No, that’s an energy factory, right”

“It seems that energy is pumped up from the ground and transported to the palace.

It is no wonder that there is only green on the other side of the planet.”

On the construction site, they could see many small enslaved aliens being watched by Paragus’ subordinates.

Lin Chen, who was familiar with the plot of Dragon Ball, knows that these aliens were the aborigines of the nearby Planet Shamo.

They were caught by Paragus to build the new Planet Vegeta.

But in fact, everything here is just a hoax, from the name of the new Planet Vegeta to the bustling palace, they are just there to make Vegeta stay on this planet for a few more days.

Lin Chen raised his head to look at the sky.

At the moment, it was not visible to the naked eyes, but in fact, in outer space, there is a comet rapidly approaching the new Planet Vegeta.

In less than two days, the comet will hit the new Planet Vegeta, and all the Saiyans will die under the comet.

And that’s the real purpose of Broly’s father, Paragus.

In fact, Paragus can directly let Broly kill Vegeta and others, but he is going to so much trouble because he is afraid of Broly’s powers, fearing that during the battle, Broly will get out of control.

It’s a pity that Paragus miscalculated in the end, because he missed out one person and one thing, and that is Bardock’s son, Kakarot and his influence on Broly!

Just when Lin Chen was recalling the plot, Gohan couldn’t stand Shamoian’s treatment, and couldn’t help but come to their rescue.

A group of trash with only a few thousand Power Level were naturally not Gohan’s opponent.

Just then, Goku, who was tracking Broly’s aura, happened to teleport over.


“Huh Gohan Krillin Why are you here Oh Why is a Saiyan here”

Goku glanced at Lin Chen in surprise.

“Dad, his name is Lin Chen! He is a Saiyan from another world!” Gohan said.

“Ah Another world”

After listening to Gohan’s explanation, Goku easily accepted Lin Chen: “Hello, Lin Chen.

I feel like you are very strong.

If there is an opportunity, do you want to fight”

“Sure.” Lin Chen smiled.

Krillin and others on the side shook their heads: “Sorry, Lin Chen.

Whenever Goku sees an expert, he always wants to fight them.”

“It’s okay, I also quite want to compete with experts.

Let’s talk about it when there is an opportunity.

Is Mr.

Goku currently tracking the Legendary Super Saiyan”

“Huh How did you know” Goku wondered.

“Because we are also here to find the Legendary Super Saiyan!” Gohan explained what they were doing here.

Listening to Gohan finish, Goku frowned: “I also followed the Legendary Super Saiyan’s aura and came over here, could that person be Paragus”

Just as Goku’s voice fell, Paragus’s voice sounded nearby: “You’re here too, Kakarot!”

“You are Paragus”

When everyone turned around, they saw Paragus standing at the periphery of the construction site with a group of miscellaneous soldiers.

It seems that he brought people over to take a look when he heard that someone was causing trouble.

Paragus looked at the familiar face in front of him and smiled, “Yes, how about having dinner together Kakarot, you and your father Bardock look exactly the same.”

“Okay!” Goku has no resistance at all when it comes to eating.

So, the group went to the palace to have an extravagant meal.

During this time, Goku also told everyone that the aura he sensed was not of Paragus.

Just when everyone was starting to wonder if Legendary Super Saiyan was really another Saiyan they hadn’t seen, Vegeta, who went out to look for the whereabouts of the Legendary Super Saiyan, returned.

Everyone who had eaten their fill hurriedly went to greet him and wanted to ask Vegeta if he found the whereabouts of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

“Yo, Vegeta!”

“Kakarrot Did you come here on purpose to die under my hands”

“You’re still the same as before I’m here to look for the Legendary Super Saiyan!”

“Then you came here in vain.

Because once the Legendary Super Saiyan is found, I’ll be the one to kill him! You should just go back!”

After saying that, Vegeta left.

Goku smiled and said, “That guy Vegeta is trying to act cool again!”

But at this moment, Goku was suddenly dazed.

He turned around and saw Broly who had followed Vegeta out of the spaceship.

The destined enemies had finally met again.


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