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Hearing Lin Chen admit that he is a Saiyan, Vegeta waved his hand: “The only Saiyans left in this world are me, Kakarot, and our sons.

How can there still be Saiyans”

Looking at Vegeta’s disdainful look, Lin Chen had to admit that compared to this grown up Vegeta, the little Vegeta in his world, who begged him to become his teacher is cuter.

“You’re right as well as wrong, but I’m not a Saiyan of your world.

I’m from another space-time.”

“Another space-time”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned for a moment.

Most of them didn’t understand what Lin Chen said, but don’t forget that there was a super genius Bulma present.

She hugged little Trunks, who was still a baby, and squeezed over from the other side.

“Another space-time Are you a Saiyan from another parallel universe Just like Trunks”

“Bulma, stay away from him, this person is still very suspicious!” Vegeta immediately shouted when he saw his wife get near.

Trunks was also very nervous: “Mom, be careful!”

“It’s okay! He shouldn’t be lying.”

Bulma in this world is as carefree as the Bulma in Lin Chen’s world.

She said to Future Trunks: “I don’t think he is lying.

Don’t forget, Trunks, aren’t you also from a parallel universe”

After Trunks heard it, he was stunned.

It seems that his mother is right, isn’t he from the future of a parallel universe

That being the case, it doesn’t seem impossible that Saiyan from a different parallel universe can appear.

“Hey, hey! How did you come to our world Do you also have a time machine” Bulma continued to ask curiously.

Lin Chen said: “I actually got stranded here because of an accident and not because of any time machine.

My scouter just now had detected that there are powerful people here, so I came over to take a look, but I didn’t expect to meet you all here.

Looking at them, Lin Chen knew that they were holding a cherry blossom viewing party, and it should be just before the plot of “The Burning Battles” happened.

In the plot of “The Burning Battles”, Paragus appeared during the cherry blossom viewing party.

Lin Chen suspects that Paragus may appear at any time now, so he doesn’t intend to explain too much.

Fortunately, most of the people present, except for Bulma, are not only those who only know training, but also those who only know about food and beauties, and Bulma’s personality is also carefree, seeing that Lin Chen didn’t have anything else to say, she also didn’t insist.

Therefore, everyone soon stopped bothering Lin Chen about his origins.

On the contrary, Little Gohan and others enthusiastically invited Lin Chen, a wanderer from another world, to participate in their cherry blossom viewing party.

Sun Gohan also told him that when his father comes over, he would introduce Lin Chen to him.

The cherry blossom viewing party started again.

Everyone lay down on the grass and started singing karaoke.

The tsundere Vegeta hid on the side again, leaning on the tree and closing his eyes.

Everything is just like the plot of “The Burning Battles” in Lin Chen’s memory.

Knowing that Paragus will arrive soon, Lin Chen was not in a hurry to look for Broly, instead he plans to let the plot develop naturally.

Moreover, being able to chat with these familiar characters in front of him is also a rare experience for Lin Chen.

After all, there are many people here, who in Lin Chen’s world, are either not yet born or are still children, and the one Lin Chen is most familiar with is them of this age.

When Krillin started to sing, Lin Chen asked Gohan about the situation in this world because he wanted to know about Saiyans on Earth.

As a result, Lin Chen discovered that this parallel universe was indeed a different world from the dragon ball world he knew of.

If the original work’s dragon ball world that Lin Chen knows about is regarded as the main world, then Lin Chen’s own world is a parallel world of the dragon ball world.

And this world, like Lin Chen’s world, is also a parallel world different from the main world.

In this world, Cell Games didn’t happen.

Although both Androids and Cell appeared one after another, the storyline was different from dragon ball’s main world that Lin Chen knows of after Cell absorbed 17.

In this world, in order to defeat 17 and 18, Vegeta, Goku and others entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber one after another, gaining strength beyond Super Saiyan.

As a result, when Cell was in his second form, Vegeta did not allow Cell to absorb 18 like in the main world, instead he directly killed him.

Since then, the storyline has changed.

Because there was no Perfect Cell in this world, there was no Cell Games, and humans did not learn that such terrifying monsters exist in this world, so the world still maintains peace, just like what Lin Chen can see now.

So it’s like this…

After listening to Gohan’s explanation, Lin Chen also cleared up the suspicions that he had until now.

When he watched “The Burning Battles” before, he didn’t understand something.

The timeline of “The Burning Battles” should be 10 days before Cell Games, but even though a decisive battle is coming soon, and there is Cell, a powerful enemy waiting, why did Vegeta and others go all the way to the South Area

End of the world was coming, but why were people on earth still lining up to enroll their children in schools

It turns out to be because Cell had already died…

“Trunks, did your father save the world” Lin Chen couldn’t help but ask Trunks who was beside him.

The latter lowered his head and blushed, not knowing how to answer.

At this time, Bulma smiled and said, “Even if he saved the world, he can’t even sing well.

Do you know why he is hiding on the side It’s because he is embarrassed that he doesn’t sing as well as Krillin.”


The others laughed when they heard it.

“Bulma!” Vegeta suddenly jumped out from behind a cherry blossom tree and shouted angrily.

Just then, above everyone’s head, it suddenly turned dark, and then a huge spaceship suddenly appeared in front of them.

It’s here!

Lin Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The others stood up one after another with a look of wariness.

“Trunks! That spaceship” Gohan asked.

“Yes, there seems to be a Saiyan on it!” Trunks nodded.

“Humph! What’s going on today Why has another Saiyan appeared Links, is he your friend” Vegeta asked, the arrogant look on his face returning.

“No, I don’t recognize this spaceship and the Saiyan on it.” Lin Chen said.

Amidst everyone’s discussion, the spaceship landed on the grassland not far from them, and then, a big group of aliens in purple armor walked down from the spaceship and then rushed towards everyone.


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