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In the universe, black holes are actually not rare.

These things that cannot be detected by the naked eyes are like traps in the universe.

Every race that has mastered the ability to travel through the universe puts emphasis on putting their coordinates on interstellar charts.

After getting Metal of Time, Lin Chen’s next destination was Planet Vegeta.

He didn’t stay for much longer there.

After confirming the location of the black hole closest to Planet Vegeta, he performed Instant Transmission and arrived in the starry sky near the black hole.

Even he, who can transform into a Super Saiyan, couldn’t resist the power of a black hole, so the place where he teleported to was far away from the black hole.

As soon as he left the Instant Transmission state, Lin Chen immediately transformed into Super Saiyan, and at the same time covered his body with an energy layer to protect himself.

“Black hole…is over there!”

With only a simple sweep of his senses, he found the trace of the black hole.

In that direction, he could not sense anything.

Black holes attract all matter, including energy, so as long as he finds a place where he can’t sense anything, that’s naturally where the black hole is.

After flying for an hour, Lin Chen could gradually feel the astonishing gravitational force of the black hole.

If he continued to move forward, it might be dangerous.

So, he stopped and according to Zuno’s information, took out the Metal of Time.

“Throwing Metal of Time into a black hole can open the Space-Time door, and my system can control the destination of the Space-Time door”

Lin Chen muttered, hesitating a little before  throwing the Metal of Time in the direction of the black hole.

“I hope that Zuno didn’t lie to me, otherwise I’ll make sure to teach him a good lesson!”

Under his gaze, this precious metal that has disappeared from the universe slowly drifted towards the depths of the black hole.

Suddenly, a sparkling light rose from the piece of metal, and shortly afterwards, he saw the Metal of Time, which was originally a metal block, bend because of the powerful gravitational pull as strange lines appeared.

After a while, the Metal of Time seemed to be unable to withstand it, and it shattered under the pull of gravity before disappearing.


The piece of Metal of Time that I spent three wishes to get, is gone just like this

Lin Chen was about to shout abuses at Zuno for being unreliable, when suddenly he saw a blood-red space crack like mouth of a ferocious beast appearing where Metal of Time had just disappeared.

The crack kept getting bigger and bigger, extending until a huge tear appeared, just enough for Lin Chen to pass through.

Could this be the Space-Time door

Lin Chen was trying to confirm it when a voice sounded in his mind.

“Ding! Confirming that the Space-Time door has appeared, activating the space-time traveling function! Please spend Time Points to choose your destination.”

Sure enough, everything is as Zuno said.

A new function appeared in the system when the Space-Time door opened.

Moreover, listening to the prompt, it seems this new function allows him to choose the world he wants to go to.


“System, what are Time Points”

“Ding! Replying to the host, host’s trip to the parallel universe will interfere with its timeline.

In order to offset the impact of the interference on timeline, the system needs to consume a special kind of energy, which is Time Points.”

“As long as the host corrects the history of the current timeline, Time Points can be obtained.”

Lin Chen frowned: “Correct the history of the current timeline What does this mean”

However, this time system did not answer, but gave Lin Chen a countdown.

“Ding! Reminding the host that the newly formed Space-Time door is not stable.

Please consume Time Points to confirm the destination within an hour, otherwise the Space-Time door will be closed.”


Seeing the countdown in front of him, Lin Chen scratched his head.

This system seems to like making trouble.

If it knew it had such a function, couldn’t it tell me in advance

Giving me just an hour, where can I get the Time Points

Wait a minute……

Lin Chen’s eyes suddenly froze, and the next moment, he performed Instant Transmission and returned to Lookout on earth.

On Lookout, Kami was observing down below when he suddenly sensed Lin Chen’s aura behind him.

He turned around his head in surprise and asked, “Mr.

Lin Chen Why are you back again”

Lin Chen waved his hand and said, “Let’s not talk about that.

Kami, where are the dragon balls you got when we returned from Planet Namek last time”

“Dragon balls I have already put them away.

I created them to provide the world with a power to fulfill their dreams, but human beings…”

“Okay, okay.

Quickly take them out for me!” Lin Chen said hurriedly with a serious tone, which startled Kami.

“Ah Oh…”

Seeing this, Kami had no choice but to ask Mr.

Popo to take out the dragon balls, but the dragon balls at this moment were still stone.

Lin Chen frowned and asked, “Kami, can you tell me the number of stars corresponding to these stones”

“Sure, this is the one-star bead, this is the two-star bead, this is…”

Lin Chen noted them down one by one in his heart, then picked up all the beads and threw them into his system space.

“Kami, I’ll send these dragon balls to the lower realm, goodbye!”

After saying that, in front of Kami and Mr.

Popo’s eyes, Lin Chen again disappeared.

Looking at Lin Chen who came and went like the wind, Kami was a little dumbfounded: “Mr.

Popo, what is Lin Chen up to”


Popo said: “Kami, it seems Lin Chen wants to return the dragon balls to the lower realm.”

At this moment, on Mount Paozu, Lin Chen appeared in Goku’s house.

This time, there was still no one in little Goku’s house, and Lin Chen also didn’t stay for long.

He took out the four-star bead, which was still a stone from the system space and rolled it under Goku’s bed.

Then, Lin Chen came to Kame House.

There was no one here either.

And Lin Chen still didn’t stay here for long.

He just found a place to put down the 3-star bead and left.

Then, Lin Chen kept teleporting and placing the few dragon balls in the Ox King’s castle and other places.

After all the seven dragon balls were dealt with, sure enough, a prompt appeared in Lin Chen’s mind.

“Ding! Confirming that the history has been corrected.

Congratulations host for obtaining 1 Time Point!”

Sure enough! Lin Chen clenched his fist.

The so-called correction of history is actually to set the course of the world in the direction of the original story of Dragon Ball.

Originally, because of the Planet Tiu incident, Lin Chen asked Kami to gather all the dragon balls on Earth, so the story of the seven dragon balls might not have happened in this world.

But now that Lin Chen has put the seven dragon balls back where they belonged, the story of the dragon ball world may continue to unfold.


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