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DBSKS Chapter 47 Breakthrough and thorough preparations – DM Translations

7-8 minutes


“Here, here, your punches are too clumsy.”

“And here, you are making unnecessary movements.

Your real attacks must be efficient.”

“And here, here, all of these are superfluous, you should restrain your Ki when attacking.”

“If you attack like this, before the enemy is dead, you will exhaust your Ki first.”

“Control your heart and sense the flow of aura!”

Popo’s strength is really unfathomable.

Lin Chen could clearly not sense any strong aura from him, but Lin Chen, who was in Super Saiyan state, couldn’t even touch Mr.

Popo’s body.

And when Mr.

Popo was dodging Lin Chen’s attacks, he still had the time to give pointers while observing Lin Chen’s movements.

This calmness and composure was making Lin Chen lose his mind.

How exactly is he doing it

Lin Chen swept his leg out, but was easily dodged by Mr.


Just as he was about to continue chasing, Mr.

Popo raised his hand and said, “Mr.

Lin Chen, your mind is in a mess.

Stop for a moment and adjust your emotions.”

Lin Chen gasped for breath as he looked at Popo and asked, “Mr.

Popo, who are you”

“Popo said he is very strong, didn’t he”

Lin Chen watched Popo and couldn’t help but use his system’s function.

“System, what is Mr.

Popo’s Power Level”

Soon, Lin Chen saw Mr.

Popo’s attribute panel.


Power Level: 1000.


Are you kidding

With more than one million Power Level in normal state, how could he not even be able to fight him whose Power Level was only 1000

At this moment, a light flashed across Lin Chen’s mind.


Popo, are you an Angel”

Angels are the masters, servants, attendants and supervisors of the God of Destruction.

The strength that Mr.

Popo is showing at the moment, in Lin Chen’s view, the only explanation that makes sense is that he is an Angel.

However, when Mr.

Popo heard his words, his expression did not change at all.

“Angel What is that”

Seeing this, Lin Chen didn’t ask any further questions.

If Mr.

Popo is really someone at the level of an Angel, he must be hiding some big secret.

With Lin Chen’s current strength, it’s better not to take the initiative to provoke him.

Next, under Popo’s guidance, Lin Chen constantly adjusted his control of Ki, trying his best to achieve a state where he could control it easily and skillfully.

Time flies.

Soon, it will be almost one year since Lin Chen has been staying in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

In one year, although Lin Chen’s Power Level did not grow by leaps and bounds, his temperament gradually became a little different.

At this time, only one day has passed since Lin Chen entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Lookout was as peaceful as ever.

Broly was sitting cross-legged on the border of the Lookout, watching the world below.

This is an ability that only Kami can have, but Broly has already learned it during his days on Lookout.

When he was usually bored, he would use this ability to observe the lower realms and pass the time.

Suddenly, Broly’s expression slightly changed.

He stood up, and muttered to himself, “This Ki, it’s Brother Links.

Has he come out”

Sure enough, Lin Chen and Mr.

Popo walked out of the entrance of the temple not long after.

After receiving this news, Kami rushed over and couldn’t help but say after sensing Lin Chen’s aura: “Your strength hasn’t changed much, but your aura is much stabler than before.”

“Yeah, it’s all thanks to Mr.


After saying that, Lin Chen turned towards Popo and gave him a bow: “Mr.

Popo, thank you for your guidance this year.”

“You still have a long way to go, don’t forget that strength is not everything,” Mr.

Popo said.


Lin Chen nodded, and after saying goodbye to Broly, he performed Instant Transmission and returned to the lower realm to make final preparations for his departure.

At this time, Lin Chen’s attribute panel has changed.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 1.56 million

Bloodline: Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

Skills: Instant Transmission, Beginner martial arts talent, Beginner Unlock Potential, Perfect Ki Control.

Techniques: Planet Destroying Ball, Death Beam, Killer Ball, Kamehameha, Afterimage Fist, Instant Kamehameha.

In one year, besides his Power Level increasing to 300,000, Lin Chen’s biggest gain is one skill.

The previous Ki Control skill has changed into Perfect Ki Control.

Although there is only one more word, Lin Chen knows that just this one word has increased his true strength by a full 30%.

Now, Planet Namek’s dragon ball has almost recovered, and it’s time for him to prepare to carry out the system’s task.

But after all, he is going to a parallel universe and he didn’t know how long he would be there.

Some things had to be arranged.

Whether it was Tights and others or Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen has to make arrangements for them.

By the time he was done with everything, three more days had passed.

Planet Namek, with the sound of a low roar, black clouds floated over from the horizon and Planet Namek, which doesn’t have night, fell into darkness.

Then, amidst the sounds of lightning and thunder, the huge body of eternal dragon Porunga appeared in the sky.

“The person who has gathered the dragon balls, state thy wish!” Porunga’s voice resounded between heaven and earth.

“Okay, Lin Chen, state your wish.” Nail said to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen nodded and told his wish: “I hope to get Metal of Time Tamples!”

When Nail translated Lin Chen’s words, Porunga was silent for a moment before he said, “Metal of Time Tamples is a metal that only Supreme Kai can use.

What are you going to do with it”

“I have my own use for it, can you transmute it” Lin Chen responded.

Porunga said loudly: “Yes, but Metal of Time is an item of Gods.

To get it, you have to use up the three wishes!”

“Three wishes Okay!”

Lin Chen summoned the eternal dragon this time for nothing else except Metal of Time.

It’s fine if it’s using three wishes.

The next moment, an unremarkable piece of silver metal appeared in front of Lin Chen.

Although it looked unremarkable, when Lin Chen picked up this piece of metal, he could feel a strange power from it.

This power was a bit weird.

Lin Chen didn’t dare to touch it for too long, so he wanted to throw the metal into his system space.

However, as Metal of Time was about to enter the system space, it suddenly popped out by itself.

Metal of Time and Lin Chen’s system space were surprisingly repelling each other!

Is it because the space-time power in the metal is incompatible with the system space

Lin Chen thought for a while, but he could only take out a box and put the piece of metal in the box and carry it in his hand.

“Nail, I’m leaving.

This time I’m going to a faraway place.

If Planet Namek has any pressing matters, you can contact Planet Vegeta.”

After saying that, Lin Chen performed Instant Transmission and left Planet Namek.


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