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“Lin Chen, if you want to improve your strength, I may have a way to help you.”

Just when Lin Chen was feeling troubled, a voice spoke from the side.

Lin Chen turned around to look and saw that it was Kami who spoke.

“Kami You can help me”

“It’s not me, it’s Mr.

Popo.” Kami said with a smile.



Lin Chen turned to look on the side, but could hardly see any expression on Popo’s face.

He can help me

Popo’s coin-like pupils were calm as he stared at Lin Chen expressionlessly: “Since Kami is saying so, Popo is willing to give you some pointers.”

“What pointers do you plan to give Mr.

Popo, by the way, I don’t have much time here.”

Lin Chen didn’t immediately refuse.

Although on the surface, he didn’t know what Mr.

Popo could teach him with his mere several hundred Power Level, but he knows that Mr.

Popo is definitely not so simple.

Perhaps, he can really teach me something.

“Popo roughly knows about your strength and that conventional methods won’t help you.

Popo intends to give you pointers on something else.

As for the issue of time, Popo will bring you to a place.

Kami, is it okay”

Popo turned to Kami and asked.

Kami nodded and said, “Mr.

Popo, are you going there Well, you can take Mr.

Lin Chen there.”


On the other hand, Broly also apologized to Lin Chen: “I’m sorry, Brother Links.

I couldn’t help you this time.”

“It’s okay, Broly.

You’re a good boy, and fighting is really not for you.”

Lin Chen doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse for a combat genius to become like this, but at least Broly wants this kind of life the most.

Then, Lin Chen followed Mr.

Popo all the way into the depths of Lookout.

He followed behind Popo, went around several corridors, and steadily headed towards the bottom of the temple.

At this time, Lin Chen had already realized where Popo wanted to take him.


Popo, are you taking me to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber”

“You know about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber” Popo turned around and asked, but his face was still calm.

“Yes, I actually have one too on Planet Vegeta.”

Lin Chen has placed the Hyperbolic Time Chamber on Planet Vegeta so that those young Saiyans with potential can train in it.

The gravity inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is nothing compared to Planet Vegeta, but the empty and vast space inside is a great test for people’s mental will, and is a suitable place for those young Saiyans to train their will.

Hearing that Lin Chen even had a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Mr.

Popo’s face finally showed a hint of surprise, but he just opened his mouth and didn’t say anything while continuing to lead the way.

Finally, after walking a long circle, the two of them arrived in front of a golden gate at the bottom of the temple.

“We’re here.” Popo pushed open the door, “Since you know about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Popo won’t explain much.

A year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is just one day outside.

We’ll train here, so it shouldn’t waste your time, right”

“Not at all.” Lin Chen walked in with a smile.

Soon, a vast white space with hot and dry temperature, low air pressure and ten times the gravity, appeared in front of them.

Without wasting time, Lin Chen quickly began to train under Popo’s guidance.

And only then did he understand what Kami meant.

What Mr.

Popo wants to give guidance in is Ki control.


Lin Chen, although you have powerful strength, your use of this strength is terrible.

If you exert your full-strength now, you can easily destroy a planet, right” Mr.

Popo asked.

“That’s right.” Lin Chen nodded.

That’s why whenever he wants to fight with Hanasia, he could only do it on Planet Vegeta because the planet has been reinforced by him with the help of dragon balls.

If it were not Planet Vegeta, and if it was another planet, Lin Chen and Hannah might have accidentally blown up the planet if they hadn’t fought without reining themselves in.

“This is because you can’t perfectly control your strength.

A true expert, even if they have the power to destroy the world, they can still prevent their power from endangering others,” said Mr.


Lin Chen nodded and agreed.

He remembered that in Dragon Ball Super, God of Destruction Beerus had once fought on Earth.

With Beerus’ strength, a top expert who can destroy the planet with a snap of his fingers, he did not damage Earth in the slightest even after fighting for a long time on Earth.

In fact, in the later stages of dragon ball story, some people believed that the power system of the dragon ball had collapsed, but they don’t know that this is actually because top experts can basically perfectly control their power.

In the early stages of the story, things like tearing the land and penetrating through the planet could have been avoided by these experts.


Popo continued: “Popo has heard Broly say that your training style has always been focused on power and physical body.

It’s indeed useful for short-term strength improvement, but to get stronger, relying solely on power and physical body is not enough.

“So next, Popo will teach you Ki control, you better listen carefully.”

“Hmm.” Lin Chen nodded.

It was only now when he heard what Popo said that he understood why he felt as if he had encountered a bottleneck in the past.

It turned out to be because of his Ki control and his inability to keep up with his body and power.

It’s like Lin Chen has a powerful weapon in his hand, but his body can’t keep up with the weapon and he can’t use the weapon skillfully.

If he hadn’t listened to what Mr.

Popo said today, he probably wouldn’t have known what his problem was.

Just for these words, it was worth it to follow Mr.

Popo into the Time Chamber.

But that’s not the only thing that surprised Lin Chen.

Shortly afterwards, Mr.

Popo has Lin Chen transform into Super Saiyan, and then practice with him in this state.


Popo, are you sure You might die from my punch…” Lin Chen couldn’t help asking.

“You can try, in fact Popo is really powerful,” Mr.

Popo said.

Hearing this, Lin Chen thought of the original story of dragon ball.

It seems that Mr.

Popo has indeed had the experience of training with Super Saiyans.

Although it was only with a child, he was still a Super Saiyan.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen smiled slightly: “Okay, Mr.

Popo, then here I come!”


The next moment, Lin Chen’s figure appeared right in front of Mr.

Popo, his right fist smashing towards Popo’s face.

Out of caution, Lin Chen only used 5% of his strength in this punch, but he had increased his speed to the limit.

But the weird thing is that Mr.

Popo easily dodged Lin Chen’s seemingly sure-to-kill punch with a tilt of his neck.

“What” Lin Chen was taken aback.


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