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“What should we do” Jaco was at his wit’s end.

“It’s simple.”

Lin Chen smiled and stood up: “I have an appointment, let me see Zuno.”

“You” Zuno’s attendant was stunned for a moment, then he flipped through the book: “What’s your name I’ll check it.”

“Lin Chen! My Saiyan name is Links.”

“Lin Chen Links” After checking it carefully, the attendant said regretfully, “Sorry, you are not on the appointment list…”

Before he could finish his words, he noticed a golden light shine in front of him.

The next moment, Lin Chen transformed into Super Saiyan, and then shot an energy wave out of the passageway.

“It’s ridiculous, Zuno’s Planet is protected by the powers of Master Zuno, you can’t do any damage to the planet…”


The energy wave slammed into a forest in the distance, penetrated through the ground, and came straight out from the other end of Zuno’s Planet.

On seeing this, all the guards and the visitors’ eyes widened.

“Excuse me, have you found my name”

“Check….checking! Lin Chen, right Please come in!”

The visitors who were lined up immediately moved to both sides, making way for Lin Chen.

“Let’s go.” Lin Chen didn’t transform back to Normal State and just like that with blonde-hair, he walked towards the depths of the passageway.

Tights was about to follow, but Jaco pulled her back.

“Tights, that’s Super Saiyan”

Tights replied: “Yeah Don’t you think it’s cool His hair can even turn blonde! Lin Chen also said that it can turn yellow-green, red, and blue in the future!”

After saying that, she glanced at Jaco and said, “You wouldn’t arrest him just because he destroyed a little, right”

Jaco hurriedly shook his head: “How can it be Aren’t we companions! hahaha!”

Soon, everyone arrived inside a hall in the depths of the building, and saw a man who looked like a Japanese samurai sitting on a “bowl”-like flying vehicle.

He is the owner of this planet, Master Zuno.

Beside Zuno, an attendant was whispering something to him, apparently reporting what had just happened outside.

When Lin Chen walked in, Zuno immediately said with a straight face, “Are you the one who broke the rules and charged in”

“Why, any problem” Lin Chen asked.

Zuno didn’t answer, instead looked ahead with a mysterious look.

At this time, another attendant standing beside Zuno said, “Please make a tribute!”

In fact, Zuno’s tribute requirements are very low.

A kiss is enough to answer a question.

If it is a beautiful woman, she may even ask more questions.

But Lin Chen is the dignified King of Saiyans, how could he do such an undignified thing.

“What tribute Is it this” Lin Chen raised a finger and condensed a Death Ball.

This is one of Frieza’s strongest moves, which has enough power to easily destroy a planet.

As a person with mysterious powers, Zuno naturally immediately understood the power contained in this move and nodded in panic: “It’s sufficient, sufficient! You can ask one… no, three… no, you can ask as many questions as you want! ”

“Very good!” Lin Chen flicked his hand and extinguished the Death Ball.

“Then listen up, my question is, how do I travel to a parallel universe”

Zuno coughed and began to explain like chanting a scripture: “To travel to a parallel universe, there are following methods.”

“The first one is to use a time machine.

In theory, a time machine does not actually exist.

Every time you use a time machine, you are in fact traveling to a parallel universe.”

“The second one is to become Supreme Kai and use the Supreme Kai’s dedicated Time Ring.

When the world produces a different parallel universe, a green Time Ring will be born, and you can use the corresponding rings to go to different parallel universes.”

Before Zuno could finish speaking, Lin Chen interrupted, “Wait!”

“Zuno, what I want to know is how to get to a specific parallel universe!”

Lin Chen realized that he might have asked the wrong question, and Zuno’s answer was not what he wanted to know.

“In the parallel universe I want to go to, there is a Legendary Super Saiyan who has conquered the entire South Area! I want to know how to get to that universe”

Zuno was stunned for a moment before replying: “Is the Legendary Super Saiyan in that universe you are talking about called Broly”

“You know this as well”

Lin Chen was somewhat surprised and in disbelief.

He didn’t expect Zuno to know even this.

“Of course I know, my extensive knowledge is because I have a special ability similar to Divination.

As long as it exists in the world, there is nothing I don’t know about.” Zuno replied.


Lin Chen was really in admiration of this funny looking guy.

“Then can you answer my question”

“Of course.

There are two ways to go to the universe you mentioned.”

“The first is with the help of Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa.

Supreme Kai of Time is the Supreme Kai who is in charge of all parallel universes.

She has the ability to observe and freely enter all parallel universes.”

“But by the way, Supreme Kai of Time is detached from all universes and is independent of Zeno’s control.

Unless the Supreme Kai of Time takes the initiative to summon, it is impossible for mortals to meet her.”

Lin Chen then asked, “What about the second method”

“The second method…” Zuno had just opened his mouth when he suddenly froze, and his body began to twitch non-stop.

It was the first time that Zuno’s bodyguards had seen Zuno like this.

They rushed over in panic, but at this moment, Zuno raised his hand, indicating them not to approach.

“The second… The second method is to find the Tamples metal!”

“Tamples metal What is that” Lin Chen asked.

“This is an extremely rare metal in the universe, also known as Metal of Time.

Supreme Kai’s time ring is made of this metal! By the way, this metal has completely disappeared in our universe.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can look for eternal dragons to transmute it, and then What should I do after finding this metal” Lin Chen continued to ask.

Zuno said in reply: “Having Metal of Time is the first step.

Next, you need to bring Metal of Time to a place where space-time is abundant, that is, space-time energy has to be poured into the Metal of Time.”


Without waiting for Lin Chen to ask, Zuno said: “Black hole is a place where space-time is abundant.

To pour space-time energy into Metal of Time, you’ve to throw the Metal of Time into the black hole.”

“That’s it” Lin Chen frowned.

Why does this method sound unreliable

Zuno nodded and said, “Yes, that’s it.

But in fact, doing so can only open a Space-Time door, and you can’t control the universe that the Space-Time door leads to.”

“However!” Zuno suddenly said solemnly: “My ability tells me that if a Saiyan named Links does this, he can open the way to the specified universe.”


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