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When they heard King Cold’s scream from the room, the guards outside didn’t dare to delay any longer, and immediately smashed the door of the room with Blaster Waves.

“King Cold!”

When they rushed into the room, what they saw was King Cold holding a bodyguard in his hand.

It’s just that the bodyguard’s head was twisted to the side, clearly dead.

“King Cold, he, he…”

“You good-for-nothings! He is the murderer of the recent series of attacks!” King Cold threw the body on the ground: “Clean up the scene and burn this guy’s body!”

After saying that, King Cold walked out of the room.

“Yes Yes……”

All the attendants knelt on the ground and watched King Cold leave.

Then they looked at the corpse on the ground and said in slight surprise: “This guy is the king’s personal bodyguard, how could he have the guts to attack His Majesty”

“I don’t know, maybe he was crazy He was the personal bodyguard, but he still didn’t know how terrifying King Cold is What a fool.”

These attendants didn’t know that the King Cold they were talking about was actually the corpse on the ground.

And the person who had just walked out was actually Ginyu who had already taken over King Cold’s body!

When Ginyu returned to King Cold’s personal room and closed the door, he finally couldn’t help laughing: “Hahaha! Power! I can feel the power!”

“Is this the body of a Frost Demon The power in this body is surging and overflowing, as if about to explode!”

“By the way! Frost Demons can also transform! King Cold, like Frieza, has always been suppressing his power! If I transform again, won’t I be invincible in the world”

Suddenly, Ginyu calmed down: “No… I’m not invincible yet.

Even if I transform into Final Form, I’m afraid I won’t be the match of the Super Saiyan… Get stronger! I still need to get stronger! I should continue to train this body, it still has a lot of potential to develop!”

“That’s right! And those dragon balls! I will use them to live forever, as long as I can live forever, plus with the body of this Frost Demon! I, Captain Ginyu, will rule the entire universe!”

“Just wait, Saiyan! When I surpass the limits of the Frost Demons, I will come look for you! The most powerful emperor in the universe will neither be Frieza nor you Saiyan, but it will be me Ginyu!”


“Jaco! Does that Zuno or whatever really knows everything”

“Of course! Master Zuno is the most awesome person in the entire universe! His knowledge may be even greater than that eternal dragon of yours!”

Jaco said while driving the spaceship.

At this time, Lin Chen and Tights were on Jaco’s spaceship.

Their goal is a mysterious planet somewhere in the universe.

On this planet, there lives a mysterious person called Zuno.

Based on Lin Chen’s memory, this Zuno is a mysterious person who knows everything in the world.

And the reason why he is looking for Zuno was to know how to travel to a parallel universe.

So after returning to Earth, Lin Chen asked Tights to contact Jaco for him.

Although he has Instant Transmission, he doesn’t know the location of Zuno’s Planet, so he can only let Jaco lead the way.

As for Tights, after hearing about Zuno, she also wanted to go see him.

Is there anything more interesting than an omniscient alien

Originally, Bulma was also clamoring to come, but Lin Chen knew the little girl’s true thoughts and refused directly.

Zuno’s Planet is quite far away from Earth, and everyone has been flying for quite a few hours, so they were gradually beginning to lose patience.

“Jaco, how much longer would it take to arrive” Tights asked, feeling bored.

“Two more hours” Jaco estimated.

“What 2 hours Your spaceship is too slow! Lin Chen’s Instant Transmission is more convenient…”

Hearing Tights’ words, Jaco was unhappy: “Please! This spaceship was rewarded to me by Galactic King for the Battle of Planet Tiu! I exchanged my life for it!”

“Ah Planet Tiu I heard about it from Lin Chen… So, Jaco, you died at that time Hey, hey, what is the world like after death Tell me” Tights asked curiously.

“I don’t know!” Jaco turned away his head and said.

Tights quickly grabbed his shoulder and asked, “Ahh Don’t be petty, tell me, I can use it in my new book.”

Jaco wondered: “New book Is ‘Galactic Patrol Jaco’ finished”

“It’s finished.

Now the new book I’m serializing is called ‘My Saiyan Boyfriend’ , and it is currently number one best-seller among the new books, which is much better than ‘Galactic Patrol Jaco’.”

“Humph! Then I won’t say it.” Jaco turned away his head again and pouted.

As the two of them talked like they were doing a cross-talk, they finally arrived at Zuno’s Planet.

Like Zuno, his planet is also somewhat mysterious.

The planet is not big, only a few times larger than North Kai’s Planet, and it looks like a planet wrapped in a huge wooden box.

The surface of the planet was colorful, with only Zuno’s Palace on it.

Zuno’s Palace was full of Japanese style, but there was a huge escalator in front of the palace, which gave the whole palace a weird feeling.

The three of them took the escalator to the passageway in front of the palace, and saw a long queue in front of them.

As soon as the three of them came to a stop, several aliens who looked like samurai came over, holding a small notebook in their hands.

Seeing these samurais, Tights asked, “Huh These guys look so strange, is someone among them Zuno”

“None of us is Zuno! We are attendants who serve Master Zuno!”

The samurai aliens spoke in unison.

Then, they surrounded Lin Chen and others: “Master Zuno said that uninvited visitors have arrived, so we came over to check.”

“Uninvited visitors” Tights wondered.

“Yes, Master Zuno does not see anyone without an appointment,” said one of the attendants.

“Ah Jaco! Why didn’t you tell us” Tights said furiously to Jaco.

After flying for a few hours, they still couldn’t see him.

Anyone in their place would be angry.

Jaco was also dumbfounded.

It is the first time he has come to Zuno’s Planet, so he hasn’t known about this kind of rule.

At this time, the attendant opened the small notebook in his hand and said, “If you make an appointment now, you have to wait for five years, how about it Do you want to make an appointment”

“Five years”

Hearing this, Jaco had no choice but to say embarrassedly: “That… I’m Galactic Patrolman, can you make an exception”

“No!” Zuno’s attendant refused without the slightest hesitation.



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