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A few days later, Planet Cold 001.

At this time, there is no Captain Ginyu in the world.

Everyone thought Captain Ginyu was dead.

However, no one knew that the soul of an unknown alien soldier was replaced by Captain Ginyu who died that day.

The real Captain Ginyu, at this moment, was drinking by himself in a bar with a new identity.

Ginyu has not been able to calm down until now since even though he loyally came to report to Cold, he was mercilessly killed by him.

After all, he had always been proud of being a member of the Frieza Force, but he never thought that his pride and loyalty would instead almost invite disaster to him.

“Damn it, King Cold! I fully devoted myself to you Frost Demons, and I have been so respectful, but this is how you thank me in return”

“If I hadn’t switched bodies, I’d already be dead!”

“Your stupid son clearly died because of his own idiocy, but you blamed me!”

“I can’t take it lying down!”

Ginyu smashed the wine table in front of him with a punch, but at this time, a muscular alien came over and lifted Ginyu in the air.

“Hey! Boy! How dare you smash things in the bar Hurry up and pay for it, or you will die!”

“Bah!” Ginyu spat at him dismissively.

But he had forgotten that he was no longer Captain Ginyu with a Power Level of 120,000.

The scouter on the face of the alien beeped a few times, and then he sneered: “Hahaha, an idiot with only 5000 Power Level, but acting so arrogant!”

After saying that, the other party clutched Ginyu’s head and walked towards the back alley of the bar.

The people in the bar were not surprised by this.

This is King Cold’s territory.

The weak are the prey of the strong, and the strong are respected, which is the basic law here.

But a moment later, there was a voice in the back alley of the bar.


A purple light flashed.

Soon, the muscular alien walked out of the alley.

But at this time, Ginyu’s soul has taken over the body of this alien.

“Just 10,000 Power Level Such a little Power Level, what a trash!”

Ginyu spat in disdain.

At the same time, a thought kept growing in his mind because of this conflict.

“I can’t go on like this, I need a more powerful body, I want to get stronger! I won’t let my life be controlled by others! I want…”

Suddenly, Ginyu froze in place, his eyes fixed on the huge statue in front of him.

It was the statue of King Cold.

Ginyu’s eyes gradually became cold, and he smiled evilly: “Hahaha, I actually forgot.

For me, isn’t the best body right in front of me”

“King Cold! You betrayed me and humiliated me! If I snatched away your body, you deserve it! Hahahaha!”

Soon, on the planet Cold001, mysterious attacks caused a lot of commotion.

The experts of Cold Force were continuously being attacked and killed on the planet!

These attacks are very strange, because from the corpse, the deceased were killed at close range, and the strange thing was that there were no traces of resistance on the bodies of the deceased.

Because there were more and more deceased, and the Power Level of the people dying was also increasing, for a time, people on the entire planet were panicking.

King Cold, who was angry at the death of his son, became furious when he knew about it.

“A bunch of trash! The intruder must be someone with a high Power Level, use scouter to find him!”


Under King Cold’s order, the entire Cold Force was dispatched to hunt down suspicious people on the planet.

As long as they were not from the Cold Force and whose Power Level was higher than 10,000, they were all imprisoned as suspicious people and subjected to interrogation.

Even so, the murderer hadn’t been identified.

One day, after listening to the report and knowing that the murderer was still unknown, Cold became furious again, leaving all his subordinates absolutely quiet.

“I’ll give you three more days.

If you can’t find the murderer within three days, you all can go die!”

“Yes, Yes!”

Just as Cold’s men left in a hurry, one of his personal bodyguards who had left suddenly returned.

“King Cold, I actually have something to report…”

“Huh” King Cold frowned slightly, but then a smile appeared on his face: “Okay, tell me about it.”

The personal bodyguard stepped forward, looked at the attendants around them who were guarding the room, lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty, I probably know the true identity of the murderer!”

“Oh Tell me about it.”

“Your Majesty, can you let them go out first I want to tell you the identity of this person alone…”

Hearing his words, King Cold lightly waved his hand.

His attendants immediately lined up outside the room and closed the door.

“Can you say it now Who is the murderer” Cold said.

“The murderer…is me!”

As soon as the guard’s voice fell, he suddenly rushed over and threw an energy bomb at King Cold.


The place where King Cold was standing suddenly exploded.

The shock waves from the explosion spread out in all directions, making everyone in Cold’s palace detect it.

The attendants outside the door were also the first to notice that the explosion happened in King Cold’s room.

They yelled and tried to open the room, only to find that the door was locked from inside.

“Hurry up! Quickly find a way to open the door!”

Just as these attendants were hurrying about, the bodyguard in the room, whose body had been occupied by Captain Ginyu, rushed towards the thick smoke.

Although he knew that a single energy bomb couldn’t hurt King Cold at all, he still rushed over.

The next moment, Ginyu’s neck was grabbed by King Cold from behind the smoke.

“Hooho…” King Cold sneered: “I didn’t expect that the king’s personal bodyguard was the murderer”

“What the hell were you thinking, you want to attack this king”

“What was I thinking” Ginyu smiled, “I just wanted to get closer to you.”


King Cold’s expression suddenly changed.

The next moment, he saw the guy who was caught by him, suddenly open his mouth and shout: “Change!”

Hearing this sentence, a guy who should have died instantly appeared in King Cold’s mind.

He vaguely remembered, as if his son had mentioned this person to him…

“Dad, I recently discovered a very interesting guy.

The race this guy belongs to is a rare race in the universe.

They themselves don’t have much Power Level, but they can swap bodies with other living beings…”

“Before I met this guy, he had already swapped bodies with dozens of living beings.

I didn’t expect that there would be such an interesting guy in the universe.”

“I have already planned to make him the captain and set up a special squadron… Cooler has a Cooler Armored Squadron, I also want to have a special squadron!”

“Oh That’s a bit interesting.

What’s this person’s name”



So this person is Ginyu!



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