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“This is…Planet Namek”

Seeing his home Planet Namek for the first time, Kami couldn’t help but tremble.

A familiar feeling came from the depths of his soul and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Even the air seemed to have a familiar smell.

“Come on, Kami, I’ll take you to meet the Great Elder!”

Lin Chen patted Kami on the shoulder, and then led him to Great Elder’s residence.

Shortly afterwards, Kami met the first Namekian in his life aside from Great Demon King Piccolo.

The one who greeted the two of them was still Nail, Great Elder’s bodyguard.

He bowed to Lin Chen and said, “Long time no see, Mr.

Lin Chen.

Great Elder has asked me to come and welcome the Namekian who has returned home.”

Then, it was a harmonious scene of paying respect to your ancestors.

Kami also learned from the Great Elder that he is the child of the Namekian named Katas who was sent to Earth because of the climate disaster on Planet Namek.

During this time, Lin Chen silently stood on the side, watching everything.

After Kami had talked about the past with the Great Elder, Great Elder said to Lin Chen, “Mr.

Lin Chen, have you come because of the dragon balls”

“Yes, Great Elder.

I want to use dragon balls to make a wish, do I need to face the trials again”

“Ho ho ho, Mr.

Lin Chen, you are always welcome to use Planet Namek’s dragon balls.”

Great Elder can somewhat see the future and he has seen in the past that Lin Chen might help Namekians.

And as time went by, Great Elder also found that every time they met, Lin Chen would be much stronger than before.

Great Elder thought it was worth it to have a good relationship with a strong expert like him.

With the permission of the Great Elder, Lin Chen quickly gathered all seven dragon balls from the villages all over the planet.

When the seven dragon balls from Planet Namek were gathered, Kami also took out the seven dragon balls he had brought with him.

“Are these the dragon balls you made You really are an excellent Dragon Clan.”

When the Great Elder saw Earth’s dragon balls, he couldn’t help but compliment.

“Thank you Great Elder for the compliment.

So…Lin Chen, can we start”

“Sure!” Lin Chen nodded.

“Rise, Shenron! Fulfill my wish!” Kami shouted.

Immediately afterwards, Nail also used Namekian language and shouted the chant to summon Porunga.

And the next moment, Planet Namek’s sky instantly plunged into darkness.

Fourteen dragon balls flashed with golden light rays at the same time.

Immediately afterwards, two dragons, one big and one small, mysteriously appeared out of thin air from the golden light rays.

Earth’s eternal dragon and Planet Namek’s eternal dragon appeared at the same time and in the same place.

Such a scene that had never appeared in the original work suddenly appeared in front of Lin Chen and the others.

However, looking at this scene, the first sentence Lin Chen said was: “Kami, your eternal dragon is so small.”

Kami broke out into cold sweat as he said embarrassedly: “Yeah, I am much lacking than the Great Elder.”

Great Elder chuckled and said comfortingly: “It’s okay, appearance is not important, the most important thing is that your eternal dragon is full of power, which is quite good.”

“Thank you, Great Elder.”

Saying his thanks, Kami said to Lin Chen, “Lin Chen, tell me your wish.”

Lin Chen nodded and said to Nail first: “Mr.

Nail, for my first wish, please tell Porunga to restore Planet Tiu!”

Then, he said to Shenron: “Please resurrect the living beings on Planet Tiu that was destroyed by Frieza!”

This is why Lin Chen summoned two planet’s dragons at the same time.

It’s not just Hanasia alone that Lin Chen wants to resurrect, but Porunga cannot resurrect multiple living beings at the same time, so Lin Chen can only use Shenron if he wants to resurrect people.

But Shenron can only grant one wish at once, so in order to revive the people on Planet Tiu, Planet Tiu must be restored first.

So, Lin Chen gathered two planet’s dragon balls at the same time.

When Lin Chen stated his wish, he saw the eyes of Shenron and Porunga lit up one after another.

Porunga said first: “Saiyan, thy wish has been granted.

Planet Tiu has been restored!”

Then, Shenron also said: “Thy wish has been granted.

Saiyan, thank you for letting me meet my brother, then, goodbye!”

After that, the hovering body of Shenron transformed back into seven dragon balls, and were about to fly to all parts of the planet.

But right now they were on Planet Namek, so Lin Chen naturally wouldn’t let them randomly fly to various parts of the planet, otherwise it would be difficult to bring the dragon balls back to Earth.

Therefore, before the dragon balls flew away, Lin Chen jumped high and caught all the seven dragon balls at once.

At this time, on Planet Tiu.

Many people stood up from the ground with a confused look on their faces, including Hanasia and those Saiyans who had already died.


As soon as she was resurrected, Hanasia screamed, but then she immediately realized that she seemed to be on Planet Tiu.

“Strange Where are Frieza and the others”

“Queen Hannah!”

Near Hanasia, several Saiyans, who had also just been resurrected, gathered around and asked each other what had happened just now

Many of them remembered that they were supposed to have died already.

Hearing their conversation, Hanasia suddenly remembered that she too seemed to have died.

Because that cunning Frieza couldn’t defeat her, he suddenly made a move to destroy Planet Tiu.

Then, how did they all survive And even Planet Tiu has been restored

At the same time that Hanasia and the others were feeling puzzled, there were other aliens on the planet who started scrambling to a nearby spaceship and escaped towards space.

These aliens were all soldiers of the Frieza Force.

When they ambushed Saiyans, they had landed on the planet, but were killed by Frieza along with Planet Tiu.

Now suddenly resurrected, although they don’t know what happened, they still recognized the Saiyans beside them.

Among them was the female Saiyan, who is a powerful being who beat up King Frieza very badly.

If they didn’t run now, were they waiting for someone to kill them again

On the other side, Planet Namek.

Nail said to Lin Chen, “Mr.

Lin Chen, your wish has been granted, what is your second wish”

“Second wish… Ahh, I haven’t thought about it yet.” Lin Chen smiled embarrassingly.

Hearing this, Kami and the others fell to the ground.


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