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When Planet Vegeta’s sky got covered with artificial moons.

One after another Blutz Waves shot to the surface.

Blutz Wave is a special energy generated during a full moon.

Saiyan’s eyes can absorb this special wavelength that is only generated from a full moon, and a mutation occurs in their tails which can allow them to complete a transformation called Great Ape.

Right now, after the three moons in the sky were reflected in Saiyan’s eyes on the ground, their bodies began to expand in size.

The protective clothing on their body also slowly expanded.

These Saiyans began to emit an unruly, violent and powerful aura.

Their tails grew longer, and no matter whether they were male or female, their heads began to protrude significantly, and their teeth became sharper like beasts.

Before long, terrifying Great Apes more than twenty meters tall were everywhere.

“Saiyans! Charge!”

The Great Ape that Bardock had transformed into thumped its chest and roared before flying towards the sky.

Behind him, countless Great Apes also flew up, attacking Frieza’s spaceship that had entered the stratosphere.

Normally, transforming into Great Ape would cause Saiyans to lose their rationality, but this loss of control is not completely uncontrollable.

A trained Saiyan can, at least, keep a shred of sanity in their mind to accomplish their task.

And this time, in all Saiyan’s hearts, there was only one goal, and that is to destroy the Frieza Force in the sky.

When such a large group of gorillas took off from the planet, Frieza Force in space naturally discovered them.

“Lo, Lord Frieza! The Saiyans have transformed into Great Ape and are coming over here!”

“What These lowly Saiyans! What are they trying to do” Beside Frieza, a chubby pink alien said in panic.

“Calm down, Dodoria! They are just some wild monkeys.

There’s no need to be afraid! Tell the warriors of Frieza Force’ on the spaceship to attack!” said a handsome alien.

“Yes, yes, I understand, Mr.

Zarbon!” Dodoria nodded and immediately gave an order: “Hurry up, tell the warriors on the spaceship to attack and stop these wild monkeys!”

When Dodoria hurriedly gave the order, Zarbon said to Emperor Frieza who was sitting in the Hover Pod behind him: “My lord, it seems that those Saiyans were prepared.

I am afraid your plan has been leaked.”

“Oh ho ho ho! It’s just some stinky monkeys.

If they think they can deal with me like this, then they are too naive!” Frieza laughed disdainfully.

Although Saiyans transformed into Great Ape, their Power Level only increased by 10 times!

But even so, these Saiyans are far from his match who has 530,000 Power Level.

Frieza watched it happen with a smile on his face, not at all worried.

However, the face of the proud Universal Emperor soon turned red because of those gorillas.

“Lo, Lord Frieza! Our main force fought against the Saiyans! In the first wave of attack, our army lost 94% of warriors!”


A Death Beam suddenly slammed into the head of the warrior who reported the situation of the battlefield, directly blowing his head into pieces.

Frieza gritted his teeth and said while suppressing his anger, “Tch! A bunch of useless trash!”

“Lord Frieza, after the Saiyans transformed into Great Ape, their Power Level has increased by 10 times.

There are at least over a hundred Saiyans outside.

Even the Ginyu Force will have difficulty against such a force.” Zarbon reminded softly.

“I see! These damn monkeys, I’ll send them all to hell for this!” Frieza’s smile slowly faded.

He floated up and flew out from the top of the spaceship.

“A bunch of wild monkeys, why not obediently stay on Planet Vegeta and turn into stars together with the planet Did you really want to become cosmic dust!”

The corner of Frieza’s mouth curled into a grim arc as his body slowly flew out of the spaceship and floated in space.

Right in front of him, a gorilla army of astonishing numbers was about to arrive in front of him.

Frieza raised one of his fingers and was about to start gathering energy when suddenly…


A loud shout sounded behind Frieza.

He turned around his head and saw an untransformed Saiyan standing on top of the spaceship.

And this Saiyan was surprisingly Lin Chen!

When all the Saiyans had transformed into gorillas, Lin Chen used them as a cover to sneak next to Frieza’s spaceship.

On Planet Namek, Lin Chen got more than a simple improvement in his Power Level.

He also completely grasped Namekian’s Ki control.

So when Frieza Force’s attention was drawn to those gorillas with astonishing energy, no one noticed Lin Chen, who had deliberately retracted his aura, and without letting anyone notice, arrived near the spaceship.

And Lin Chen’s actions are for this moment.

Just when Frieza was stunned, Lin Chen shifted his gaze to the artificial moons on Planet Vegeta.

The next moment, his body expanded as rapidly as a balloon, and the energy in his body completely erupted out uncontrollably.


100,000, 110,000, 120,000…

The Power Level in Frieza’s scouter kept climbing.

Just as the scouter read 180,000, his scouter exploded with a loud bang.

“Damn it, monkey!”

At this moment, Frieza felt an immense threat for the first time.

Saiyan’s Great Ape transformation can increase their Power Level by 10 times, but the Saiyan in front of him was displaying Power Level around 100,000 before transforming, and multiplied by 10 times, isn’t he more powerful than his current form

Frieza jumped out of the hover pod in a panic, then broke his battle armor, and was about to start transforming…

But at this moment, Lin Chen, who had turned into a gorilla, opened his mouth and roared towards Frieza.


An enormous Ki blast spewed out of Lin Chen’s mouth and shot straight towards Frieza!

The enormous Ki blast engulfed the Universal Emperor before he could transform.

The arrogant emperor only had time to shout, “How dare you…”, before he turned blurry and disappeared into space!

The Ki blast that engulfed Frieza did not disappear, instead as Lin Chen turned his head, it swept towards Frieza’s spaceship.

“King Frieza!”

The people on the spaceship screamed in despair before turning to dust with their spaceship.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the first option.

Reward: Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Will you merge with the bloodline immediately”

The system’s voice which he hadn’t heard in a long time resounded in Lin Chen’s mind.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a sense of relief.

Finally! It took him four full years to complete this seemingly impossible mission.

When his Power Level was merely 100,000, he defeated Frieza, the Universal Emperor!


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