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“Ding! Replying to host, the target is Broly from a parallel universe and not the current universe of the host.”

Hearing the system’s answer, Lin Chen was stunned for a while.

So it’s Broly of a parallel universe

This is so unusual… Fortunately, I asked, otherwise, how would I have finished the task

Lin Chen knows that Dragon Ball World is actually a very vast world.

This world has the concept of multiple universes, and the whole world actually has a total of 12 universes.

The universe where Lin Chen lives is one of the 12 universes.

The relationship between different universes is just like different countries, and the difference between them is very big.

Take Saiyans as an example.

In the universe where Lin Chen lives, Saiyans were originally a warlike and brutal race, but in another universe, the Saiyans may be a group of people who love peace and in the third universe, there may not even be a Saiyan race.

On the basis of multiple universes, Lin Chen also knew that this world actually has a concept of a parallel universe.

The so-called parallel universe refers to a similar but also dissimilar world which may have been born for some reason in the universe.

Taking himself as an example, he is very clear that the world he is in must be a parallel universe of a certain universe.

Because he showed up in this universe, Saiyan’s home Planet Vegeta was freed from the fate of being destroyed by Frieza.

Besides this world, there should be a world that Lin Chen did not transmigrate to.

In that world, because Lin Chen did not appear, Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Frieza just like the plot in the original work.

Then, the task the system gave Lin Chen now was to have him go to a parallel universe to deal with another Broly.

The question is, how can he go to the parallel universe required by the system

“System, how do I complete Choice three Will I be sent to that parallel universe”

“Ding! Replying to host, you have to find a way to complete the task by yourself, but system can point out to the host that in this universe, there is a way to go to the target’s universe.”

“System, then I will choose three!”

After thinking about it, Lin Chen couldn’t hold back his curiosity and chose the option that seemed the most difficult to achieve.

After all, Frost Demon serum given by   Choice one and Choice two is not very helpful to Lin Chen, whose subordinates are still mainly Saiyan.

And it’s the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form’s experience card, he wants to see how it is!

“Ding, host has selected the choice, please complete the task as soon as possible! Because this task is quite difficult, the time limit will be increased to three years!”

Having confirmed his new objective, Lin Chen also issued a new order to King Vegeta and the others.

Starting today, Saiyans will begin to attack the territories of Frieza Force and liberate those planets that were ruled by Frieza in the past.

Although there is no system reward for doing so, attacking the Frieza Force’ territories would allow Saiyans to accumulate some combat experience.

The experience with Hanasia has proved that no matter how strong you are, sometimes it is of no use.

Five years of peace have made many Saiyans forget the cruelty of battle.

And while the Saiyan Force was launching attacks in all directions, Lin Chen returned to Earth.

The time limit for the system mission this time is three years, so Lin Chen plans to revive Hanasia and the others first.

Once back on Earth, Lin Chen first went to the Kame House.

When he returned, Turtle Hermit was teaching Tights and Bulma martial arts.

“Turtle Hermit! Tights! Bulma!”

Lin Chen called out and again showed PDA with Tights, then directly stated his purpose for coming.

“You want this bead of mine I’ve been researching this thing for years, do you know what it is”

Turtle Hermit raised the dragon ball tied around his neck with a surprised look on his face.

“Yes, this thing is actually called dragon ball.

There are seven in total.

If you gather all of them, one of your wishes can be granted.”

“What So amazing” Turtle Hermit exclaimed, but still handed the dragon ball to Lin Chen.

“You’re already so strong and you still need this, it must be something urgent.

I’ll give it to you.”

“Thank you, Master Roshi.”

Lin Chen took the dragon ball, and after saying goodbye to the three, he again teleported to another place.

However, after Lin Chen left, a strange light flashed in Bulma’s eyes.

“So what brother Lin Chen said about the divine dragon is true”

After taking away Turtle Hermit’s dragon ball, Lin Chen came to Mount Paozu the next moment.

Little Goku, who was still living alone in the mountains, was hunting outside.

Lin Chen inwardly apologized and took away his four-star bead.

Immediately afterwards, he arrived on Lookout.

“Brother Links!”

The first person who came out to greet Lin Chen was Broly, who had been living here for more than a year.

He was wearing a set of clothes similar to that of Kami.

He was already beginning to grow tall and was almost unrecognizable to Lin Chen.

“Yo! Broly!”

Looking at kind-hearted Broly, who was completely different from the past, and then thinking about the Broly that he is going to deal with in this task, Lin Chen only felt that he was too powerful such that even Broly could be changed to become like this by him.

“Broly, how have you been”


Thanks Big Brother Links for bringing me here.

Here, I can learn all kinds of new things every day with Mr.

Popo and Kami!” Broly replied.

Lin Chen smiled, then raised his head to look at Kami who was walking over.

After greeting him, Lin Chen explained the purpose of his visit: “Kami, I’ve come in the hope that you can find the remaining dragon balls for me.

I already have two here.”

Lin Chen took out the two dragon balls he had collected.

Kami glanced over, but said, “Mr.

Lin Chen, I remember I told you, I…”

“You really don’t know where the dragon balls are”

Lin Chen interrupted Kami: “Kami, if you help me this time, I can bring you over to your birthplace.”

“Planet Namek”

Kami’s eyes widened.

The last time Lin Chen brought Broly over, Kami already knew that he was an alien from another planet.

As an alien orphan, he has always wanted to go back to his birthplace to take a look.

But Kami immediately frowned and shook his head, “No, I’m Earth’s Kami, I can’t leave Lookout for too long.”

Lin Chen immediately said: “Don’t worry, it won’t take too long.

We will teleport to Planet Namek, and it will only take a moment.”

This time, Kami was finally completely moved.

If it’s just a few hours, it’s really not a big problem.

So, with a desire to go home, Kami did not act in perfunctory manner with Lin Chen any more, and immediately instructed Mr.

Popo to gather all the remaining dragon balls.



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