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A blue-faced, purple-skinned and white-haired short person said to Cooler, “King Cooler, should we go over and take a look, King Frieza may not be dead.

After all, he is also…”

“No need! Frieza has to pay the price for his stupidity! Salza, we’re going back!”

The subordinate named Salza hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Although Cooler’s temper is much better than the temperamental and tyrannical Frieza, this does not mean that anyone can disobey his orders.

Hearing Cooler’s order, the people on the ship immediately got busy.

They steered the spaceship to turn towards the territory of Cooler Force.

However, these people could not have expected that their leader, King Cooler, had a gloomy look on his face at this time, pulling on a long face.

In fact, the reason why Cooler didn’t let them steer the spaceship over there just now was not because he didn’t want to help Frieza, but because he was afraid!

If the enemy can survive in space and easily defeat Frieza, then even Cooler may not be his match!

He did not dare to get near him, afraid that the person who killed Frieza had not left, nor did he dare to stay long, afraid that person would notice them.

He, the dignified Cooler, has to flee in panic because of fear.

He could have never imagined such a thing happening in the past.

A strong sense of humiliation made Cooler make up a decision in his heart.

“Damn it! We, Frost Demons, are the strongest in the universe! Saiyan…just you wait! I, Cooler, will definitely break through the limits of the Frost Demons! We’ll meet when I’ve achieved my fourth transformation! At that time, I will protect the dignity of my Frost Demon race in place of Frieza!”

At this time, Lin Chen had also returned to Planet Vegeta and told King Vegeta and others what he had seen.

While King Vegeta and the others were saddened at the death of Queen Hannah and others, they were also delighted at Lin Chen completely killing Frieza.

“Your Majesty Links, since Frieza is dead, the threats we face are much smaller.

I think we can now be completely bold and go big!” King Vegeta suggested.

“What do you want to do” Lin Chen asked, “Do you still want to conquer the universe”

“Of course not.” King Vegeta hurriedly shook his head.

Having been with Lin Chen for so long, he also knows that his majesty is completely different from Saiyans in the past.

Although he also has ambitions, this ambition is completely different from Frieza’s.

Moreover, Lin Chen had already repeatedly told everyone including King Vegeta that Saiyan’s future cannot go the way of conquering and destroying by relying on violence.

King Vegeta then said: “Your Majesty Links, now that Frieza is dead, his subordinates are bound to fall apart.

In the past, Frieza conquered and controlled hundreds of planets.

The inhabitants of these planets have all controlled by Frieza like us Saiyans.

Your Majesty, since you want to have us Saiyans become warriors of justice, why don’t we go and liberate those planets”

“Liberate the planets”

Lin Chen was pondering over King Vegeta’s words when a voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

“Ding! It is detected that host is facing new choices, triggering the strongest selection system.”

“Choice one: Liberate more than 70% of Frieza Force’s territory.

Reward: 50 bottles of Frost Demon serum.”

“Choice two: Liberate more than 70% of Frieza Force’s territory, and more than 50% of Cooler Force’s territory.

Reward: 20 bottles of Frost Demon serum and 1 tube of 100% S cell reagent.”

“Choice three: Liberate the South Area controlled by the Legendary Super Saiyan.

Reward: A Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form experience card.”

“This time, you can only choose one of three tasks, multiple selections are not allowed!”

Seeing that choices have been triggered, Lin Chen immediately signaled King Vegeta to wait for a moment as he needed to think about it.

Next, Lin Chen checked the three choices given by the system this time.

There were several rewards that Lin Chen was seeing for the first time, so he needs to verify them.

“System, what is Frost Demon serum”

“Ding! Replying to host, Frost Demon serum can transform any intelligent race into a Frost Demon.”

“Please pay attention! This Frost Demon is an original Frost Demon, not a mutant like the Frieza family!”

The original Frost Demon Is it someone like Frieza’s ancestor Chilled

Lin Chen remembers that these Frost Demons seem to have no transformation ability like that of Frieza and the others, so their Power Level was not high, but at least it should be above 400,000.

So this serum was somewhat useless to Saiyans, but if Lin Chen recruits aliens of other races as his subordinates in the future, these serums can come in handy.

However, compared to the Frost Demon serum, Lin Chen is more interested in the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 Form experience card in Choice three!

“System, what does this experience card do”

“Ding! Replying to host, the experience card can transform host into Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form for 1 hour.”

Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form

This is definitely a little interesting.

Lin Chen was very clear that the Legendary Super Saiyan mentioned by the system should be referring to the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation that he has not yet learned.

This transformation is a special transformation that only Lin Chen and Broly can grasp because of their Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Legendary Super Saiyan 2 is a stronger variation of this transformation.

In the original work, just the Legendary Super Saiyan form had almost inexhaustible strength, and about the further transformation, Lin Chen has never heard of it.

Currently, he hasn’t even mastered the Legendary Super Saiyan form, but now that he can have the opportunity to experience a stronger transformation, it was making him very eager.

Choice one and Choice two can both enhance Lin Chen’s Forces, but Choice three is only an experience of becoming stronger for an hour.

Which one to choose

After thinking about it for a moment, Lin Chen suddenly discovered another thing.

Liberate the South Area controlled by Legendary Super Saiyan

Wait… South Area controlled by Legendary Super Saiyan mentioned in this choice… Isn’t this the plot of a dragon ball movie

And the Legendary Super Saiyan in that movie, isn’t that another version of Broly

Having lived in this world for so long, Lin Chen already knew that Broly in his world should be the Broly in Dragon Ball Super.

If so, why would the task be to kill another Broly

What’s going on

“System, what’s the name of the Legendary Super Saiyan in choice three”

“Ding, replying to host, their name is Broly!”

So it is true!

“No, system, isn’t Broly on Earth How could he be in the South Area”

Lin Chen was doubtful.



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