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“What nonsense!” Frieza exclaimed angrily.

But he was low in confidence.

Because what Lin Chen said was not wrong at all.

Frieza had indeed guessed the Power Level of his strongest Form.

In fact, since the invention of Scouter, the maximum Power Level that they can detect is only a little over 2 million.

This measurement value was enough for more than 90% of the living beings in the universe, but it is of no use towards Frost Demons.

Because once they transform back to the Final… or to be more precise, Original Form, the Power Level of Frost Demons far exceeds the maximum value that scouter can detect.

So all along, Frieza, his father and others only made a rough estimate of their Power Level.

Just like Frieza, who thought that his Final Form was dozens of times stronger than Third Form, so he guessed that his Power Level should be around 120 million.

But in reality, Frieza’s judgment was miles away from the real value.

When Lin Chen heard Frieza claiming that his power level in the third stage was 3 million, he felt something was wrong, because according to the Scouter created by Bulma, Frieza’s Power Level in Third Form was only 2.4 million.

Later, when Frieza transformed into his Final Form, he discovered that Frieza’s Power Level had only increased to 11 million, which was far from the 100 million Power Level that Frieza claimed to have.

He initially thought it was Bulma’s scouter that was malfunctioning, but when he checked Frieza’s Power Level with his system, it was also just 11 million.

The 100 million Power Level that Frieza kept saying over and over in the past was really fishy.

At first, Lin Chen was thinking of getting ​​revenge for Hanasia and was preparing to fight to the death with Frieza, but now it turns out Frieza’s strength is not even half his own.

“What a bunch of nonsense!”

At this moment, Frieza kept roaring in anger: “How could my Power Level be only 11 million”

Lin Chen pointed to the scouter he was wearing on his head.

“Frieza, I’ll tell you one thing, my scouter is the latest one invented by a genius.

Its detection value has no limit, and it is telling me that your Power Level is only 11 million.”

“What” Frieza exclaimed in shock.

“By the way, let me tell you, my Power Level is over 20 million, and the female Super Saiyan you killed before just had Power Level of 12 million! So…”

“You are too weak!”

“You wild monkey, how dare you say that I, Frieza, am weak Damn it… Damn it! I am invincible!”

Frieza suddenly bent his left hand and turned his body half a circle to charge up energy.

The next moment, astonishing flame-like energy waves were shot by Frieza.

Boom, boom, boom!

All of them struck Lin Chen’s body.

But it wasn’t over yet, Frieza kept waving his hands, and kept hitting Lin Chen with Killer Balls.

“Ding! Congratulation host for learning Killer Ball!”

The dark space, for almost a full minute, was constantly illuminated by crimson flames.

When Frieza came to a halt while gasping for breath, a smirk appeared on his face.

“You dared to say that this king is weak! Now you know how powerful this king is”

“Sorry, you are too weak!”

Suddenly, a voice sounded, and Frieza froze for a moment as if struck by lightning.

His pupils shrank and a cold chill rushed to his brain.

When Lin Chen appeared from inside the smoke, he saw Frieza, who was already frightened out of his wits and could sense fear flashing in his eyes.

Lin Chen sighed.

With Frieza like this, Hanasia should have been able to defeat him if she was able to survive in vacuum.

Unfortunately, this Frieza is just too evil and cunning.

Meanwhile, the gears in Frieza’s mind were turning fast.

For the first time in his life, he has felt the taste of fear.

Facing the threat of death, Frieza said in panic: “No, I have to leave immediately and go to my father’s place! I am not his match for now and only father can protect me!”

After knowing that it was impossible for him to win against Lin Chen, Frieza was only thinking about escaping.

“Trash, I want you to die!”

Frieza shouted loudly as he raised his hand to create a purple-black energy ball out of thin air.

The energy ball was full of violent powers.

Frieza pushed his hand forward and the energy ball shot towards Lin Chen like a flying snake.

“Ding! Activating Beginner martial arts talent, learning the technique Planet Destroying Ball!”

Just as the system prompt sounded in Lin Chen’s mind, Frieza’s body turned into a beam of light, rushing away in the opposite direction to Lin Chen.

Over there was Frieza’s spaceship.

Although Frieza can survive and move around in space, it is different from a planet.

Moving between stars, the fastest method is to always rely on a spaceship, and not the power of their body.

Frieza looked at the spaceship in the distance that was gradually getting bigger and muttered to himself: “When I get to my father’s place, I must train hard! There are just a few Saiyan monkeys! This king will definitely not lose to you!”

Because Frieza was born strong, he has not trained since he was born.

He believes that with his talent, as long as he trains a little, he can surpass that Saiyan.

After a while, he had almost arrived near the ship, and Frieza could even see his terrified subordinates inside the ship through the porthole.

But he realized that his subordinates were banging on the window with a look of fear, and at the same time, they were wildly waving their fingers towards Frieza’s back.


Frieza turned around his head to look back and saw a blue light as dazzling as the sun suddenly appear in the space behind him.

Lin Chen put his palms together, stared at Frieza in the distance and silently muttered: “Ka…me…ha…me”

When he had just said the word “me”, Lin Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared and he just brushed past the energy ball thrown by Frieza.

The next moment, Lin Chen suddenly appeared behind Frieza, making him startled.

He turned around his head in disbelief.

“How did you…” Frieza opened his mouth, but before he could finish speaking.

Lin Chen had shouted the last word.


Following a loud shout, Lin Chen pushed his hands forward, and a blue energy wave suddenly shot out, heading towards him with a terrifying might.

“This king can’t die!”

Knowing that it was too late to escape, Frieza shouted loudly and stretched out his arms, trying to push Lin Chen’s Kamehameha back.

However, his palms only persisted for a short while in front of the energy wave before being destroyed and engulfed by the terrifying energy.


The next moment, even Frieza himself disappeared amidst the blue radiance.



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