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On Frieza’s spaceship, Captain Ginyu and the others gasped.

“Why Why are there two Super Saiyans Have Saiyans already become so strong”

“Can King Frieza win These Saiyans are too powerful!”

“Nonsense! King Frieza just killed a Super Saiyan! This Saiyan will be no exception!”

When an alien uttered this sentence, the people on the spaceship suddenly became quiet.

Immediately afterwards, someone said while trembling with fear: “By the way, that Saiyan… why isn’t he dead yet When were Saiyan able to survive in space”

When they heard this, the people on the spaceship gasped.


It’s outer space outside, and Planet Tiu had long disappeared!

In that case, how did that Saiyan survive in space

At this time, Frieza on the battlefield also thought of this problem.

With a surprised expression on his face, he looked at Lin Chen who had flown over and said angrily, “Why Why aren’t you dead yet When were Saiyan able to survive in a vacuum environment”

“Of course, ordinary Saiyans can’t, but I’m not an ordinary Saiyan.

I’m a Legendary Super Saiyan!”

Lin Chen looked indifferent as his voice was transmitted through the surrounding gases.

“Legendary Super Saiyan Ridiculous! Do you think this king will believe this nonsense”

Frieza waved his hand and said.

However, at this time, his keen eyes noticed that around Lin Chen, there was a faint barrier of light covering his whole body.

That should be some kind of energy shield, Frieza guessed!

Frieza has guessed right.

The energy shield was the innate bloodline affinity of Lin Chen’s Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

“Since the vacuum can’t kill you, then this king will kill you himself!”

As soon as Frieza’s voice fell, he suddenly appeared in front of Lin Chen and punched Lin Chen heavily in the stomach.

But to Frieza’s surprise, his fist seemed to have hit an iron block.

Lin Chen didn’t react at all, but his own fist was hurting.

“Is that all the strength you have Frieza, don’t you have another transformation Use it or like last time, you want to be killed by me without even showing your full strength” Lin Chen said indifferently.

But there was a hint of fury in his eyes.

This time, Lin Chen was really angry.

Not because Frieza killed Hanasia, but because Frieza killed Hanasia not in a fair fight, but by destroying the planet.

How could my wife be killed in this way!

“Come on Frieza! Use all of your strength! For the sake of those you killed, I will defeat you fairly this time!”

“A mere Saiyan is worthy of this king using his full-strength”

An evil aura exploded in an instant, and Frieza’s entire body was surrounded by white aura, and he started punching Lin Chen crazily.

Bang, bang, bang!

Although no sound could be heard in the  space, the fluctuations caused by Frieza’s fists continued to reverberate through the space.

“Come on, King Frieza!”

“King Frieza is invincible!”

On Frieza’s spaceship, the aliens shouted with excitement when they saw Frieza’s continuous attacks.

Among them, Ginyu was the only one who kept backing away with a look of fear.

As the strongest expert on the ship, Ginyu could see that although Frieza kept attacking, the Saiyan was completely fine!

The disparity between the two sides was completely overwhelming!

Super Saiyan is actually so terrifying!

“How is it possible How is it possible!”

When Frieza had punched thousands of times, he discovered that he hadn’t injured Lin Chen at all!

“This king’s Power Level is 3 million! Why can’t I destroy your body”


Hearing Frieza’s words, Lin Chen frowned slightly.

At this moment, Frieza suddenly stopped attacking and distanced himself from Lin Chen.

“Good, good! Damn monkey! Since you want this king to use his full strength, I’ll do as you wish! Prepare to experience terror.

This king’s Power Level in Final Form is more than 100 million!”


The next moment, an evil aura erupted out and Frieza’s body began to undergo new changes.

However, those changes looked a little disgusting to Lin Chen.

Because he saw Frieza’s body twist and deform and his flesh fall out.

Lin Chen didn’t know that, in fact, Frieza himself was extremely reluctant to undergo the final transformation.

However, the reason why he is unwilling to transform is different from before.

Because it was not easy to control the powers after transforming into Final Form, he previously did not like to transform.

But now, transforming into his Final Form would cause him to suffer great pain.

When Frieza was heavily injured by Lin Chen, he was injured in the first form.

Therefore, when Frieza’s body was reassembled using high-technology, Frieza’s body was also restored in the first form.

Although the technicians who repaired Frieza worked hard to ensure that Mecha-body would not affect Frieza’s transformation, Mecha-body is not the original body after all.

Especially when he transforms into Final Form, the pain is the worst.

Therefore, even when facing Hanasia before, Frieza only transformed into Third Form, and then when he found that he could not defeat Hanasia, he chose to destroy the planet instead of transforming into the Final Form to win.

But now facing Lin Chen who can survive in vacuum, Frieza could only choose to endure the pain and undergo the final transformation.


When the aura surrounding his body exploded completely, a petite Frieza finally appeared in front of Lin Chen.

Frieza was breathing heavily and his face was dipping with cold sweat as he said, “I’ve kept you waiting! Saiyan! This is the strongest form of this king you wanted to see!”

Frieza raised one finger and sneered at Lin Chen: “Let me tell you in advance, my current Power Level is over 100 million!”

Hearing Frieza’s words, Lin Chen’s doubts finally became clear.

He couldn’t help but smile: “100 million Frieza, I didn’t expect you to be so good at bragging!”

“Huh” Frieza was stunned for a moment before saying with a gloomy look, “What do you mean”

“Hehe, Frieza, can you tell me, how did you know that your Power Level is 100 million As far as I know, the highest that Frieza Force’s scouter could detect is max 2 million Battle Power, then how did you get this 100 million Power Level” Lin Chen laughed.

“That…” Frieza’s face stiffened.

Lin Chen smiled and said: “Frieza, if I am not mistaken, the so-called 100 million Power Level you just said was completely bragging, right In fact, you don’t even know what your Power Level is.

100 million Power Level, you just made it up, right”

“As for your real Power Level, unfortunately, it is only 11 million, which is almost one-tenth of the Power Level you guessed yourself!”

[Author’s digression]: This is a second setting of the author.

In the original work, Frieza’s Power Level was 120 million, but the author has always found it strange, because a portable scouter would explode if Power Level is beyond the range of hundred thousands, and even if it is a large scouter, judging from the fact that hundred thousand will cause the previous one to explode, this may only have a range of a few million before it explodes.

There was such a description in the original Dragon Ball Z anime, so how did Frieza know that his Power Level is more than 100 million Hence the author believes that Frieza is bragging and his real Power Level is not that high.

(Translator Note: I forgot to translate an author note from chapter 17.

I will put it here)

(Author Note: As we all know, Power Level in the later stages of Dragon Ball badly collapsed, so I have made a second set of settings based on my own understanding, please forgive me if there is anything unreasonable)


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