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In the past, although Saiyans called themselves a fighting race, but in fact, within the Frieza Force, they were always regarded as a laughing stock.

Because most Saiyan’s Power Level didn’t even surpass 10,000.

If they didn’t have the ability to transform into Great Ape, Saiyans would have probably been treated like miscellaneous soldiers in the Force.

But this time, when hundreds of soldiers from Frieza Force attacked the Saiyan squad with less than 10 people on Planet Tiu, the Saiyans burst out with a completely different strength from the past.

It was just a few trifling Saiyans, but Frieza Force was sent fleeing helter-skelter, and even the Ginyu Force that participated in the attack was almost wiped out.

Recoom, Burter, Jeice, Guldo…

Ginyu’s four subordinates were also killed instantly by a female Saiyan during the battle.

If it wasn’t for Frieza, who has been watching all along, discovered that something was wrong with the female Saiyan and personally took action, even Ginyu would have been killed.

And the fight that followed showed Ginyu why that female Saiyan was so powerful.

It turned out that she was Super Saiyan from legends!

Even Lord Frieza, in front of her, was beaten till he could not fight back at all and even after he underwent two transformations in a row and his Power Level increased drastically, he was beaten badly.

Fortunately, in the end, the angered Frieza, took advantage of her being off guard and suddenly used his unique skill, Planet Destroying Ball to destroy Planet Tiu, otherwise I’m afraid that Lord Frieza, who has just been resurrected not long ago, would have been beaten to death by Super Saiyan again!

“Damn it! Damn Saiyan, now I have to recruit members for the special squad again.

I wonder if I can find outstanding team members like Recoom and others…” Ginyu gritted his teeth.

At this moment, the energy scouter on the bridge suddenly issued an alarm sound.

Ginyu raised his head and asked, “What’s going on”

“Captain Ginyu! A high-energy signal has been discovered ahead!”

“What Where”

“It’s… right next to Lord Frieza! It looks like a Saiyan!”


Lin Chen left the Instant Transmission state and appeared at Planet Tiu’s location.

But the next moment, he found that there was nothing underneath his feet, and at the same time, a feeling of suffocation instantly enveloped his body.

Lin Chen held his breath in panic, and discovered that he was actually in outer space!

Where is Planet Tiu

Lin Chen looked around and immediately understood what was going on.

No wonder everyone including Hanasia lost contact, it turns out that Planet Tiu has been destroyed.

And Frieza is the only one who can instantly destroy Planet Tiu such that even a strong expert like Hanasia couldn’t escape in time!

Where is Frieza

Thinking of this, Lin Chen felt a vast aura around him.

Turning his head around to look, sure enough, not far away, he saw Frieza who was also looking surprised.

After scanning Frieza from top to bottom, Lin Chen understood that Frieza really hadn’t died at that time.

Right now, he should be Mecha Frieza restored with alien technology.

It’s just that compared to in the original work, Mecha Frieza was in the third form, and not the Final Form like in the original work.

“Oh hoo hoo…”

In Lin Chen’s ears, Frieza’s signature sinister laughter suddenly drifted over.

Because Planet Tiu has just been destroyed, there were still some gases in the surrounding space region.

There was no oxygen in these gases and could not help people breathe, but they could transmit sound.

“Let’s see, who is this Isn’t this the Saiyan who almost killed this king back then”

Frieza sneered before his face turned cold and he roared at Lin Chen: “Damn monkey! You dare to show up in front of me! Die!”

Saying that, without listening to his explanation, Frieza suddenly pointed his finger at Lin Chen and a purple beam shot out.

When two enemies meet, their eyes turned red from hate.

The last time Frieza almost died under Lin Chen’s hands, so seeing Lin Chen, he didn’t think about how Lin Chen suddenly appeared, and immediately used a killing move.

The killing move that has instantly killed millions of people in the past, directly slammed into Lin Chen, bursting into shocking radiance.

Amidst the radiance, Frieza sneered: “Damn monkey, now I can finally take my revenge! Next will be Planet Vegeta, all Saiyans will die!”

“Die The only one who will die today is you, Frieza!”

Suddenly, a voice entered Frieza’s head.

The next moment, he saw Lin Chen emerge from the radiance, and seeing Lin Chen’s appearance, Frieza’s face couldn’t help but turn panicked.

Blonde hair!

The Saiyan in front of him can also transform into golden-haired like the previous female Saiyan!

“You, you are also a Super Saiyan No, impossible! How can there be so many Super Saiyans in this world It’s just a legend, how can it be true! Death Beam!”

As soon as his words fell, Frieza’s right hand’s two fingers condensed three purple light beams which again shot towards Lin Chen.

But this time, Frieza saw Lin Chen’s eyes open wide as he raised his palm and slapped away his sure-kill unique skill.


The flying beam collided with a floating meteorite before exploding into astonishing radiance.

“What What happened to my Death Beam”

“Frieza, is this just what you are capable of”

Lin Chen used his Ki to directly transmit his voice to Frieza in space: “Hurry up and use your full strength! I want to avenge Hanasia and those Saiyans who were killed by you!”

“Full, full strength Saiyan wild monkey!”

The corner of Frieza’s mouth twitched, and the two fingers of his right hand condensed three purple light beams, which he shot at Lin Chen again.

Lin Chen raised his hand, and like swatting a fly, slapped the three beams away easily again.

Not long afterwards, three flashes lit up in the distance.

“Ding! Beginner martial arts talent activates, learning the technique Death Beam!”

Seeing his beginner martial arts talent take effect for the first time, Lin Chen was neither sad nor happy, he just sneered.

“I let you attack so many times, it’s time for me to hit back!”

After saying that, Lin Chen retracted his smile and immediately attacked Frieza.


Before Frieza could react, Lin Chen had raised his fists and continuously punched Frieza’s head.


Frieza was sent flying like a cannonball before crashing into a rock several stories tall, burrowing out of it and flying into another rock again.

Just like that, one rock after another, Frieza didn’t stop until he collided with the seventh rock.

“How could it be How could it be! Why is he so strong Why is a Saiyan so strong” Frieza screamed, not able to make sense of what was happening in front of him.


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