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CHAPTER 33 *HIDDEN*“Hanasia…is dead”

Lin Chen was dumbfounded.

His wife Hanasia who can transform into Super Saiyan was killed by Frieza

At this time, knowing that Lin Chen had hurriedly come over, Bardock and Paragus both rushed over.

Paragus said in a heavy voice: “Don’t be too sad, Your Majesty, this is just a speculation from Galactic Patrol.

The actual situation hasn’t been confirmed yet, it may be that their communicator has malfunctioned…..”

Lin Chen frowned, not much hopeful about it.

After all, Hanasia’s Power Level is only around 10 million, which is far from being compared to what he knows about Frieza’s Power Level.

In the dragon ball world that he knows of, although Frieza never spoke of his Power Level in final form, the general opinion is that in the Final Form, when Frieza uses 100% of his power, his Power Level is around 120 million.

If Frieza’s Power Level in this world is the same, then Hanasia naturally wouldn’t be his match.

And even the current Lin Chen may not be able to defeat Frieza, because with Lin Chen’s full strength, after transforming into a Super Saiyan, he can only reach around 20 million Power Level.

20 million versus 120 million.

This is a sure-to-lose battle!

However, Lin Chen had already decided that he would go over to look for Hanasia.

If they are still alive, immediately bring them back to Planet Vegeta.

If Hanasia and the others are dead, he will avenge them.

Even if he clearly knows that he is not Frieza’s match, he would still do it.

In the original work, Goku only had a few million Power Level and he dared to fight Frieza, the great tyrant while Lin Chen has the bloodline of Legendary Super Saiyan, so how could he cower

Fighting to the death is the style of the owner of Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline!

“Which planet did Hanasia and others go to Give me the coordinates.”

“Your Majesty!”

Bardock grabbed Lin Chen: “Your Majesty, please think carefully! You are the King of Saiyans, you must not act rashly!”

“Bardock, step back!” Lin Chen shouted loudly.

But not only did Bardock not back down, even King Vegeta tried to persuade him: “Your Majesty, the situation is unclear at the moment.

You should wait for the Galactic Patrol to investigate before making a decision.”

Lin Chen glanced at him and said, “King Vegeta, don’t forget, besides Frieza, we Saiyans have another more powerful enemy! If we are cowering even in front of Frieza, how will we fight against it in the future Send me the coordinates!”

King Vegeta was taken aback.

Of course, he knew that the powerful enemy Lin Chen was talking about is naturally the God of Destruction Beerus.

Indeed, what is even Frieza compared to Beerus

Thinking of this, King Vegeta finally lowered his head and said, “I understand, Your Majesty.

Soon, King Vegeta sent the coordinates of the planet that Hanasia and others went to.

The mission that Hanasia and the others were carrying out this time was to go to a planet called Tiu.

The civilization on this planet is more primitive and backward than Earth, but the planet produces a special metal that is extremely suitable as a material for spaceships.

According to the information obtained by Galactic Patrol beforehand, there was a group of space pirates who were eyeing this metal, intending to destroy the civilization on the planet, and then take those metals for themselves.

Because the members of these pirates were from a powerful race, Galactic Patrol couldn’t deal with them, so they called Saiyans for support.

However, shortly afterward, Galactic Patrol got a tip-off.

It turned out that there was another conspiracy behind the attack.

Those space pirates were just bait.

Not far from Planet Tiu, Frieza Force was already waiting in hiding.

After getting the coordinates of Planet Tiu, Lin Chen immediately locked on to its location and then teleported over.

At that time, Planet Tiu…

Or to say, in the space region where Planet Tiu was supposed to exist.

The planet named Planet Tiu had already disappeared, and all that could be seen at the scene were huge rock fragments like a meteorite belt, floating aimlessly in the empty darkness.

And a huge but ugly figure was laughing wildly in front of the rock fragments.

“Hahaha! What beautiful fireworks! Stupid Saiyan monkeys! You are buried with such beautiful fireworks, thank me when you arrive in the underworld! Hahaha!”

Frieza with half of his body of flesh and half of machinery, was in his third form and laughing wildly, a tyrannical look on his face.

Although the battle just now caused him to be battered and exhausted and the wounds on his body were still aching, but in the end, he still had the last laugh!

Even the Super Saiyan who was so powerful wasn’t his match!

“Now, you wild monkeys should understand it! I, Frieza, am the most powerful person in the universe! Hahaha!”

In space far away from Frieza, the disc-shaped mothership of Frieza Force was floating.

The aliens on the spaceship also had an expression of surviving a disaster on their faces.

None of them expected that what was supposed to be a meticulously planned ambush would turn out to be the reason for their Frieza Force’ near defeat.

Fortunately, their leader Frieza ultimately came out on top.

“I didn’t expect there to be a Super Saiyan from legends among those Saiyans!”

“Yeah, no wonder King Frieza was almost killed by Saiyans back then.

Those Saiyans are really terrifying.”

“It’s fortunate that Saiyan can’t survive in space.

That female Super Saiyan was too careless, otherwise Lord Frieza may have died once again!”

“It’s a pity that all the combatants on the planet are buried with those Saiyans.”


“Shut up!”

On the spaceship, a purple-skinned alien with two black horns on his forehead shouted.

His voice caused the others to shut up immediately.

Because this alien, besides Lord Frieza, is the number one expert in Frieza Force, Captain Ginyu of Ginyu Force!

Captain Ginyu unhappily looked at the others with a cold look on his face, “Don’t you know how Lord Frieza’s temper is If he heard what you just said, we would all die here! I managed to survive with great difficulty, if anyone wants to drag me to hell together, I’ll kill him first!”

Captain Ginyu gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

When they ambushed Saiyans, everyone thought that it would be completely safe.

King Frieza, who has been reborn using high technology, retains his original memories.

He clearly remembers that at that time Saiyans defeated him only by relying on transforming into Great Ape and launching a sneak attack.

So this time, Frieza was confident in his revenge plan.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that Saiyans, who Frieza Force hadn’t been in contact with for several years, would turn out to be much stronger than before!


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