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In the vast sea, an uninhabited island.

Lin Chen stared at the scorching sun while holding aloft a large stone that weighed at least dozens of tons in both hands.

Suddenly, he threw the boulder in his hand into the sky, and at the same time, he cupped his hands, and deep blue light rays appeared between his palms.


Just before Lin Chen uttered the last word, he suddenly disappeared from his place, and when he reappeared, he was already high in the sky, almost parallel to the flying boulder.


Lin Chen shouted the last word, and an energy wave shining with deep blue radiance blasted out at the same time, directly engulfing the boulder.

The energy wave shooting across the sky was also reflected in the eyes of three people below.

Looking at the energy wave that was several times thicker and stronger than when he uses it with his full strength, Turtle Hermit was shocked.

While Tights and Bulma, who were carrying two turtle shells on their back, cheered excitedly.

“Brother Lin Chen is so powerful!”

In the sky, Lin Chen looked at the result of his technique’s use and was very satisfied.

As expected of a unique technique rewarded by the system.

This move Instant Kamehameha not only has the effect of Turtle Hermit’s Kamehameha that can attack with a Power Level far beyond the limit, but also the accompanying Instant Transmission is more flexible than Instant Transmission of Kibito that Lin Chen knows.

Kibito’s Instant Transmission is only used to serve Supreme Kai’s movements around the universe, so its usage speed was not fast.

If the disparity in strength is large, it is not a problem, but if it is against an enemy with similar strength, this technique shouldn’t be used in battle at all.

But Instant Transmission of Instant Kamehameha is completely suitable for combat use, which is different from Kibito and Goku’s Instant Transmission as it can instantly arrive wherever you want, as long as it is a place within one’s line of sight.

In a battle, it can definitely be used as an unexpected counterattack.

Returning back on the ground, Lin Chen said to Turtle Hermit with a smile: “Master Roshi, how was my use of Kamehameha”

Turtle Hermit sighed: “Lin, Lin Chen, I already said there is nothing I can teach you, but you didn’t believe me!”

In a blink of an eye, a month has passed.

In the past month, Lin Chen instigated Turtle Hermit to demonstrate his techniques in front of him and stealthily learned all his techniques including Kamehameha and Afterimage Fist.

Beginner martial arts talent is really useful.

Lin Chen’s task has been completed, but the training path of Tights and Bulma has only just begun.

But Lin Chen, who had nothing else to learn, naturally couldn’t waste time on Turtle Hermit’s place.

Just when Lin Chen was thinking about whether he should go to King Kai’s place next, the scouter that he has been wearing all this time suddenly sent a communication request.

The original scouter, besides detecting Power Level and lifeforms, could also be used as a communicator.

The communication function far surpasses earth’s technology, even if one is separated by tens of thousands of light years, it can still achieve real-time communication.

And Bulma naturally copied this function to the new scouter.

The communication request was from Planet Vegeta.

Most of the 100 scouters that Bulma produced earlier on, Lin Chen gave them to King Vegeta and others.

As there were more and more Saiyans whose Power Level has surpassed 30,000, those outdated scouters left over from Frieza Force have become useless and this batch of new scouters just meet the needs of King Vegeta and the others, and are all given primarily to troops who go outside to carry out peacekeeping missions.


Lin Chen picked up the communication and said, “King Vegeta, what’s the matter ”

“Your Majesty, we’ve received a report from Galactic Patrol just now.

Queen Hanasia and the others, who were currently on a mission, may have gotten ambushed by the Frieza Force!”

“Frieza He finally couldn’t hold back” Lin Chen frowned.

Ever since Saiyans have formed the Peacekeeping Force under the jurisdiction of Galactic King, they have fought Frieza Force several times.

As Universal Emperor who once ran rampant in the universe, Frieza Force has always been the dreaded enemy of Galactic King and Galactic Patrol.

Galactic Patrol has always been helpless when it comes to Frieza Force invading planets and destroying civilization.

But with the formation of Saiyan  Peacekeeping Force, Galactic Patrol finally has the strength to fight back.

So after that, Saiyan Force on Planet Vegeta, has half of the missions all related to Frieza Force.

From preventing the other party from invading planets, to liberating the colonized planets, Saiyan and Frieza Force have already fought dozens of times.

During this period, Saiyans finally got the exact information.

Frieza, who was defeated by Lin Chen in Planet Vegeta’s moon orbit, did not die, instead he was rescued by his father King Cold’s subordinates.

However, because of his serious injuries, Frieza hadn’t recovered in the past few years.

His father, King Cold, not only reorganized the Cold Force for the sake of his children, but also kept sending out his and Frieza’s forces on expeditions outside, looking for ways and technologies to revive Frieza.

And only until recently, he heard that Frieza had not only regained his mobility, but also his combat ability.

After knowing this news, in order to guard against Frieza’s retaliation, Lin Chen specially warned Bardock that Hanasia has to be personally in charge of every operation of the peacekeeping force in the future.

Although the strength of Saiyans now is not what it used to be, the only person who can face the Universal Emperor is Hanasia who can transform into Super Saiyan.


Lin Chen thought of the dragon ball’s Power Level analysis he had read and was a little worried.

Frieza’s Power Level in his strongest state is more than 100 million, while Hanasia’s Power Level, who has just become Super Saiyan, is only around 10 million.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen explained to Turtle Hermit and the others, and then immediately performed Instant Transmission and returned directly to Planet Vegeta.

After returning to Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen realized that the situation seemed to be much worse than he thought.

In Saiyan’s command center, Lin Chen saw a panicked King Vegeta.

“What’s the matter Did something happen”

“Yes, Your Majesty, we’ve just received the latest news that all contact with Queen Hannah and the warriors assigned to the current mission have been lost!”

King Vegeta said worriedly: “We are at the moment contacting Galactic Patrol to confirm the situation, but it is very likely that Queen Hannah and the others have been killed by Frieza…”

Hanasia…is dead


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