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Time passed and another year went by.

West City.

Lin Chen walked out of the 100 times Gravity Chamber with a gloomy look on his face.

He seemed to have encountered a bottleneck in his training again.

In the past three months, although Lin Chen’s Power Level has been slowly increasing, it is strange that he has not been able to completely transform into Legendary Super Saiyan.

He doesn’t know what the reason is, but he can only transform into a normal Super Saiyan form no matter what.

And couldn’t transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan form, which is exclusive to the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Lin Chen monitored his attribute panel.

Host: Lin Chen

Power Level: 1.28 million

Bloodline: Legendary Super Saiyan Bloodline

Skills: Instant Transmission, Ki Control, beginner martial arts talent.

Seeing his Power Level, Lin Chen thought of another strange thing.

After breaking through 1 million Power Level, the improvement of his Power Level seems to have slowed down.

Logically, with his Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, shouldn’t his Power Level have soared like a rocket

Why even after so much arduous training, his Power Level only increased by around 200,000

How can one accept this

Thinking about it carefully, in the original work’s Cell Saga, Gohan also trained for one year but his Power Level, which was only a few hundred thousand, grew to several million.

Look at the speed of others, and look at himself…

Lin Chen has always felt that there seemed to be a problem here.

It seems that in this world, once Power Level exceeds one million, it will become difficult to improve it further.

This can also be seen from Broly.

With the same Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, Broly’s Power Level could increase every day even without training and at a much faster pace than Lin Chen’s.

But Lin Chen remembered that when he visited Kami’s place three months ago, he found that Broly’s Power Level had only increased to around 800,000, which was far less exaggerated than in the original work.

Lin Chen was perplexed even after thinking about it for a long time.

At this moment, the roof of the 100 times Gravity Chamber behind him suddenly collapsed.

The loud noise alarmed Dr.

Brief’s family.

Seeing the collapsed Gravity Chamber, the whole family was stunned.

Tights came over and asked in concern, “Lin Chen, what happened to you”

“Me Aren’t I okay”

Only at this moment did Lin Chen regained his senses.

He looked back at the Gravity Chamber and said embarrassedly, “Sorry, Dr.


It seems that 100 times Gravity Chamber is already not enough.”


The cigarette fell out of Dr.

Brief’s mouth: “You’ve already gotten used to 100 times gravity”

“Actually, I got used to it three months ago.


Brief, could you please think of a way to make a Gravity Chamber with a higher multiple How about a Gravity Chamber with the highest 500 times gravity” Lin Chen said.

“5….500 times Lin Chen, 500 times gravity, your 100kg weight will turn into 50 tons…will you be able to handle it”

“No problem, I can adapt to it slowly!”

“But 500 times gravity, Earth’s materials may not be able to withstand such a high density.

Lin Chen, I can start to develop the Gravity Chamber, but you’d better find me some new high-density metals, otherwise I’m afraid I can’t do it.”

“Okay, I’ll have the people from Planet Vegeta prepare it.”

After agreeing to Dr.

Brief, Lin Chen also made a decision at the same time.

Since the Gravity Chamber is temporarily not useful, he should probably consider other training methods.

“Ding! Detected host’s desire to improve strength, triggering the strongest choices.”

“Choice one: Ask North Kai and learn any of Kai’s techniques.

Reward: Evil Spirit Bomb technique.”

“Choice two: Ask Turtle Hermit and learn any of his techniques.

Reward: Instant Kamehameha technique.”

“Choice three: Ask Kami and learn any supernatural technique.

Reward: Gigantification technique.”


Lin Chen was stunned when he saw the strongest choices that triggered this time.

Because with his beginner martial arts talent, the choices which have techniques as reward seem to be of little value to him.

But Lin Chen quickly realized that the rewards this time are probably some techniques that he may not be able to learn in a short period of time or through his talent in future.

The reward of Choice two he could best understand.

It should be the one Goku created after fusing Instant Transmission that he learned in the future with Kamehameha technique.

The reward of Choice three seems to be Namekian’s innate skill and not an ordinary technique.

Just like Namekian’s cell regeneration ability, Lin Chen should not be able to learn it through normal means.

As for the first choice, Lin Chen has never seen it before.

“System, what does Evil Spirit Bomb means”

“Ding! Host, orthodox Spirit Bomb only absorbs a little bit of vitality of living beings, but the Evil Spirit Bomb would disregard the safety of those providing the vitality and absorb all their vitality.

Therefore, Evil Spirit Bomb is more powerful, but every time it is used, it would take more time to absorb, and after using it, it will create a land of death.”

So it’s like this, Lin Chen understood a little.

If the orthodox Spirit Bomb borrows power from other people, then the so-called Evil Spirit Bomb directly robs other people’s vitality for its own use, and does not care about other people’s life or death at all.

So, with the same number of people providing vitality, the power of Evil Spirit Bomb will probably be several times that of an ordinary Spirit Bomb.

Spirit Bomb, as the unique skill that Goku used countless times in the original work to turn the tides, its power was naturally beyond doubt.

Evil Spirit Bomb is even stronger than Spirit Bomb.

If he learned it, wouldn’t it be a useful weapon to turn the tides during a fight

Lin Chen’s heart was stirred.

It’s just…after thinking about it carefully, Lin Chen still decided on Choice two.

Although the power of Evil Spirit Bomb is great, to use it, it would still take a long time to gather Ki just like the ordinary Spirit Bomb.

And if you use it once, it will suck the vitality of the people around you…

If Lin Chen used it on Planet Vegeta, all his people would have died before he could kill the enemy.

He doesn’t want to be a big devil, so it’s better to learn Turtle Hermit’s technique.

As for the reward of the third choice, although Gigantification can increase Power Level, the disadvantage is also obvious.

It would be easy for anyone to get into his mouth, so Lin Chen directly passed it.

“Forget it.

System, Choose two!”

“Ding! Host has selected the choice, please complete the task as soon as possible.”

After making a choice, Lin Chen said to Tights: “Tights, I’m going to a far away place to meet the master of martial arts.”

“Master of martial arts” Tights asked curiously.

“Yes, his name is Turtle Hermit, also known as Master Roshi.”

“Master Roshi I know him! Umm…Lin Chen, can you bring me with you I also want to meet Master Roshi to learn martial arts.”


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