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When Lin Chen’s Saiyans Betrayal plan began, on the surface, nothing changed.

Saiyan’s elite forces led by mid-class warriors quickly suppressed the Frieza Force’ liaison office on Planet Vegeta, forcing the communication officer to send false messages to Frieza Force:

“Reporting to Sir, everything is as usual on Planet Vegeta and nothing has changed…”

On the other side, Lin Chen personally led a group of Saiyan warriors to quickly suppress and eliminate several high-level warriors of Frieza Force on the planet who were responsible for monitoring King Vegeta.

After encrypting the communicator, Lin Chen then invited the captains of all Saiyan squads to assemble and explained his plan to them.

As we all know, being the Universal Emperor, Frieza’s strength, at least for now, far exceeds that of everyone on Planet Vegeta.

In his first form alone, he has more than 530,000 Power Level! Not to mention he has three more forms.

Can’t defeat him!

Even the arrogant King Vegeta didn’t think that Saiyans have a chance of defeating Frieza.

And Lin Chen also thinks so.

However, beneath the impossibility, Lin Chen saw a glimmer of hope for them to kill Frieza.

And that is because Frieza doesn’t have fluent control of his powers, so he has always been in the first form in order to control his powers.

And in this form, Frieza’s Power Level is such that he can be killed by Lin Chen.

Because as long as Lin Chen transforms into Great Ape, he can have more than 1 million Power Level for a short period of time!

1 million Power Level, it was enough to allow him to kill Frieza who only has 530,000 Power Level!

Don’t think it’s impossible! After all, in the original work, in order to obtain power to defeat Frieza, Vegeta who possessed at least 100,000 Power Level weakened his aura, but was almost killed by Krillin, who only had about 20,000 Power Level.

So as long as Lin Chen moves quickly, catching him unprepared, and attacks before Frieza transforms, Lin Chen can really turn impossibility into possibility and kill Frieza with a mere 100,000 Power Level!

It’s an outrageous idea!

But if you think about it, it’s actually possible to implement!

Lin Chen then asked all Saiyans to assemble in the capital to prepare for the arrival of the tyrant.

Although they can’t injure Frieza, they can help Lin Chen attract Frieza’s attention.

After all, Frieza is not alone.

He also has the powerful Frieza Force under him.

If Lin Chen is alone, Frieza might transform in advance before he arrives close to him.

It’s not that no one had objection to this plan.

Since surrendering to Frieza and his father, King Cold, although Saiyans have lived a humiliating life, it has overall been fairly peaceful.

And becoming Frieza’s subordinates, conquering planets for him, just fits Saiyan’s bloodthirsty fighting nature.

So for them, they have no reason to betray Frieza.

About this, Lin Chen used only one sentence to persuade the former king Vegeta and then used his prestige to persuade others.

“King Vegeta, you must be wondering why would Frieza want to destroy Planet Vegeta Did you piss off God of Destruction Beerus a few years ago”


At this moment, King Vegeta finally completely believed Lin Chen’s words.

When his son was three years old, King Vegeta had once offended God of Destruction Beerus!

And Frieza, under Beerus’ instruction, has been preparing to destroy the Planet Vegeta!

King Vegeta knew very well that if what Lin Chen said was true, then it is impossible for Frieza to let off Planet Vegeta, so he put down his resentment and chose to surrender to Lin Chen and cooperate with him to ensure that Lin Chen’s plan was foolproof.

At his persuasion, many Saiyans, albeit reluctantly, eventually obeyed the order.

In addition, on the low-class warriors side, Lin Chen also found his ally.

That is Goku’s father, Bardock!

Bardock, an elite warrior who is nowadays highly regarded among the low-class warriors, was hit by the magical fist of a Kanassan when his squad invaded Planet Kanassa, so he has the ability to see the future.

On the entire Saiyan planet, he is the most staunchly on Lin Chen’s side.

Because in his dream, Bardock had seen Frieza destroy Planet Vegeta!

The mid-class warriors have King Vegeta, and the low-class warriors have Bardock.

They became Lin Chen’s right-hand man, perfecting the final plan for him.

Just like this, a few days later.

On the night Bardock predicted, all the Saiyans gathered in the capital of Planet Vegeta and looked up at the sky together.

“Bardock, is it time” Lin Chen looked at the sky and asked in a low voice.

Beside him, Bardock whispered, “Yes, Your Majesty.

Frieza will arrive soon.”

“Our fate…the fate of all Saiyans depends on this!” King Vegeta said nervously on the side.

“We will win!”

Lin Chen comforted.


Suddenly, a loud rumbling sound came from the sky.

The next moment, the scouters on all Saiyans present on the scene read many huge energy readings!

Many of them were stunned.

Sure enough, it’s the same as what their King Links said.

Frieza really came uninvited with his army!

Lin Chen took a deep breath and his expression turned grave.

Next, he will create a miracle.

If his plan succeeds, it will probably be an unprecedented battle where the weak defeats the strong that would far surpass the original work!

Whether I can complete the mission and obtain the Legendary Saiyan’s bloodline, it depends on this!

“Former king Vegeta, Paragus! Your two squads can begin!”

King Vegeta and Paragus nodded.

In this battle, the two of them each were going to lead a squad of elite warriors, but they were not going to participate in the attack.

Their task is to create artificial moons on the ground.

And if the moon is destroyed, they need to create another one, always keeping artificial moons hanging in the sky.

Although there is no danger, every time an artificial moon is created, it will consume a lot of their Ki.

Only high-level warriors like them can have the spare energy to continue to create them.

“Don’t worry, King Links!”

“For Saiyans!”

The next moment, dazzling white light spheres formed in their hands.

Then, several warriors threw the white light in their hands into the sky, and after a while, light spheres like a bright moon were hanging in the sky, emitting a dim brilliance like the moon on Earth.

These spheres of light are the artificial moons created by King Vegeta and others.

Following the creation of these moons, all Saiyans on Planet Vegeta sounded the horn to attack Frieza.


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