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“Waaah! Your Majesty, what did you give me What’s happening with me”

Hanasia had regained her senses and as she felt the power surging within her body, she couldn’t help being curious but also a little flustered.


Lin Chen took a step forward and appeared in the sky.

“Hannah, you’re already a Super Saiyan.”

“Super Saiyan What is that”

Actually, the legend of Super Saiyan in this era, even Saiyans themselves don’t remember much about it, and there are only a few people who know it.

Lin Chen took a deep breath and deliberately used a voice that could be heard in the entire capital as he explained to everyone including Hanasia: “Super Saiyan is a legendary super-soldier who only appears once in a thousand years.

But in fact, it is just a special transformation of Saiyans, just like the Great Ape transformation.

Transforming into a Super Saiyan can increase your Power Level by dozens of times.”

“By the way, Hannah, your Power Level is now 11 million.”

“11 million Me”

Hanasia looked at herself in disbelief, and then she looked towards a barren mountain far away from the capital.

An energy bullet that didn’t use much strength shot towards the barren mountain.

After a while, a mushroom cloud with great visual impact rose up in the distance.

The shock waves from the explosion caused everyone in the capital to almost lose their balance.

When the shock waves dissipated, the barren mountain had disappeared.

The sound of cold air being sucked could be heard all over the capital.

“Easy Hannah, this is our home, don’t destroy it.

If you want to learn about your strength, I’ll accompany you…”

“Your Majesty, you…”

When Hannah heard his words, she immediately thought of something and looked at Lin Chen.

Immediately afterwards, she saw Lin Chen’s pupils turn blue and his hair spiked upwards.

With Lin Chen as the center, an aura that was more terrifying than Hanasia erupted out in all directions like a storm.

As Lin Chen’s aura erupted out, the Saiyans, who had gotten frightened by Hanasia’s aura finally couldn’t endure it.

And many of them fell to their knees, suppressed by this terrifying force.


Suddenly a flash of lightning flashed across the sky.

After the lightning flashed, Lin Chen’s hair turned completely golden.

“Super, Super Saiyan Your Majesty, you can also transform into Super Saiyan”

“Of course, otherwise how can I control my wife” Lin Chen smiled faintly.

After a bitter training, his Power Level broke through 1 million, and he also broke through the limits of the Fake Super Saiyan and gained the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan.

It’s just that what he could transform into at the moment is just ordinary Super Saiyan, and not the Legendary Super Saiyan form unique to his Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Like Hanasia, his Power Level in this form increased by 20 times.

He previously thought that this multiplier might be due to the fact that because of his bloodline, his real Super Saiyan form was Legendary Super Saiyan and not the normal Super Saiyan form.

But after seeing Hannah, he realized that Power Level multiplier of Super Saiyan in this world increases by 20 times, and there was a limit.

However, it seems that he is far from reaching this limit, so his Power Level was a whole 20 million, almost twice that of Hanasia.

“Hannah, let’s go and have a spar high up in the sky.

After becoming a Super Saiyan, I haven’t fought anyone yet.”

“Okay, Your Majesty.

I am going to fight you for three hundred rounds!”

As soon as her words fell, Hanasia flew into the sky like a rocket, and Lin Chen followed.

The two were like rockets soaring into the sky, flying all the way to the stratosphere of Planet Vegeta before stopping.

There was no starting signal, but both of them moved at the same time.


They just fought with their hands and feet as loud noises like violet thunderclaps continued to echo in the sky.

Two golden energies collided and even the air vibrated.

Saiyans on the ground were all stunned by the fierce battle in the sky which was beyond their imagination.

Is this the strength of a Super Saiyan from legends


King Vegeta, who was standing in daze, suddenly heard the voice of his son from the side.

He turned around and saw that his son Vegeta was standing beside him, looking depressed.


“Father, is it impossible for me to reach His Majesty’s level in my life”

Vegeta’s young face was full of despair.

King Vegeta took a deep breath, he didn’t know what to say at the moment and could only grasp his shoulder.

Originally, King Vegeta was still very optimistic about his son, and felt that with time, even if Vegeta couldn’t compare to Lin Chen, he would definitely surpass himself and become an existence second only to Links amongst the Saiyans.

But now he realized that he was having too much wishful thinking.

It turns out that Links and the others have already reached an unreachable level.

Bang, bang, bang!

In the sky, two lightning bolts were colliding from time to time without stopping.

After each collision, shocking sparks would flash, and at the same time, it would create fierce wind blades.

If these wind blades fell on the ground, maybe it would have instantly killed those Saiyans whose Power Level was less than 100,000!

The fight between Super Saiyans is so terrifying that even though Lin Chen and Hanasia have deliberately controlled their strength, it can still destroy the world with just a raise of their hand.

The two of them fought for nearly half an hour, until Hanasia began to breathe heavily.

So, Lin Chen ended the fight.

“Let’s stop here for now.” Lin Chen changed back to normal state and stretched his neck, causing it to make “cracking” sounds.

Looking at his relaxed face, the shock in Hanasia’s heart couldn’t be mentioned.

She thought that after transforming into Super Saiyan, she would become invincible in the world.

But not only Lin Chen can also transform into Super Saiyan, his strength also seems to be far above hers.

Although it was just a fight with punches and kicks just now, Hanasia could feel that Lin Chen probably only used less than half of his strength…

Sure enough, it’s because it’s His Majesty! Even though she could also transform into a Super Saiyan, she still can’t compare to him…

Thinking of this, Hanasia also changed back to her normal state, and then drifted over to Lin Chen’s side.

When the two of them returned to the ground, they saw a group of Saiyans, who were all kneeling on the ground.

Seeing the fear on their faces, Lin Chen had another idea in his mind and suddenly said loudly: “Everyone, you all saw it just now, that’s the power of a Super Saiyan!”

“But do you know Hanasia could become Super Saiyan because of me.

I helped her transform into Super Saiyan!”


Hearing Lin Chen’s words, everyone was shocked before they became fascinated.

Since Lin Chen can help Hanasia transform into Super Saiyan, doesn’t that mean that he can also help others with transforming into Super Saiyan

Seeing their faces, Lin Chen smiled slightly and then gave them hope.

“Actually, as I see it, transforming into Super Saiyan is not a difficult thing.

As long as you have enough understanding, each of you will have the opportunity to become that legendary character in the future! But it will all depend on your own performance.”

“Can we transform into Super Saiyan too”

Sure enough, after hearing Lin Chen’s words, the expressions on many people’s faces changed.

Not just Hanasia, even they have a chance

Lin Chen looked at their shocked expressions and smiled without saying a word.

As long as they obey him and diligently work for him, all of them would be able to transform into Super Saiyan, which isn’t that hard to achieve.

After all, there is a system in his body.


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