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Lin Chen flipped over his right hand and a test tube fell into his hand.

In the test tube, a light golden liquid could be seen.

Which was the solvent filled with S cells.

“System, how to use it”

“Just drink it to increase S cells.”

Hearing its answer, Lin Chen couldn’t help sighing.

The system is, sure enough, quite convenient.

Under normal circumstances, it is extremely difficult for Saiyans to increase their S cells, otherwise it wouldn’t take a thousand years to create a legend of Super Saiyan.

However, Lin Chen can’t use S cells himself.

His Power Level has exceeded 1 million.

According to the system’s past hints, Lin Chen already has enough cells in his body to transform into Super Saiyan.

In that case, these S cells should be used by others.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen picked up the flask and teleported directly to the Saiyan King’s Palace on Planet Vegeta.

Because he doesn’t come back often, the palace was a bit deserted.

However, he could hear noisy conversations in Hanasia’s room.

When Lin Chen pushed open the door and went inside, he saw Hanasia watching a soap opera.

Seeing Lin Chen come in, Hanasia cried out in surprise and hurriedly stood in front of the computer: “Your Majesty, why are you back”

“Hannah, you’re goofing off again.”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but don’t I already have 500,000 Power Level”

“Forget it, since you don’t like training, I’ll just give you something good.”

Saying that, Lin Chen took out all five test tubes of S-cells from his pocket and handed them over to Hannah.

Hannah curiously looked at them and couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty, what are these”

“Drink them all! I’ll tell you later.” Lin Chen said.

Hearing this, Hanasia drank all the five test tubes of S cells without hesitation.

After drinking all the 5 tubes of solvent, Hanasia looked nauseous, as if the S cells didn’t taste good.

But other than that, she didn’t have any other changes.

“Your Majesty, can you tell me now, what is it”

Looking at Hanasia who didn’t have any reaction, Lin Chen was puzzled.

The things given by the system shouldn’t be useless.

“Hannah, don’t you feel any changes in your body”

“No… Your Majesty, did you give me poison”

Lin Chen thought for a while and said, “Hannah, why don’t you try to be angry”

“Angry I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I can’t be angry at you.” Hanasia smiled embarrassedly.

But at this moment, a whistling sound suddenly appeared in the room, followed by the sound of something exploding.

Hanasia’s face stiffened.

The thing that just exploded was the computer that had become inseparable from her during this period of time.

The computer she brought back from Earth contained at least 300 episodes of TV dramas that she hadn’t had time to watch…

Unforgivable! Even if it is His Majesty, it’s unforgivable!

Hanasia’s eyes turned crazy, and the next moment, her hair suddenly moved even though there was no wind, and her originally black hair suddenly began to turn golden.

When Hanasia’s hair all turned golden, an earth-shattering aura erupted out of her body.

At this moment, on the entire planet, all the scouters that were using the Power Level detection function suddenly exploded.

And those scouters whose Power Level detection function weren’t turned on also detected high-energy signals one after another.


With a scream, the part of the outer wall of Saiyan King’s Palace was blown away, and Hanasia jumped into the sky from the broken outer wall.

A violent aura gushed out of her body, the powerful energy causing the entire to shake.

At this moment, all the Saiyans on the planet could feel a heavy and oppressive atmosphere in the air.

They stopped what they were doing and one by one looked towards the palace.

Immediately, everyone saw a blonde-haired Hanasia floating in the air.

“Who is that”

“She looks like Queen Hanasia How did her hair turn blonde”

“Blonde hair Don’t we Saiyans all have black hair How come the queen’s hair turned blonde”

Everyone was confused about Hanasia’s changes.

But there were still some people who thought of an ancient legend.

“Your Majesty! You are back Queen Hannah, she is…”

King Vegeta rushed to the scene after hearing the news.

He was a little surprised that Lin Chen had come back, but then he was surprised by the scene in front of him.

Blonde-haired Saiyan…

“Your Majesty, could it be that Queen Hanasia…”

“She has transformed into Super Saiyan.” Lin Chen said.

King Vegeta’s breathing suddenly stopped.

The legendary Super Saiyan

Isn’t that the most powerful Saiyan that only appears once in a thousand years

Their queen transformed into the legendary Super Saiyan

How can that be Isn’t Queen Hannah’s Power Level lower than his How did she transform into Super Saiyan

Compared to the surprise of others, Lin Chen was a little puzzled.

Why is after transforming into Super Saiyan Hanasia’s Power Level so low

The best large-scale scouter on Planet Vegeta has a maximum detection range of only 1 million.

Therefore, Lin Chen used the pre-installed function of his system to detect Hanasia’s strength after transformation.

According to the system’s observation, Hanasia’s Power Level at the moment was only 11 million! Her Power Level has only increased by less than 20 times!

When Lin Chen transformed into False Super Saiyan before, he noticed that his Power Level increase was somewhat different from the one in the original work and currently it’s like that as well when Hanasia transformed into Super Saiyan.

There really is something wrong here.

Thinking of this, Lin Chen asked in his mind: “System, I need a reasonable explanation.”

“Ding! Host has no need to be skeptical.

In this world, Power Level amplification of a Super Saiyan is only 20 times in the first form, and after that in the higher levels, Power Level amplification will increase.

But the first form of Super Saiyan has a limit on Power Level, and beyond the limit, the transformation will only increase a little strength.”

“What There’s such a thing Then what about my Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline”

“Ding! Host’s Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline is the same as normal bloodline, but as long as you transform into Legendary Super Saiyan form, Power Level amplification will reach 50 times, and there is no limit to the Power Level!”

So it was like this……

Lin Chen began to understand that the transformation effect of Super Saiyan in this world is not the same as the transformation effect of Super Saiyan that he knows of, or to say it is more logically reasonable.

Fortunately, his Legendary Super Saiyan form is still domineering and unmatched.

The setting without limits can completely crush an ordinary Super Saiyan.


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