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At this moment, a loud whistling sound rang out.


Vegeta and Raditz’s countenance changed and they turned to look.

When a familiar voice entered their ears, they both immediately knelt down.



“Your Majesty!”

“Get up.”

Lin Chen replied indifferently and his eyes fell on Vegeta before narrowing slightly.

I didn’t expect that the child Paragus said was bothering Broly would be Vegeta, the second protagonist in the original work

No wonder that among the younger generation, only Vegeta could exchange two moves against Broly.

Since Lin Chen handed over the training method in the original work to Saiyans, many people’s strength has made rapid progress.

As a talented warrior who is second only to Goku in the original work, Vegeta’s Power Level has naturally, because of the new training method, increased a lot.

The current Vegeta’s Power Level has exceeded 20,000, making him the youngest Saiyan other than Broly who has the hope of breaking through to 100,000 Power Level.

However, even so, compared to oddities like Lin Chen and Broly, Vegeta is much more lacking.

“Vegeta, I need to talk to Broly, you and Raditz leave first.”

“That… Your Majesty… Can I please ask you one thing”

Vegeta suddenly stepped forward and looked at Lin Chen extremely nervously.

“What is it”

“Your Majesty Links, I… I heard that Broly lived with His Majesty for five years and became His Majesty’s disciple.

So, I want to be His Majesty’s disciple too!” Vegeta said.


Lin Chen’s brows twitched and his face revealed a slight surprise.

I didn’t expect that the prideful Vegeta would look for me to become my disciple

Has the arrogant and prideful Vegeta ever been subdued by anyone

Being able to subdue that thousand-year-old tsundere in the original work, Lin Chen felt a little happy.

He smiled and then said, “Vegeta, you have great potential, and in time, you will definitely become a powerful warrior.


“Sorry Vegeta, I can’t teach you anything.”

“Huh” Vegeta immediately revealed a disappointed look on his face.

But Lin Chen’s next words again made him cheer up: “Vegeta, in fact Broly is not my disciple.

He and I are able to become so powerful because of our talent, it’s innate, even if you want to learn, you can’t learn it.”


Vegeta found it hard to believe.

Because in the past, his father King Vegeta has always taught him that he is the King of Saiyans, a talented warrior with royal blood flowing in his veins, the most gifted warrior.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that his talent, compared with Broly, was not worth mentioning at all.

Seeing the shocked expression on Vegeta’s face, Lin Chen smiled and continued: “But you don’t have to feel disheartened.

No matter how powerful one’s talent is, it only determines a person’s starting point and the speed of growth.

If you train diligently, given time, you may be able to catch up with Broly.”

“Really Can I really catch up with Broly Then what about you Your Majesty Links, can I catch up with you”

“Perhaps, can’t say for sure.” Lin Chen smiled and didn’t say anything more.

After encouraging the future Tsundere Vegeta, Lin Chen sent the two children away.

He then turned to Broly.

After not seeing him for over a month, Broly’s face was indeed a little haggard.

Seeing this, Lin Chen didn’t think much about it and said, “Broly, do you want to go to Earth with me”



It was clear that Saiyan’s life was not suitable for Broly.

Ever since he was placed on Planet Namek by Lin Chen for five years, Broly’s nature has become completely incompatible with typical Saiyans.

He is too calm and introverted.

Although he is still young, he is already like an old man who could achieve inner peace at any time.

But that’s fine, at least Lin Chen doesn’t have to worry that Broly will suddenly go berserk one day.

But now that Broly doesn’t want to live on Planet Vegeta, it’s better to go to Earth because of his character.

It just so happened that Lin Chen knew that there was someone there, who would definitely get along with Broly.

Not long after, Lin Chen and Broly suddenly appeared on The Lookout.

Looking at the quiet hall, Broly was a little curious.

“Kami!” Lin Chen shouted.

After a while, Kami and Mr.

Popo walked over.


Lin Chen, why are you here again”

Seeing Lin Chen, Kami started to sweat.

He feels too much pressure in front of him.

Without waiting for Lin Chen to explain, when he saw Kami, Broly shouted in surprise: “Namekian!”

Hearing this word, Kami was stunned: “Little guy, do you know me”

“Yeah, aren’t you a Namekian Why are you on Earth”

“Namekian I am a Namekian”

Finally knowing his identity and origin, Kami felt unprecedented joy.

So when he heard Lin Chen’s request to let Broly stay in Lookout, he readily agreed.

Lin Chen was at ease on leaving Broly under Kami’s care.

Kami was originally a Namekian, and Broly was no stranger to them.

Moreover, in terms of personality, the soft personality of Kami and Mr.

Popo is also just right to Broly’s liking.

I believe that he will have a very happy life here.

After settling the worries in his mind, Lin Chen went to West City to continue his training, free of worries.

Not long afterwards, time passed and in the blink of an eye, more than 9 months passed.

“Ding! Congratulation host for completing the task.

Within one year, more than 50 Saiyans’ Power Level has exceeded 100,000.”

“Ding! Congratulation host for completing three choices at the same time.

All the rewards will now be distributed: 5 tubes of S-cell reagents, a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and beginner martial arts talent!”

In the Gravity Chamber with 50 times gravity turned on, Lin Chen was lying on the ground and sleeping.

However, when he heard the system’s prompt sound, he immediately got up from the ground, waking up.

“System, are my tasks completed”

“Ding, the tasks have been completed, and the reward has been sent to the system space.

Host, please receive them.”

As Lin Chen thoughts moved, he saw that there were indeed two more things in his system space.

One was a set of 5-tubes of S cells.

These cells can help a Saiyan transform into a Super Saiyan.

Under normal circumstances, only Saiyans living in a peaceful environment can slowly grow these cells.

The other was a capsule holding the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

In addition, Lin Chen’s skill column has an additional beginner martial arts talent.

As long as others use their unique skills in front of him in the future, Lin Chen has a 30% chance of being able to learn it immediately.

To get three rewards at once, these one-year tasks were really worth it.


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