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After a space fluctuation, Jaco and Tights found that their surrounding environment had greatly changed.

The place where the three people were at the moment had turned from Earth to Galactic Patrol Headquarters that Jaco was most familiar with!

“What sorcery is this It’s so magical!” Jaco exclaimed.

“It’s Lin Chen’s teleportation.” Tights has teleported with Lin Chen several times, so she was used to it.

Lin Chen turned around and looked at Jaco with a smile: “Mr.

Jaco, please take me to see the Galactic King.”

“Lin Chen, you better not have any wicked ideas.

This is the headquarters of Galactic Patrol! If you dare to commit any crime, Galactic Patrol will not let you off.” Jaco reminded him.

“Don’t worry, I’m really here to talk about cooperation.”

Lin Chen naturally wouldn’t act rashly.

He could remember that a super-expert named Merus with unknown strength was hiding in Galactic Patrol!

This guy is suspected to be from the Angel race and at the same level as Whis.

With Lin Chen’s current strength, to cause trouble in front of him, isn’t that courting death

The three of them then walked towards Galactic King’s office.

Along the way, many people saw that Jaco had returned and found it a little strange.

“Jaco, didn’t you go to Earth”

“Jaco, you are back Why didn’t I see your spacecraft”


Tights looked at everything and said, “Jaco, it seems you are quite popular”

“Of course, I’m a super elite!”

Lin Chen chuckled.

It wasn’t long before the trio finally saw the Galactic King.

Although Tights had known Jaco for many years, it was still the first time she was seeing his boss and was a little dumbfounded.

Because unlike the impression she had of Galactic King, the real Galactic King turned out to be a green octopus-man wearing a crown!

“Jaco, why are you back And who are they”

Galactic King quickly noticed the strangers who had suddenly appeared.

Jaco solemnly saluted Galactic King, trotted over, and whispered in his ear.

“Sai, Saiyan” Galactic King was startled and his body couldn’t help but shiver.

And a guard beside him sneakily moved towards a button in the room.


Lin Chen suddenly glared at that person, and shot out an energy bullet while restraining his strength, and knocked the guard down to the ground.

“Don’t be nervous everyone, although I’m a Saiyan, I’m here with good intentions.”

“What, what do you want” Galactic King asked.

“Galactic King, I’ve come because I want to have Saiyans work for Galactic Patrol.” Lin Chen said.

Hearing this, Galactic King was taken aback for a moment: “Work for us What does that mean”

Lin Chen then explained his plan.

Now that Saiyans are under his control, they have been forbidden to loot and invade other planets.

But in that case, Saiyan also lacks actual combat experience.

After all, Power Level tempered in the Training Room has its limits, and to break through the limits, actual combat is essential.

Now that Saiyans can no longer do bad things, Lin Chen intends to let Saiyan follow the path of Saiyans of Universe 6 in the original work.

In that universe, Saiyans would be hired to protect other planets by taking out bad guys.

Lin Chen, who is familiar with the original work, knows that, apart from Merus, Galactic Patrol is actually not very strong.

Most of the time, they could only deal with some wandering pirates and the like, but if they are even slightly stronger, such as the bad guys like Frieza Force, they could do nothing.

But while they don’t have the means to do it, the current Saiyans have.

“How about it Your Majesty the Galactic King Saiyans can become a special combat force of the Galactic Patrol as long as you agree.”

“I call this Peacekeeping Force.

If you think you can’t deal with a troublesome criminal, you can send Saiyans out.”

After listening to him, Galactic King couldn’t help but be dumbfounded: “Is that so It’s a good idea, but can you guarantee that Saiyans won’t cause trouble You guys had a bad reputation in the past.”

“That’s in the past, now Saiyans are ruled by me and I will put them on the right track.”

“Then…it’s fine.”

“Thank you, Galactic King.

For the specifics, I will let my people get in touch with you.”

After negotiating with Galactic King, Lin Chen didn’t stay long and returned to Earth with Tights and Jaco.

Soon after they left, a Galactic Patrolman hurried over with a laser gun.

“Your Majesty the Galactic King, where is the Saiyan hoodlum I heard that a fierce Saiyan came to attack you”

“Ah, Merus! Don’t worry, it was all a misunderstanding.”

Hearing this, the Galactic Patrolman named Merus was stunned for a moment, and when he heard about Lin Chen’s intentions for coming, a surprised look flashed in his eyes.

King of Saiyan wants to lead Saiyans to turn over a new leaf

A person like that has appeared among the Saiyans of this universe

A month later, Planet Vegeta.

The training spree on Planet Vegeta has once again started.

In the Gravity Chambers produced by Capsule Corporation, Saiyans, large and small, were all training hard.

Occasionally someone would get seriously injured in the Gravity Chamber and was immediately sent to the medical machine also provided by Capsule Corporation for treatment.

Thanks to Dr.

Brief and Bulma, Lin Chen’s Saiyan strengthening plan was back on track.

The first of the three tasks he received from the system is: Within one year, more than 1000 Saiyans have to surpass 10,000 Power Level.

Which was already more than half complete.

The other two tasks were also progressing smoothly, and it seems that it is only a matter of time before they can be successfully completed within a year.

In view of all this, Lin Chen also started his own training after transporting the machines from Earth to Planet Vegeta, but he soon discovered that he seemed to have encountered a bottleneck.

50 times Gravity Chamber could no longer satisfy him.

On this day, after Lin Chen walked out of the Training Room, he looked at his current Power Level.

1 million!

Two months ago, he raised his Power Level by more than 200,000 in one month.

But in this month, he spent the same amount of time, but could only raise his Power Level by a little over 100,000.

The growth rate has dropped significantly.

Sure enough, 50 times Gravity Chamber is already almost useless to me.

Maybe it’s time to go to Earth.

I wonder if Dr.

Brief has completed the development of the 100-times Gravity Chamber

Before leaving Earth, Lin Chen used Saiyan’s spaceship technology as payment and entrusted Dr.

Brief to develop a Gravity Chamber with a higher multiple as well as some technological equipment helpful to Saiyans.

Now that a month has passed, it is time to visit Earth.

But before leaving, Lin Chen naturally had to confirm the situation on Saiyan’s side.


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