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Bulma was stunned for a moment, then pounced on Korin amusingly, wanting to touch the big white cat.

But how could Korin let her do as she wished.

He was about to jump away, but unexpectedly an aura suddenly enveloped it, making it unable to move.

Korin looked at Lin Chen who was looking at him with his arms crossed in the distance, and cold sweat dripped down from his forehead.

“Fat cat, are you an immortal”

Bulma stroked Korin’s fur and pinched its fat face.

“Brother Lin Chen, you lied.

Isn’t it just a cat”

At this moment, Lin Chen took back the aura which was restraining Korin.

As if he had come to life, Korin immediately gasped for breath while shouting, “I’m an immortal! Not a cat!”

“Wow, it can really talk!”

“Okay, Bulma, I have something to talk about with it.”

Lin Chen walked up to Korin, his dangerous aura causing the hair on Korin’s body to stand up uncontrollably.

“You…aren’t you an alien Why do you know about this place” Korin asked in surprise.

“Not only do I know about this place, but I also know that you have Senzu Beans.

Give me your Senzu Beans.” Lin Chen said.

Before the medical machine is finished, he can make do with the Senzu Beans of Korin Tower.

Although it is a bit wasteful to use them like this, compared to being obliterated by the system, it is fine to be wasteful.

“No! You are of unknown origin, Senzu Beans cannot…”

Before Korin finished speaking, Lin Chen waved his hand, and a big fish that was completely different from those of Earth suddenly appeared in front of Korin.

“This is Planet Vegeta’s fish, give me Senzu Beans, I have a hundred more here.”

“Meow! I’ll give!”

As soon as Lin Chen finished speaking, Korin immediately changed what he was going to say.

No cat can resist the allure of fish, and even an immortal can’t.

“Korin, in the future, I can bring you more kinds of fish from all over the universe!”

After cleanly sweeping away the remaining Senzu Beans from Korin, leaving only the seeds behind, Lin Chen took Bulma and again flew towards a higher place.

Lookout, just above.

Easily piercing through the Lookout’s barrier, Lin Chen brought Bulma and softly landed on Lookout.

The little girl was excited, but was quickly taken aback.

Because not far away, the green Kami and black Popo were already waiting.

Lin Chen glanced at the two of them.

Kami, whose real identity is a Namekian, has a reserved look on his face, but Mr.

Popo next to him is still expressionless.

“Welcome, distinguished guest from an alien planet.” Kami took the initiative to greet him.

“Hello, Kami, my name is Lin Chen.” Lin Chen greeted the two of them.

Hearing Lin Chen’s words, Bulma looked.

surprised: “Brother Lin Chen, they are gods”

“He’s a god, I’m Popo, servant of the god,” Mr Popo said.

“Yes, he is a god.

Are you a little disappointed” Lin Chen said.

“Yeah.” Bulma nodded, feeling the fantasies of the legend in her heart shattering.


Lin Chen, what brings you here” Kami asked cautiously.

Lin Chen said: “I want to ask, can you directly summon Shenron for me”

“To summon Shenron, you need to find the seven dragon balls, but even for me, it is impossible to know the whereabouts of the dragon balls.” Kami muttered.

Hearing this, Bulma asked curiously: “Brother Lin Chen, what are dragon balls”

“They are wishing balls that can make wishes come true…”

After a little explanation, Lin Chen said, “Since you can’t summon Shenron, that’s fine.

The main purpose of my visit this time was to bring this Miss Bulma for a tour and obtain some Senzu Beans on the way.”

Kami was stunned for a moment before saying, “Since that’s the case, do you need me to show you around here”

“No, we’ve been out long enough, it’s time to go back.”

“Hey Brother Lin Chen, I want to take a look around.”

“Well, Bulma, Dr.

Brief and others should be anxiously waiting.”

Lin Chen took Bulma’s hand and was about to teleport away, but at this moment, Kami took two steps forward and asked, “Mr.

Lin Chen! I want to know, don’t you have any ideas about Earth”

“Ideas” Lin Chen turned around.

“With your strength, it should be easy to conquer Earth, right But you just made some business deals with mortals.

I don’t understand.”

“Don’t understand…” Lin Chen smiled faintly.

With his current strength, it is indeed easy to conquer Earth, but why would he do that

“Ding! Detected that the host is confused about how to deal with Earth.

Creating the strongest choices.”

“Choice one: Unify Earth and turn Earth into a Saiyan Colony.

Reward: Unlock Potential ability of Grand Elder of Planet Namek!”

“Choice two: Destroy Earth and turn it into dust of the universe.

Reward: Technique: Ki Scythe!”

“Choice three: Keep it unchanged, let the dragon ball’s storyline happen smoothly on Earth.

Reward: Increase Power Level by 100,000!”

Lin Chen was a little surprised on seeing the strongest choices that suddenly appeared in his mind.

This system really wants to make troubles ah!

From three choices, the reward given by Choice three is almost useless.

On the contrary, the first two choices, one can give Lin Chen the ability to complete the current task immediately, and the other can let Lin Chen learn a powerful unique technique.

Anyway, no matter how you look at it, they are more worthwhile than the third choice.

But Lin Chen didn’t struggle too much and chose the third choice.

“System, I chose three!”

As a transmigrator, familiarity with the storyline is Lin Chen’s biggest goldfinger, and it is disadvantageous for him to rashly change the storyline.

What’s more, there are many of his favorite characters on Earth.

“Ding! Confirm the host’s selection, the reward has been issued!”

The next moment, Lin Chen’s body became a little stronger.

Lin Chen turned around and smiled at Kami: “Maybe, it’s because I like this planet and the people on it!”

Hearing Lin Chen’s words, Kami was stunned, while Mr.

Popo still remained expressionless.

After meeting Kami, Lin Chen brought Bulma back to West City.

In the next few days, Dr.

Brief and Bulma began to work on copying the medical machine.

Lin Chen also went back to Planet Vegeta once.

On one hand it was to hand over the three big and full jars of senzu beans to King Vegeta and others for their use, and on the other hand it was to send the 50 times Gravity Chamber to Earth to be temporarily researched by Dr.

Brief and others.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

And one day, Lin Chen came to a place called Mount Paozu.

He floated in the air, staring below him.

Lin Chen thought of Goku ever since he made the choice to keep Earth as it is.

He wanted to come and see how the protagonist of the dragon ball is currently living.

Although Planet Vegeta was not destroyed, before Lin Chen fell asleep, he had urged Bardock to send Goku to Earth.

So Goku arrived on Earth at the same time as in the storyline.

Seeing Goku, who was as immature as he remembered, practicing boxing, Lin Chen was filled with emotion.

Like the original work, Goku in front of him currently only has a mere 10 Power Level.

Although he lives alone and has no worries about food and clothing.

But despite this, he is still honing his abilities.

In the whole dragon ball story, only Goku can be regarded with the words “Fighting Maniac”.

It is precisely because of his diligent spirit that little Goku could go from a low-level Saiyan warrior to one of the best experts in the entire universe in the original work.

As for his current self, although he is better than Goku in terms of bloodline, but he seems to be much weaker in terms of diligence.

There are clearly still many crises in the future.

The closest one is Frieza, whose whereabouts and life and death are unknown, and the farthest one is God of Destruction Beerus, who will wake up in a few decades.

How many challenges are there in the future

So, I can’t slack off!


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