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As Dr.

Willow’s voice fell, three black shadows immediately emerged from the surroundings and completely surrounded Lin Chen and Tights.

These three shadows have weird appearance, one is tall and plump like a balloon.

One’s entire body is green and has many tentacles.

And the last one looks the most normal, but is a red-haired muscular man.

“Who am I You don’t have the qualifications to know.” Lin Chen grabbed Tights’ hand and slowly floated up from the ground with her.

“Huh You can actually fly”

Tights was completely stunned.

She looked down at Lin Chen’s feet, but didn’t find any signs of flame jets.

How is he flying up

“Brat, you want to escape In front of my three Bio-Warriors made from the essence of the most advanced biotechnology, where can you escape”

“Kishime! Misokatsun! Ebifurya! Go…”

Just when Dr.

Willow was giving the order, Lin Chen brought Tights and flew up in spite of the ceiling above his head.

Seeing that the two of them were about to hit the roof, Tights closed her eyes and shouted almost by reflex.

But at this time, a ray of light jumped out of Lin Chen’s fingertips and created an opening in the roof of Dr.

Willow’s research institute.

“What, my research institute which has been strengthened with super alloys was broken so easily” Dr.

Willow exclaimed.

In the sky, Tights didn’t receive the feeling of hitting the roof, and suddenly noticed that the surrounding temperature had dropped rapidly.

She opened one of her eyes and then almost screamed.

“We—We’re in the sky Hahaha! This feeling is awesome! Atch…..


Seeing that Tights seemed to be a little cold, Lin Chen stretched out his other hand and sent some Ki to Tights.

Tights immediately felt a lot warmer.

“So magical! By the way, you haven’t answered me yet.

Are you an alien”

Being pulled by Lin Chen and flying at the height of 1,000 meters, Tights didn’t look scared at all.

Sure enough, there are no ordinary people in the Brief family.

“Yeah, my name is Lin Chen, a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta.”

“Planet Vegeta Saiyan”

Hearing Lin Chen’s name, Tights looked as if she had seen a ghost: “You…are you here to invade Earth”

Tights had actually heard about Saiyans before, because she has a friend named Jaco, who is also an extraterrestrial alien.

“You heard it from Jaco”

“You know Jaco”

“Galactic Patrolman Jaco, I’ve heard of his name.”

“Is that unreliable guy so famous” Tights muttered, then glanced at Lin Chen, but saw that he was pointing his palm down below his feet.

“What are you doing”

“Dealing with future troubles for your father.

That Dr.

Willow won’t let this matter go.

I saved you this time, but he might still look for your family next time.

I don’t have time to look after your family all the time.” Lin Chen said casually.


A ball of light flew out of his palm.

The ball of light was very fast, and in the blink of an eye, it flew back in the direction Lin Chen and Tights came from, plunged into Dr.

Willow’s research institute, and finally landed in front of the three Bio-Warriors and Dr.

Willow’s brain.

“This is…” Dr.

Willow and the others looked at the ball of light in confusion.

But the next moment, they saw the ball of light suddenly burst into a dazzling light, and the astonishing energy immediately engulfed all the ‘objects’ present.

Immediately afterwards, Dr.

Willow, the mad scientist who dreamed of ruling the world, went directly to hell with his three Bio-Warriors who had not yet experienced actual combat.


Looking at the huge ball of light that had engulfed the entire research institute below, Tights was stunned, her body trembling.

“My… my God! Jaco was right, you guys are really a bunch of dangerous guys!”

“Hey, I just saved you.

You saying that, isn’t that just returning kindness with ingratitude.” Lin Chen said with a smile.

“Uh… I’m sorry.” Tights immediately said with a serious look on her face: “Then let me introduce myself again.

Hello, my name is Tights, the oldest daughter of Dr.

Brief, thank you for saving me.”

Lin Chen smiled as he looked at the short-haired girl in front of him, and found that the other party was quite interesting.

Lin Chen didn’t know that looking at his smile, the heartbeat of the girl in front of him began to quicken uncontrollably.


West City, Dr.

Brief’s home.

After hurriedly dealing with the police’ inquiry, Dr.

Brief quickly returned to his living room.

Inside, Mrs.

Brief was serving Hanasia, who had been left behind, delicious cakes and milk tea.

When Brief saw that beside Hanasia, who was wolfing down the cakes, his daughter Bulma was poking her tail curiously, drops of cold sweat dripped down from Brief’s forehead.

Why doesn’t this brat look at the situation

If you annoy that alien, aren’t you afraid that your whole family will be killed

But at this moment, two figures appeared in the center of the living room.

It was Lin Chen and Tights who came back with Instant Transmission.


“Your Majesty!”


Seeing the two return, there was a cry of surprise at the scene.

Bulma jumped and hugged her sister, and Mrs.

Brief hugged her daughters with a startled expression, while Hanasia stood up and handed Lin Chen a piece of cake.

“Your Majesty, try it quickly, the food on this planet is so delicious.”

Lin Chen smiled and declined, then turned to look at Dr.

Brief who was still stunned.


Brief, I have brought your daughter back safely.”

“Thank you, thank you Mr.

Lin Chen, then Dr.


“He won’t bother you anymore, ever…”


Brief raised his glasses: “Is…is that so Well then, thank you, Mr.

Lin Chen.

Can you tell me now, what is the purpose of your visit”

“Oh dear, he just rescued our daughter, can’t you talk about business later I’ll immediately prepare a delicious meal.

We must treat them well!” Mrs.

Brief said in displeasure.

“Madam, you go and prepare.


Brief and I will wait for you while talking about some matters.

Hanasia!” Lin Chen shouted.

“Madam, let me help you, I want to see how you guys make these things” Hanasia immediately grabbed Tights and Bulma and pushed them all together with Mrs Brief into the kitchen, leaving the room for Lin Chen and Dr.



Brief, I’ll get straight to the point.

I’ve come here hoping to get your help.” Lin Chen said.

Hearing this, Dr.

Brief rubbed his hands: “Mr.

Lin Chen, with your strength, I wonder if there is anything I can help you with”

Lin Chen shook his head and said, “Although we Saiyans are stronger than Earthlings, we don’t have the skills to develop technology.

Therefore, I hope to receive technical support from Dr.

Brief and the Capsule Corporation behind you to provide us Saiyans with technological products.”


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