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Kochin could feel a dangerous aura from the two people who had suddenly stormed in.

But he doesn’t think it’s possible.

How could he be in danger with three cyborgs with him

You know, these three cyborgs are the crystallization of Dr.

Willow’s best technology, and just one of them could destroy a tank division!

Turning to look at Lin Chen, Dr.

Kochin said, “Who are you two There’s nothing for you here, get the hell out of here right now!”

The corner of Lin Chen’s mouth curled up, and a wicked smile appeared on his face.

Beside him, Hanasia had a disdainful look on her face: “A trash with a Power Level of 10, how dare you speak to His Majesty Links like this”

“Trash How dare you say that I, Dr.

Kochin, am trash Go, teach this bi*ch a lesson!” Dr.

Kochin angrily thumped his cane and ordered the three cyborgs.

Hearing this, three monsters who looked like Saibaman immediately surrounded Lin Chen and Hanasia.

“Your Majesty, what are these Why do they look so much like Saibaman”

Hanasia was not flustered, but rather curious.

“It should be a biological weapon similar to a Saibaman” Lin Chen said.

Hanasia laughed: “What weapon doesn’t even have 200 Power Level”

Seeing that the two of them were not afraid at all, Dr.

Kochin felt a sense of crisis in his heart and quickly ordered, “Why are you still standing there in daze, go attack!”

The three cyborgs immediately jumped at Hanasia.

At this moment, Hanasia’s eyes widened, and she raised her fingers at the three cyborgs.

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

Three formless energies shot out in an instant, directly turning the three cyborgs into a pile of minced meat.

“What, what”


Kochin turned pale with fright.

What did that woman do just now How could three incredibly powerful cyborgs die just like that

Cold sweat dripped down from Dr.

Kochin’s forehead.

His intuition just now was correct.

The two strangers in front of him were indeed very dangerous!

“Well Do you have any last words”

Hanasia walked towards Dr.

Kochin with a sneer, making him very frightened.

“Don’t come here!” Dr.

Kochin yelled and suddenly threw away his cane and his left hand turned into a gatling gun.

In fact, Dr.

Kochin is no longer an ordinary person.

In order to prolong his life, he has transformed himself into a half-robot.

Bang, bang, bang!

The gatling gun sprayed out bullets and struck Hanasia.

Facing the hail of bullets, Hanasia did nothing at all.

She just sneered and raised her right hand towards Dr.

Kochin, and a ray of light exploded out from her palm.



Brief suddenly shouted loudly.

Although he didn’t understand what she was doing, he guessed that Dr.

Kochin was going to be killed!

He doesn’t care if Dr.

Kochin dies, but his daughter is still in Dr.

Willow’s hands!

But Hanasia paid no heed to Dr.

Brief at all.

The next moment, only a rumbling sound was heard before a violent blast wave had already crushed Dr.



Brief and little Bulma screamed in fear, while Dr.

Brief froze in place and called out with a pained look on his face, “Tights!”

“Hello, Dr.

Brief, my name is Links, and you can also call me by the earth name Lin Chen.

I have come to talk to you about cooperation.”


Brief said angrily: “Cooperation Do you know what you’ve just done That person just now has kidnapped my oldest daughter! You killed him, what about my oldest daughter”

“Audacious! How dare you talk to His Majesty like that!”

Hanasia’s body suddenly flashed and appeared in front of Dr.

Brief and was about to slap him.

Having seen her strength just now, Dr.

Brief immediately closed his eyes in panic.

“Wait.” Lin Chen suddenly opened his mouth and stopped her.


Brief, you don’t have to be afraid or get angry.

I may know about your daughter’s whereabouts.”


Brief opened his eyes: “You know”

Lin Chen said: “Umm.

That person just now should be Dr.

Willow’s subordinate, right I remember his base, it seems to be in a place called Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains”

“Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains” Dr.

Brief was stunned.

“Dad! Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains is where Dr.

Willow’s former research institute was located!”

A young voice sounded from the side.

Lin Chen and Dr.

Brief turned around to look and saw that the person who just spoke was Bulma, who was still just a little girl.

Seeing Lin Chen looking at her, Bulma immediately hid behind Mrs.

Brief in fear, and said timidly, “This, this, I read it in a book.”


Brief, do you know where are Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains”

“Probably in the northwest of West City, more than 2,000 kilometers away…” Dr.

Brief pointed subconsciously, and then reacted: “Why are you asking this”

“I’m going to get your daughter back.

Hannah, you stay here.

Be polite to Dr.

Brief and others.

After that, Lin Chen used Instant Transmission.

Seeing him suddenly disappear, the entire Dr.

Brief family was dumbfounded.

“He, he disappeared”

At this time, in the distant Tsurumai-Tsuburi Mountains, inside a huge fortress-like research institute.

A short-haired girl who looks a bit similar to Bulma, but has blonde hair like Mrs.

Brief, and looks about twenty years old, was cursing loudly while facing a direction.

Although the girl’s hands and feet were cuffed, it didn’t stop her fierce movements.

“You brain monster! Pervert! Frankenstein! Let me go! There is a Galactic Patrolman among my friends.

If you don’t let me go, I’ll have him put you in a Galactic Prison!”

Not far from this grumpy beauty, a brain in a container was making dull sounds.


Kochin! Dr.

Kochin! Quickly answer! What the hell are you doing”

This brain is the mastermind behind this incident, Dr.


In order to prolong his life, Dr.

Willow had Dr.

Kochin take out his brain and put it in the body of a robot.

Just as Dr.

Willow kept calling the missing Dr.

Kochin, a figure suddenly appeared beside the blonde-haired beauty.


Originally, the beauty was cursing loudly, but she immediately stopped cursing and sized up Lin Chen, who had suddenly appeared, with bewilderment and confusion in her eyes.

“Excuse me, how did you appear just now”

Lin Chen glanced at the girl and asked, “Are you Tights, Dr.

Brief’s daughter”


Seeing the girl nod, Lin Chen moved his fingers slightly.

The next moment, the shackles on Tights’ hands and feet were shattered.

“I’m your father’s friend.

I’m here to save you.

Grab me.”

Lin Chen reached his hands out to Tights.

“My God! How did you do it”

Tights looked at the broken shackles, completely stunned, and immediately grabbed Lin Chen with a look of excitement.

“Hey! Are you an alien The thing on your waist isn’t a tail, is it Hey, hey, tell me now!”

Lin Chen was about to answer when Dr.

Willow in the distance finally found the intruder who has appeared out of nowhere.

“Boy, who are you How on earth did you break into my research institute”


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