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After thinking about it, just when Lin Chen was about to make a choice, he suddenly discovered that the choices this time seemed to have a loophole

“System, what will happen if I complete the conditions of the three choices at the same time”

Although the three choices this time were more difficult than the previous ones, there is no conflict between the three choices.

If Lin Chen has the ability, he can fulfill all the requirements of the three choices at once.

The system seemed to be stunned as it paused for quite a while before saying, “The selection system allows the host to choose all, but if even one of the choices is not fulfilled, the host will be erased! Please choose carefully.”

Choose carefully

Opportunity, of course, coexists with risk.

“System, I want the rewards for all the three choices!”

“Ding, confirming the host’s selection.

Please complete the missions as soon as possible, the one-year countdown will start now!”

The next moment, Lin Chen saw a constantly changing countdown timer appear in his line of sight.

Since this day, Saiyans on Planet Vegeta entered the era of universal training.

All Saiyans, whether men or women, young or old, began to train crazily.

In fact, in the five years since Lin Chen disappeared, as they were forbidden to leave Planet Vegeta, in order to kill time, a craze of training became popular among Saiyans, and their overall strength has become much greater than when they dealt with Frieza.

But unfortunately, almost no Saiyan on the planet knows the correct method of training.

In the past, Saiyans never had the habit of training.

So in the past five years, Saiyan’s strength improved very slowly.

After learning about this situation, Lin Chen immediately began to formulate a training plan for Saiyans, and let them train according to it.

At the same time, Lin Chen also selected the fifty most talented Saiyans and gave them the opportunity to enter the fifty times Gravity Chamber to train, hoping that their Power Power Level could increase to at least 100,000 within a year.

As for the task of having more than 5 Saiyans Power Level exceed 500,000, he knew that under normal circumstances, it would be difficult to achieve.

After all, it took him five years to merge with his bloodline, but he only has more than 500,000 Power Level.

And in the five years Broly with Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, could only reach 230,000 Power Level.

Both he and Broly have Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, but their growth rate is just this.

As for those ordinary Saiyans, it would be impossible to use normal means to break through the limits within a year.

Fortunately, Lin Chen had another way.

One day, Lin Chen called over King Vegeta, Paragus, Bardock, Hanasia and Broly to gather.

The five of them are who Lin Chen intends to use to complete the 500,000 Power Level task.

After everyone arrived, Lin Chen handed them five Tree of Might’s fruits.

“Eat these.”

“This, this…is Tree of Might’s fruit”

Seeing the huge red fruit in his hand, King Vegeta and the others immediately recognized it.

Isn’t this the Tree of Might’s fruit that Turles brought out to tempt Saiyans to take part in Turles Rebellion

“Your Majesty, why do you have these with you Didn’t you destroy all the Tree of Might’s fruits” Paragus asked in surprise.

“You don’t need to ask so many things, eat it quickly.

Your strength will improve a lot.”


Hearing Lin Chen’s order, except for Broly, the other four no longer hesitated and immediately nibbled on the Tree of Might’s fruit.

In a few moments, the four of them finished eating the fruit.

The next moment, the four of them could feel a huge change happening within their bodies as a scorching and vast energy instantly filled their bodies.

This energy not only made them feel as if their bodies were swelling, but also made their minds extremely clear and lucid.

Subconsciously, all four of them took the initiative to erupt their aura.

“Power! I feel full of power!” King Vegeta looked at his fists in excitement as he sensed the surging power in his body.

“So powerful!” Bardock was also full of joy as he clenched his fists.

“Tree of Might’s fruit is actually so magical” Hanasia and Paragus were also very excited.

Looking at the four of them who were in high spirits, Lin Chen used the system to check their Power Level.

Among the four, Bardock’s strength improved the most, and his Power Level reached 400,000 all at once.

King Vegeta was also not far behind him.

Paragus and Hanasia were slightly weaker, but they still had more than 300,000 Power Level.

Sure enough, it is worthy of being the food eaten by Gods.

It is extremely magical as expected.

At this time, Lin Chen looked at Broly, who was holding the Tree of Might’s fruit and hadn’t moved at all.

“Broly, why aren’t you eating”

Broly hesitated and said, “Brother Links, this thing is so precious, why don’t you eat it”

“I’ve already tried one.

To tell you the truth, the weaker the strength, the better its effect on increasing the Power Level.

After a certain level, its effect is not so obvious.”

The Tree of Might’s fruit Lin Chen gave them was the reward he got after completing the task.

After killing Turles, Lin Chen had already tried one, but the result made him a little disappointed.

Before, he thought that Tree of Might’s fruit could directly increase the Power Level.

But after actually eating it, he realized that the most important thing about Tree of Might’s fruit is not to increase the Power Level, but to increase the mental strength.

The increase in Power Level is actually due to the fact that Tree of Might’s fruit has the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body at the same time.

But Lin Chen’s body has been strengthened by the merging of Legendary Super Saiyan’s bloodline, so Tree of Might’s fruit has very little effect on increasing his Power Level.

After eating a fruit, Lin Chen’s Power Level only increased by about 100,000, and his current Normal State Power Level is 650,000.

Before this, Lin Chen had some regrets that he used too much force that day and directly tore apart Turles’ spaceship without leaving behind a Tree of Might’s seed.

But after knowing the effects of Tree of Might’s fruit, he no longer regrets it.

“Broly, this fruit actually won’t have much effect on you, but after you eat it, it would be very effective in helping you control your emotions.

You should eat it quickly.”

Hearing this, Broly didn’t hesitate and ate it obediently.

As expected, after taking the Tree of Might’s fruit, Broly’s aura did not grow much, and even the Power Level improvement was not as much as Lin Chen’s, only a mere 70,000, which raised his Power Level from 230,000 to 300,000.

Although none of the five people have yet reached 500,000 Power Level requirement, there is still a year to go.

As they have increased their Power Level through Tree of Might’s fruit, if they want to reach 500,000 Power Level, it should not be a problem.

“King Vegeta, and the few of you have eaten the Tree of Might’s fruit, but you still have to train hard.

Within a year, if anyone’s Power Level does not exceed 500,000, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”


King Vegeta and the others nodded, then they said goodbye and left.

Broly seemed to have something to say, but he was pulled away by his father, Paragus.

The only one left Hanasia rushed to Lin Chen’s side with a flushed face, held onto his arm and said, “Your Majesty, I feel that my body is much stronger now, I want to fight you for 300 rounds to test the limits of my body… ”

“Um… Bardock Why are you still here”

Lin Chen was about to agree when he suddenly discovered that a light bulb was still present.

Bardock had one of his hands on his head and sneered: “Your Majesty Links, I have something else to report.”


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