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“Ding! Congratulations host for completing the task of killing all members of the Turles Crusher Corps and destroying Tree of Might.

Reward: 10 Tree of Might’s fruits and a fifty times Gravity Chamber.”

“Ding! The reward has been put into the system space, and the host can withdraw it at any time.”

From defeating Turles and reviving Planet Vegeta.

Three days have passed.

During these three days, the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta, under the leadership of King Vegeta, began to rebuild the capital.

The first to be repaired was the Saiyan King’s Palace, which was destroyed by Turles and his group.

Right now, in a corner of the palace, Links was sleeping soundly with Hanasia in his arms.

She is the first female Saiyan he met after returning to Planet Vegeta, and became Lin Chen’s concubine, enjoying his favor.

However, a knock on the door suddenly woke them up.

“Brother Links, King Vegeta and the others are requesting for an audience.”

Hearing Broly’s voice from outside the door, Lin Chen opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

“I see, Broly, tell them to go to the meeting hall and wait a moment.”

“Your Majesty……”

Seeing that Links was about to get up, Hanasia’s long legs wrapped around him like a snake demon and she said with a lustful look: “Your Majesty, ignore them, I still want…”

Female Saiyans are valiant and passionate.

Whether in life or bedroom, Hanasia is a valiant woman, making Lin Chen extremely intoxicated.

But he knew that if he became engrossed in feminine charms, he wouldn’t be far from his end.

So, he coldly pushed her away.

“Enough, get up too, and go with me to meet King Vegeta and the others!”

Seeing Lin Chen’s cold face for the first time in the past three days, Hanasia also knew not to overdo it and nodded immediately: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

After a while, Lin Chen brought Hanasia and Broly, who was now like his personal bodyguard, and arrived in the meeting hall.

King Vegeta, Bardock and Paragus have been waiting for a long time.

The purpose of the three of them coming was not only to report the progress of the restoration work of the capital, but also to ask Lin Chen for new instructions.

Five years have passed in a flash, and it’s time for Planet Vegeta to change.

Before, because he needed to go into slumber for five years, Lin Chen did not dare to make a lot of arrangements.

Now that he has returned as the king, the arrangements that Lin Chen dared not make in the past can naturally be put on the schedule.

He allowed King Vegeta to lift the ban on entering and exiting the planet, no longer restricting Saiyans from leaving Planet Vegeta.

At the same time, Lin Chen also ordered Paragus to establish new laws and rules for the Saiyan society where they originally respected the strong.

Lin Chen’s plan is to build his own Saiyan Empire in the near future!

Although Saiyans are currently still very weak, Lin Chen’s ambition is to have his own army of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and even the stronger Super Saiyan God in the future!

At that time, Lin Chen will be the peak of the Saiyan Empire, with powers that can rival gods.

At that time, whether it is in front of God of Destruction, Angels, or even Zeno, he will be fearless!

In order to achieve all this, he needs to carry out complete reformation of Saiyans.

Lin Chen, who is familiar with dragon ball’s storyline, believes that the current Saiyans are actually a fallen nation.

You know, originally in history, Saiyans not only gave birth to Super Saiyan, but also gave birth to Super Saiyan God who can rival the gods.

However, the current Saiyan Kingdom, excluding outliers like Lin Chen and Broly, is a race with an average Power Level of less than 10,000.

Why did such a situation happen

After Lin Chen analyzed the storyline, he felt that everything was caused by Saiyan’s living an uncivilized and uneducated life.

According to the clues from the original work’s storyline, Saiyans in ancient times should have been a race that loves peace and is full of justice.

This can be seen from the two important points that determine Saiyan’s strength, S-cells and righteous heart.

S-cells are the key to turning Saiyan into Super Saiyan.

And this kind of cell needs a peaceful and stable environment to grow in large numbers.

As for the righteous heart, it is a necessary condition for Saiyans to transform into Super Saiyan God.

Just think, if Saiyans have always been as warlike and bloodthirsty as they are now, how did they give birth to Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God in the past

There is only one explanation, and that is that Saiyans originally didn’t have warlike, bloodthirsty and selfish genes deeply rooted in the bone marrow as now.

There should be some external factors that caused the Saiyans’ changes, which also caused their strength to fall to the point where it is now.

What Lin Chen has to do now is to make Saiyans return to their original character.

This change may be difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible.

Because soon, the younger generation of Saiyan will grow up, and they will become the biggest help for Lin Chen to change the Saiyan Empire.

“Ding! Detected the host’s desire to increase Saiyan’s strength, launching the strongest choices.”

“Choice one: Within one year, more than 1000 Saiyans have to surpass 10,000 Power Level.

Reward: 5 tubes of S cell reagent.

One tube of S cell reagent can increase the S cells in a Saiyan by 20%!”

“Choice two: Within one year, more than 50 Saiyans have to surpass 100,000 Power Level.

Reward: a Hyperbolic Time Chamber.”

“Choice three: Within one year, more than 5 Saiyans have to surpass 500,000 Power Level.

Reward: Talent: Beginner martial arts talent, all the techniques performed in front of the person with this talent will have a 30% probability of being directly learned.”

It has appeared

Lin Chen already has a hunch when the new system choices appear, and now he has clearly figured out the rules of how system choices appear.

As long as he needs to make major decisions or choices, the system will quite likely emerge.

He looked at the three choices and thought to himself.

Three choices, difficulty increases step by step, but the rewards are each better than the last.

The first reward would allow him to directly create the third Super Saiyan besides himself and Broly.

As for the second reward, he can get the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which is extremely valued in the universe.

The ability to manipulate time is an extremely rare ability in the universe of the dragon ball world, and in the original work, it only appeared on Earth and God of Destruction’s Planet.

But the last choice is even more precious to the current Lin Chen.

He now has both bloodline and strength, but he still doesn’t have combat techniques that can support the ultimate skill.

If he can get this reward, he only needs to watch others use a technique in the future, and there is a chance that he can directly learn their techniques.

This is simply too convenient.


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