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Bang, bang, bang!

The sound of punching and kicking kept resounding in the sky like thunder.

Lin Chen and Turles, with the huge Tree of Might as the background stage launched rapid-fire attacks.

The two people were sometimes 10,000 meters apart, and sometimes they collided, in the sky and on the ground, but it was for just a few seconds.

Because they were moving too rapidly, almost no one present could see their movements clearly and could only hear the constant explosions above their heads.

Of the onlookers, only Broly could keep up with their speed.

“Is…is this the power of His Majesty Links”

“Too strong! His Majesty is stronger than five years ago!”

With their mouths wide, the Saiyan spectators had a look of amazement.

While those traitors as well as the members of Turles Crusher Corps, at this moment, quietly and tremblingly began to flee back towards the Tree of Might.

“Hurry up! Take advantage of this opportunity to leave quickly!” Amidst the fleeing crowd, Nappa urged everyone.

“Lord Nappa, are we really going to escape”

“Idiot! Can we even get involved in that level of fight Hurry back to the spaceship!”

In Nappa’s mind, judging from the situation just now, Links, who had disappeared for five years and returned, is obviously stronger than Turles.

If they don’t escape now, should they wait until Turles is really defeated before fleeing

As for begging for Links’ forgiveness, don’t forget, Links is a Saiyan!

Saiyan treats traitors without mercy!

At that time, in the sky.

Turles was already using all his strength, but he discovered that the more he fought, the more he was getting suppressed.

He could feel that Lin Chen wasn’t using his full strength at all, but even so, he was still being toyed around by him.

“Why Why Links, use your real skills!”

Lin Chen paused before smiling sternly: “Okay.”

He has already played around enough.

Turles with 300,000 Power Level is indeed much more tough than those space pirates.

The next moment, an immense force slammed into Turles’ face.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Turles could clearly feel his face distort and his teeth were knocked out.

Then, time resumed its normal flow, and Turles was sent flying like a cannonball, his body drawing a lightning bolt in the sky.

He then collided against the trunk of Tree of Might, forming a big hole.


Turles shouted crazily as he struggled to climb out of the tree trunk.

“I am Turles! The future emperor of the universe! How can I lose to you!”

The next moment, Turles suddenly flew upwards.

Above his head was the canopy of Tree of Might and right under the canopy, there were Tree of Might’s fruits hanging.

It’s just that the Tree of Might’s fruits still looked somewhat green.

They had obviously not ripened yet.

However, even if they were unripened, they still had the effect of increasing Power Level.

Turles couldn’t wait for the fruits to ripen.

He will immediately increase his power and kill Links!

Seeing that Tree of Might’s fruits were within his reach, Turles seemed to see victory beckoning, and saw the scene of Links being ruthlessly stomped under his feet and tortured after he had strengthened himself.

Seeing the direction that Turles was flying towards, Links however sneered: “It’s just right, a group of people are already above the tree.

I’ll let you all disappear together with Tree of Might…”

As a divine tree, Tree of Might cannot be destroyed by ordinary attacks.

In the original work, Goku also relied on Spirit Bomb which had absorbed the fruits of Tree of Might, to destroy the towering giant tree.

Although Lin Chen doesn’t know Spirit Bomb, he has stronger technique than Spirit Bomb.


As Lin Chen roared, a golden aura began to rise around him.

This aura created an inexplicable pressure on all the Saiyans present at the scene.

“This, this…” King Vegeta looked at the golden light radiating from Lin Chen’s body, and subconsciously the ancient legend which has been circulated in the Saiyan royal family appeared in his mind.

On Tree of Might, a fruit with the deepest colour was just picked, and Turles, who was about to open his mouth and swallow it, also felt the unusual aura below him.

That’s the fear of the legend imprinted in every Saiyan’s genes.

“Lin….Links He, could he be… impossible!”

Turles gritted his teeth and bit down the Tree of Might’s fruit in his hand.

As soon as he swallowed it, he could feel astonishing changes happening in his body.

The violent injuries that he received from Lin Chen before were healed in an instant, and not only his lost strength recovered, but it also rapidly increased by several times compared to before.

Turles turned on the communicator: “I’m Turles! Tell me, what is my current Power Level”

“Lo….Lord! Your Power Level has exceeded 600,000!”

“600,000 Hahahaha!”

Turles immediately burst into laughter.

The soil of Planet Vegeta is really suitable for growing the Tree of Might! Fruits that have not yet fully matured can increase strength by so much.

If all the fruits are fully matured, his strength will definitely reach even higher.

Not to mention Links, even the Frost Demons who dominate the universe wouldn’t be his match!

However, before Turles could even be pleased for a few seconds, a despair-filled scream of his henchmen came from the communicator.

“Lord Turles! You, there is someone with a formidable Power Level near you! This power seems to belong to that Saiyan!”

“Links What’s his Power Level”

“800,000, 900,000, 1 million… not good, it has surpassed the max limit…!”

At this moment, a violent explosion suddenly sounded near Turles.

He turned his head around and saw smoke rising nearby, and the direction of the smoke was precisely where his mothership was docked.

“Escape! Run away!”

Inside Turles’ mothership, an explosion caused by the large scouter receiving energy beyond its limit caused a chain reaction inside the ship.

The survivors screamed and escaped from the ship towards their only pillar, Turles.

But at this moment, everyone discovered that there was a light flashing under the Tree of Might.

At this time, Lin Chen, who had completely transformed into False Super Saiyan, raised one hand towards the Tree of Might.

Lin Chen didn’t use any techniques, he just condensed his Ki into a green ball of light, and then pushed it towards the Tree of Might.

The green ball of light was only the size of a basketball, and its speed was not very fast.

However, shortly after it entered the Tree of Might, a towering light pillar suddenly emerged from under the tree trunk.

The light pillar went all the way through the tree trunk to the top of the tree, engulfing Turles and the Saiyan traitors together.

“I’m not willing! I’m the King of Saiyan~!”

In the light pillar, Turles’ last despairing cry could be heard.

Amidst muffled rumbling, the ground shook violently, and a heaven-destroying aura spread out rapidly, and a dazzling white light with the Tree of Might as the center shrouded most of the Planet Vegeta.

Under the terrifying aura, every Saiyan on the planet fell to their knees, succumbing to the terror in their hearts, thinking that their doom was imminent.

However, after a while, the tree trunks of Tree of Might, which was covering most of Planet Vegeta, suddenly turned into golden spots of light.

These light spots are like white snow, pervading the entire planet.

The real identity of the light spots was planet’s essence absorbed by Tree of Might!

When these essence drilled into the ground, the dried land as if moistened by rain regained its life force, and the life force of all living beings on Planet Vegeta was restored.

At this moment, Planet Vegeta, which was on the verge of destruction, was finally restored!


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