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“Im… impossible!”

Seeing Cacao turned into meat paste, the remaining four members of Turles’ Corp had expressions of disbelief, as if it was simply absurd.

They were different from those Saiyans who turned traitors.

They have been following Turles for many years and have eaten the fruit of Tree of Might several times and their Power Level has already reached more than 30,000.

When they suppressed the Saiyan Capital before, they showed tyrannical strength and no Saiyan could hold on for ten moves against them.

But who would have thought that Cacao, the second strongest among them, would be killed by a guy with only 5000 Power Level

“It’s nothing surprising,” Turles said: “It seems that guy should be able to control his Power Level.

He must have increased his strength in an instant just now.”

“Five years ago, his Power Level was 100,000.

In the past five years, he must have improved more.

It’s not surprising that you are not his match.”

Turles flew past these people and towards Links.

“Let me take care of this kid, humph…the real King of Saiyan Saiyans only need one real king, and that’s me!”

“Yes, yes lord…”

“If that’s the case, then leave the other kid to us!”

The members of Turles Crusher Corps then floated towards Broly.

Seeing this, Lin Chen smiled faintly: “Broly, they seem to be coming at you.”

“It’s okay, Brother Links, they are too weak.” Broly said without any fear.

As soon as these words came out, all the Saiyans below almost fainted.

Those members of Turles’ Corp are like monsters in their eyes, but they are being called weak by a Saiyan kid

Doesn’t that mean that they are even inferior to a kid

In the crowd, Bardock was stunned for a moment before he patted Paragus’ shoulder with slight excitement: “Hey, isn’t that Broly”

“Broly…” Paragus looked at his son in disbelief.

Not having seen him for five years, he didn’t expect such a huge change to occur in his son.

Such composure and calmness, is he really his own son who would cry loudly and get angry when he just touched him

“Stinky boy! The guy who talked to us like this last time is already dead!”

The four members of Turles Crusher Corps rushed up in anger, but just as they were about to approach Broly, Broly’s aura suddenly erupted out.


A storm swept out, and the terrifying aura made the four of them unable to move.


Beep beep beep!

They saw Broly’s Power Level begin to rise at an alarming rate.



When the Power Level reading crossed 20,000, their scouters all exploded.

But they could clearly feel that Broly’s Power Level was still increasing.

Immediately someone took out a spare communicator and shouted, “Spaceship Tell me the kid’s Power Level immediately!”

“Lord Daiz, what’s going on There is an energy signature in front of you whose Power Level has reached 230,000!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this information.


230,000 Did you make a mistake”

“How is this possible How can this Saiyan kid have such powerful strength The scouter must be broken!”

But the person on the opposite side of the communicator said: “Impossible, sir, the scouter on the spacecraft is a large-scale scouter, and its reading limit is 1 million!”


In the distance, Turles also heard their conversation through the communicator.

He also finds it hard to believe that the Saiyan kid has 230,000 Power Level.

Because his own Power Level is only 300,000, but to reach such strength, he absorbed the life essence of several planets and ate a lot of Tree of Might’s fruits.

How can a Saiyan kid who is obviously not an adult have such powerful strength

Damn it……

It’s really hateful!

Is this the limit of low-class warriors

“Hey, don’t look over there, your opponent is me.”

Suddenly, an indifferent voice sounded from behind Turles.

He turned back quickly.

With his hands behind his back, Lin Chen was looking at him with a sneer.

Turles said in disdain: “Links Well, I’ll deal with you first and then go deal with that kid!”

Turles didn’t say anything more and suddenly raised his palms at Lin Chen, and blue Ki Blasts shot out, all of them hitting Lin Chen.

After he was done shooting Ki Blasts, Turles gasped for breath and sneered as he looked at the sky shrouded in dust in front of him, then he turned to look towards Broly.

He wanted to finish off Lin Chen as soon as possible, so that he could go and assist his henchmen.

But he didn’t expect that when he turned around to look back, the several members of Turles Crusher Corps had already been knocked to the ground by Broly.

It’s just that they were not dead yet.

Broly, who grew up on Planet Namek, has become a good boy like Gohan in the original work and doesn’t like killing people.

“Stinky boy!”

Seeing that his henchmen were all lying on the ground, Turles’ voice turned cold and he was about to go down and deal with Broly.

But at this time…

“Hey, your opponent is me.”


Turles turned around in shock, only to see that the smoke and dust had dissipated, and Lin Chen was still floating there, completely unscathed.

“How, how is this possible”

Turles really couldn’t understand.

Didn’t Nappa and those people say that Links only has 100,000 Power Level

Could it be…

Turles did not use his scouter, instead he contacted the people on his spaceship.

“I’m Turles, confirm another Saiyan’s Power Level immediately!”

“Lord! We were about to inform you.

That Saiyan’s Power Level is 550,000!”


“Impossible! How can a Saiyan have 550,000 Power Level! Could… could it be that you have also eaten Tree of Might’s fruits”

“Why can’t a Saiyan have 550,000 Power Level Turles, you don’t know anything about Saiyan’s true potential!” Lin Chen said indifferently.


Lin Chen suddenly disappeared from his place, and the next second, he appeared in front of Turles and struck Turles’ stomach hard with his right knee.


Turles spat out a mouthful of bile, and his whole body instantly bent into a shape of well-cooked prawn, his facial features distorted.


Too powerful!

Why is this Saiyan so powerful

Turles’ heart was completely filled with astonishment, humiliation, anger, and despair.

The corners of Lin Chen’s mouth curled up and his tone was extremely arrogant: “So you can still stay conscious after receiving my punch.

Not bad, as expected of someone with a Power Level of 300,000.

Turles, spar with me, okay I want to stretch my body.

“Stretch your body You, what do you take me Turles as”

In an instant, a furious aura exploded out and Turles exuded violent aura from all over his body.

Then, he crazily attacked Lin Chen.


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