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Although Turles had imagined the day when he would rule Planet Vegeta countless times, he never thought that this day would come so soon.

He was just looking for a planet on the periphery of the universe where Tree of Might could be planted, but he didn’t expect to accidentally find the long-missing Planet Vegeta.

Turles was a little panicked when he first discovered that the planet was the missing Planet Vegeta.

Saiyan’s betrayal of King Frieza and the fact that he was severely injured has spread throughout the universe.

Turles was initially worried that he would encounter the strong expert who injured King Frieza on this planet, but after he secretly investigated and made some inquiries, he found out that Saiyan used a scheme to defeat King Frieza.

On the entire planet, the guy with the highest Power Level has only less than 30,000 Power Level, but Turles’ Power Level has already reached 300,000!

And so, Turles’ operation began.

Relying on his tyrannical strength, he not only successfully planted the Tree of Might, but also roped in many Saiyans to become his servants.

Originally just a low-class warrior, he has now climbed to the peak of Saiyans.

This feeling is simply wonderful!

“Go Nappa! But if you can, rope in some more people.

Without enough subjects, I, the King of Saiyan, will not be worthy of my name.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Receiving Turles’ permission, Nappa sneered and landed in front of King Vegeta’s group.

“King Vegeta, this is the last chance I will give you, surrender.

Submit to His Majesty Turles, or die!”

“Just by yourself” King Vegeta said disdainfully.

“Of course! People like you don’t know the greatness of His Majesty Turles!”

“Everyone! Although Links led us to defeat Frieza, it also caused us Saiyans to go into hiding, and we couldn’t even fly half a step out of the planet! This kind of life, like being in prison, is not the life of us ​​Saiyans!”

Nappa shouted at Saiyans in front of him: “But His Majesty Turles is different.

Following His Majesty Turles, we can not only return to the exciting life of the past, but more importantly, His Majesty Turles has Tree of Might’s fruit in his hand! As long as you follow His Majesty Turles, everyone will have a chance to enjoy the fruits of Tree of Might!”

“Look! This is the power of Tree of Might’s fruit! Ha!”

Nappa shouted loudly and his aura exploded out.

In an instant, a powerful pressure pressed down on every Saiyan like a storm.

And their scouters beeped one by one.

“Thirty thousand” King Vegeta looked at Nappa who used to be his subordinate in disbelief.

Although Nappa’s Power Level has increased a lot in the past five years, but before the betrayal, his Power Level was only merely 10,000.

How did his Power Level tripled within just a few days

Is the fruit of Tree of Might really so magical

Even King Vegeta was shaken, not to mention the other Saiyans.

They had either fearful or a look of fascination on their faces.

They were clearly a little shaken.

Sensing the fear from everyone around him, King Vegeta clenched his teeth and rushed out suddenly.

“It’s just an empty show of strength, Nappa! I will let you understand who is the royalty of Saiyans!”

King Vegeta threw a punch, but it was easily grabbed by Nappa.

Nappa smiled coldly and said, “King Vegeta, do you want me to remind you You are no longer the royalty of Saiyans!”

After saying that, a fist containing tyrannical power ruthlessly struck King Vegeta’s head.


Blood splashed out and King Vegeta let out a cry filled with pain, and his body, like a shooting star, was sent flying at high speed into the horizon.

But Nappa caught up with King Vegeta, who was sent flying backwards, and landed a reverse kick on King Vegeta in mid-air that sent him crashing to the ground.


The ground cracked, and a deep pit was smashed under King Vegeta.

Nappa stepped on King Vegeta’s body and laughed unrestrainedly.

“Hahaha! Saiyan royalty King Vegeta, did you see it This is the power that the real Saiyan King has granted me!”

“In front of him, you are just an ant!”

“Damn it!” King Vegeta struggled to get up, but Nappa stomped on the ground again and buried his face in the ground.

“Humph! A good-for-nothing!”

Nappa spat and glanced at the rest of Saiyan.

Except for Bardock and Paragus, the rest of the Saiyans were all intimidated by Nappa’s gaze and took a step back in fear.

“How is it Now you know who is the real King of Saiyans”

Just as Nappa’s voice fell, the sound of air vibrations suddenly came from the sky in the distance.

Everyone looked up, and the next moment, they saw two figures suddenly appear in the sky.

“Who are you”

The appearance of Lin Chen and Broly made Turles’ group vigilant.

Lin Chen didn’t answer and just smiled indifferently, with his hands behind his back.

Swish, swish!

When countless eyes were directed at him, there was suddenly a sound of gasp at the scene.

Turles looked at the Saiyans around him who seemed to have seen a ghost in surprise and asked coldly, “What’s wrong Who is he”

On the ground, Nappa, who was originally very fierce, also took a few steps back with a look of fear, his body trembling uncontrollably.

No one answered Turles’ question.

But on Bardock’s side, Paragus suddenly knelt down in Lin Chen’s direction, clasped his fists and said loudly, “He is the hero who led Saiyan to defeat Frieza! The real King of my Saiyan race, His Majesty Links!”

After Paragus, Bardock also knelt down on the ground excitedly and shouted loudly: “Greetings, Your Majesty Links!”

“Your Majesty Links!”

After Bardock, the second, the third, the fourth… Saiyans, who did not become Turles’ followers, fell to their knees and loudly shouted one after another.

As for Turles’ side, Saiyans, who had joined him just recently, were also cowering like Nappa.

Although it has been five years since he has not appeared in front of everyone, Lin Chen’s prestige still existed.

Seeing this scene, Turles snorted coldly and turned on his scouter.

But the result he saw made him a little surprised: “5000 Why does this guy only have 5000 Power Level Even the little guy next to him has 10,000 Power Level!”

“Are these Saiyans stupid 5000 Power Level, and he dares to be called the real king”

“Are you courting death Get down on the ground!”

One of Turles’ direct henchmen flew out and charged towards Lin Chen, trying to knock him down to the ground.

Seeing this, Nappa on the ground immediately shouted: “Lord Cacao, be careful! That Links has 100,000 Power Level!”


Cacao had just heard Nappa’s words, but before he could react, he saw Lin Chen suddenly sweep his leg at him.


With a muffled sound, Cacao flew out at a faster speed than before, and slammed into the trunk of Tree of Might.


And turned into a pool of flesh and blood!


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