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“Ding! Detected Planet Vegeta’s crisis, triggering the strongest choices!”

“Choice one: Ignore the crisis of Planet Vegeta and snatch all Tree of Might’s fruits.

Reward: Spirit Bomb technique.”

“Choice two: Stop the Turles Crusher Corps and subdue all the members, and seize all Tree of Might’s fruits.

Reward: Kaio-ken technique.”

“Choice three: Kill all the members of Turles Crusher Corps and destroy Tree of Might.

Reward: 10 Tree of Might’s fruits and 50x Gravity Chamber.

Seeing the choices given by the system, Lin Chen immediately made the choice without thinking much.

“I choose three!”

Planet Vegeta will be Lin Chen’s base in the future.

He spent a wish of Planet Namek’s Porunga to transfer Planet Vegeta here.

How could he just watch it get sucked dry by Tree of Might

As for the rewards, such as techniques, as long as he has time, he can directly go to King Kai to learn them.

On the contrary, 50x Gravity Chamber is more attractive to Lin Chen.

As for Tree of Might’s fruits, the ten fruits given by choice three may not be much, but they should be enough.

Moreover, according to the story line, Turles’ team obviously should have the seeds of Tree of Might.

As long as he can get them, he can plant them on another planet.

Why sacrifice his Planet Vegeta

“Ding! Confirming the host’s choice, please complete the task as soon as possible.”

Lin Chen retracted his consciousness and looked at the female Saiyan: “Don’t worry, I’ll go and deal with those people.”

When the female Saiyan heard this, she became happy and lowered her head and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty!”


Lin Chen nodded, floated up into the sky, and was about to leave when he suddenly lowered his head and asked the female Saiyan with a smile, “Oh, by the way, what’s your name”

“Hanasia… Your Majesty, you can also call me Hannah…” Hanasia blushed.

Lin Chen nodded and without saying anything else, immediately soared into the sky with Broly and left the cave.

After the two left, the other female Saiyans immediately gathered around and said to Hanasia, “Congratulations, Hannah! Did King Links take a fancy to you”

“Hannah, you are amazing.

If I had known earlier, I would have stepped out and talked with His Majesty just now.”

While the female Saiyans were laughing, Vegeta gritted his teeth: “Damn it… Raditz, let’s go take a look too!”

“Ah But it’s dangerous outside…”

“Hide here if you’re afraid.

I must go and confirm with my own eyes that Links’ strength!”

Vegeta gritted his teeth, looking unwilling.

Just the child next to Links felt unfathomable.

What kind of strength Links himself has

He was very unwilling.

As the Prince of Saiyans, he should have been the most powerful Saiyan, but now two guys who are far superior to him have suddenly appeared.

How could he take it lying down

“I will confirm their strength with my own eyes, and then one day, I will surpass them! And take back the throne for my father!”

At the same time when Vegeta was taking this oath.

Planet Vegeta, Saiyan Capital.

Gone were the once glorious cities.

Right now, the entire Saiyan Capital has been destroyed by a huge tree.

In the original location of the capital, now only towering tree trunks could be seen, and further up, it was enveloped in clouds and mist.

This giant tree is the legendary divine tree, Tree of Might.

At the periphery of Tree of Might, a group of Saiyan stared at the towering tree while gnashing their teeth.

“Bardock, didn’t you say that you saw His Majesty Links would come to save Planet Vegeta, but why hasn’t he appeared yet Tree of Might’s fruits should be ripening soon, right”

In the crowd, King Vegeta, with a bandage wrapped around his forehead, looked angrily at the giant tree that had destroyed his palace.

If it weren’t for Bardock, he would have long ordered everyone to attack.

However, before they could attack, Bardock, one of King Vegeta’s appointed assistants, told him that he had seen the scene of Links appearing.

Bardock has a prediction ability, which King Vegeta already knew, and it was his words that kept King Vegeta from acting rashly.

But as time passed, his patience also slowly wore off.

“King Vegeta, please be patient.

Turles’ group is too strong.

Without His Majesty Links help, even if we risk our lives, it may not be useful.”

Alongside King Vegeta and Bardock, there was another Saiyan Paragus.

He was also appointed as King Vegeta’s chief of staff by Lin Chen.

Only if there are two people, King Vegeta could restrain himself.

But just then, the scouter on a Saiyan’s face started beeping.

At the same time, laughter sounded above their heads.

“Hahaha! Isn’t this King Vegeta Did you guys change your mind and plan to follow His Majesty Turles”

King Vegeta and the others looked up in panic.

A group of Saiyans were escorting a group of people, floating above their heads.

Those Saiyans were the traitors who betrayed King Vegeta and joined Turles, and the six people they were escorting are the five main members of Turles Crusher Corps and the evil Saiyan Turles!

Seeing that they had been discovered, cold sweat broke out on King Vegeta’s face, and Bardock gritted his teeth, staring fiercely at the Saiyan, who was about to destroy his homeland.

What made Bardock feel even more ironic was that this Saiyan unexpectedly looked just like him.

Saiyan Turles, from the outside, looks almost identical to Bardock, only his skin is darker.

“Turles! Get lost from Planet Vegeta at once! The real King of Saiyans will return soon! By then, you and all your henchmen will be dead without a burial!” King Vegeta yelled.

“Oh” The corner of Turles’ mouth curled into a bloodthirsty arc, “The real king you are talking about, is it the guy named Links I have heard of that guy.

Is someone with merely 100,000 Power Level also worthy of being a king”

Beside Turles, a Saiyan with only a handful of hair on his head chimed in: “That’s right! King Vegeta, open your eyes and look! The real King of Saiyan is His Majesty Turles only! His Power Level has already reached 300,000!”

“Nappa! When did you become like this Where is your bravery as a Saiyan elite!” Seeing that person, King Vegeta was suddenly filled with anger.

The other party’s name was Nappa, who was originally Vegeta’s bodyguard and a lord among the Saiyans, but after Turles invaded, the other party immediately wagged his tail ingratiatingly in front of Turles.

It was under Nappa’s lead that many Saiyans chose to betray.

“Bravery Are you worthy of saying that When you were wagging your tail in front of Links, where did your bravery go King Vegeta!”

Nappa turned around and said to Turles with an ingratiating smile: “Your Majesty Turles, please allow me to punish these disobedient guys for you!”


The corners of Turles’ mouth curled up and he could not suppress the smile creeping up on his face.


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