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Facing the fierce Broly, as if his pride was hurt, Vegeta didn’t care that he had never seen these two people before.

He gritted his teeth and suddenly pulled back his fist.

“Da da da!”

Vegeta kept pushing forward his palms, and energy bullets flew out of his palms like a machine gun and smashed towards Broly’s face.

Boom, boom, boom!

These energy bullets were impartial, and they all hit Broly.

For a while, the cave was completely shrouded in dust, and following the shockwaves, broken stones fell down from the roof of the cave.

Vegeta didn’t stop there, the aura on his body was still increasing, and he began to store energy to use his strongest move.


But as Vegeta’s aura continued to rise, the cave looked like it soon wouldn’t be able to endure and would immediately collapse.

“Prince Vegeta! Please stop!”

“This place is going to collapse! Everyone, quickly run away!”

The Saiyans below screamed in fear at the falling boulders and were about to run away.

But at this moment, from that cloud of dust, Broly, who was unscathed, suddenly appeared and punched Vegeta’s stomach, who was still accumulating energy.

Vegeta’s Galick Gun was directly interrupted, and with a sound of vomiting, he spat out stomach acid and fell to the ground.

With a cold look on his face, Broly was about to chase when Lin Chen’s voice sounded.

“Enough Broly, they should be our own people.”

As Vegeta fell down, the cave, which was on the verge of collapse, also regained its calm.

A group of Saiyan children nervously ran towards Vegeta, who had fallen on the ground.

One of the youngsters, whose hair reached his legs, helped Vegeta up, who could no longer move and said nervously, “Prince Vegeta, are you alright”

“Go, go away, Raditz, I’m Vegeta, I… ugh!”

Vegeta couldn’t hold back and vomited again.

“What’s going on Why are you all here”

Lin Chen floated down to the ground with Broly and asked these little brats.

Facing Broly who defeated Vegeta with one punch, these little brats shrank back, instinctively terrified.

Even Raditz’s legs were shaking.

As for Vegeta, he couldn’t even move at this time.

“Who are you Are you Turles’ accomplices”

Among all the Saiyans who were badly frightened, only one female Saiyan finally stood up and faced Lin Chen and Broly.

Hearing the name mentioned by the female Saiyan, Lin Chen frowned.


He remembered, this seems to be a Saiyan from the original work’s movie, right

This Saiyan left Planet Vegeta very early in the original work and became a rogue and set up a Corp.

Relying on the seeds of Tree of Might, which don’t know where he found, they continued to improve their strength by constantly searching for suitable planets in the universe to plant Tree of Might and harvesting Tree of Might fruits.

Could it be that the desolate scenes of Planet Vegeta is because of Tree of Might

And the terrifying aura just now was the aura of Tree of Might

If that’s the case, everything makes sense.

“Me My name is Links!”


Hearing this name, the Saiyans present revealed a look of shock on their faces.

The name Links, on Planet Vegeta, has become a legend!

“Links Are you really King Links” A female Saiyan said excitedly, “You, haven’t you been missing for five years”

“I’ve come back.”

Merging with the bloodline of Legendary Super Saiyan had slightly changed Lin Chen’s appearance.

If they weren’t someone familiar with Lin Chen, it would indeed be difficult to recognize him at this time.

Seeing Lin Chen nod, the female Saiyan’s expression kept changing, and the next moment, she suddenly pounced into Lin Chen’s arms and kept crying, causing Lin Chen and Broly to look at each other helplessly.

“Your Majesty Links, you’re finally back! Thank goodness! If you didn’t come back, Planet Vegeta would have been destroyed!”

Lin Chen was dazed for a moment before he patted her back and comforted: “Don’t cry! Tell me what happened to Planet Vegeta.”


The female Saiyan stopped crying and started explaining to Lin Chen what happened on Planet Vegeta.

It turned out as Lin Chen thought.

It really had something to do with the rogue Saiyan Turles.

Since Planet Vegeta was transferred to the border of the universe by Porunga, Saiyans on the planet started a new life under the leadership of King Vegeta.

Going out to conquer was no longer their life.

Now Saiyans’ main daily activity is to train on the planet, waiting for the return of their real King Links after five years.

Five years passed in a flash, and most Saiyans had gradually adapted to the days of training.

But they did not expect that at this moment, a spaceship would break the peace on Planet Vegeta.

The owner of this spaceship was the traitor of the Saiyan race, the low-class warrior Turles.

Speaking of which, the experiences of this Turles is somewhat similar to that of Lin Chen.

He is also a low-class warrior.

After he went out to perform a mission, he suddenly killed his teammates and then disappeared.

Unexpectedly, when he reappeared a few years later, he became extremely powerful.

Among his henchmen, there is also Turles Crusher Corps composed of five alien warriors, and their strength is also not bad.

This time on Planet Vegeta, Turles showed his absolute strength as soon as he appeared, easily defeating King Vegeta, and even Bardock, who had become Planet Vegeta’s number one expert, was not his match.

After easily defeating them, Turles proclaimed himself the new King of Saiyans and planted the mysterious seed of Tree of Might in the capital.

According to Turles, Tree of Might is a mysterious plant that can absorb a planet’s life essence and bear a fruit called Tree of Might’s fruit.

And this fruit can greatly increase the Power Level of the person who eats it.

After defeating King Vegeta, Turles used the fruits as bait to rope in a group of Saiyans to him.

Right now, these people are gathering in the King’s capital, waiting for the Tree of Might’s fruits to ripen.

“Your Majesty Links, right now King Vegeta and other Saiyans who have not betrayed are gathering around the capital, intending to prevent the Tree of Might’s fruits from ripening.

Lord Bardock said that as long as the Tree of Might is destroyed before the fruits are picked, Planet Vegeta’s life force can be recovered.”

“Those of us who couldn’t be of much help were ordered to look after these children.

King Vegeta said that if they fail, these children are Saiyan’s last seeds.”

Hearing the female Saiyan’s words, Lin Chen’s lips curled slightly.

He didn’t expect that because he made a wish to move Planet Vegeta, Turles Crusher Corps accidentally bumped into Planet Vegeta.

He remembered that in the original work, Turles and his team had been hiding from Frieza Force while searching for planets in remote galaxies where Tree of Might could be planted.

Who would have thought that he would accidentally find the hidden Planet Vegeta.

This is really a strange combination of circumstances.


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