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Although the contestants in the tournament were limited to the people of Planet Vegeta, there were still some unexpected contestants.

When Lin Chen and the others were watching the various arenas from the sky, a commotion suddenly occurred in one of the arena below.

Near the 52nd arena, they saw many Saiyans surrounding the tournament staff and shouting something.

“Bardock, what’s going on over there” Lin Chen asked.

Bardock glanced over, but he also didn’t know what was going on.

Seeing this, Lin Chen simply led Bardock and the group down towards the 52nd arena.

“What’s going on here Why are you quarreling”

Seeing that Lin Chen was here, the Saiyans who were excited and red-faced just now, immediately lowered their heads, knelt down on one knee in front of Lin Chen and shouted, “Your Majesty Links.”

“Get up, what happened What were you quarreling about”

A Saiyan said immediately: “Your Majesty, we feel that the match just now was unfair! We cannot agree with such a result!”

“Unfair” Lin Chen frowned and turned to look at the staff beside him.

“Is the match in the 52nd arena over”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

The winner of 52nd arena is Dr.

Gero’s Alien Android 7.


Alien Android

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment before he turned to look towards the arena.

It was only then that he realized that the person standing on 52nd arena was not a Saiyan, but a purple-skinned, frog-mouthed alien.


Isn’t that guy Cui from Frieza Force How did he become an android

Wait a minute……

Lin Chen immediately discovered that he indeed couldn’t sense the aura of a living person from Cui.

Is he really an Android

“Your Majesty! Look, that guy is not a Saiyan!”

“That’s right, he’s not even an alien, he’s just an Android!”

“Androids shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the martial arts tournament!”

A group of contestants, who were in the 52nd arena, shouted.

However, Lin Chen ignored them, and instead asked Bardock about Dr.

Gero’s whereabouts.

After a while, Dr.

Gero in an anti-gravity suit came over.

“Your Majesty Links!”


Gero, is that your new Android” Lin Chen asked, pointing to Cui in the arena.

“Yes, Your Majesty.

This is the first Alien Android 7 I’ve developed! Compared with the previous ones that failed, 7 is the first Alien Android with actual combat capability.

I wanted to test its performance, so I let it register.” Dr.

Gero said with a look of panic.

“I see……”

In fact, ever since he arrived on Planet Vegeta, Dr.

Gero has rapidly made achievements.

His Alien Android 1 is the first all-metal Android successfully produced by Dr.

Gero after he came to Planet Vegeta.

Alien Android 1 is an Android made completely without any base, and its combat capability can reach up to 100,000 Power Level.

And because human’s body is not used for modification, it can be mass-produced according to the blueprint.

Therefore, after the birth of Alien Android 1, it was quickly mass produced by Saiyans and renamed as Artificial Saibamen.

As a substitute for Saibamen who could not keep up with the times, it is now being widely used and has been well received by many people.

Due to the success of the Artificial Saibamen, the restrictions on Dr.

Gero were also relaxed, and the research on Alien Android that he had always wanted to carry out was finally approved.

However, as far as Lin Chen knows, the five Alien Androids made by Dr.

Gero before were not successful and were soon destroyed probably because they were aliens and their body structures were different from the human bodies Dr.

Gero was familiar with.

Unexpectedly, the 7th one turned out to be a success.

“How much is his Power Level” Lin Chen asked.


Gero said proudly: “Your Majesty, the Power Level of Alien Android 7, after calculation, can reach a maximum of 600,000!”


Suddenly, loud gasps were heard from the surroundings.

600,000 Power Level, even on Planet Vegeta, can already be considered peak Power Level.

Such a top-notch warrior, who would have thought that it is transformed by a human through scientific means.

“Your Majesty! It’s not fair! Please disqualify this Alien Android!” One Saiyan yelled immediately.

His words also echoed with many people.

But Lin Chen shook his head: “Why Bardock, let me ask you, are there any restrictions to register for the martial arts tournament”

“No, no… In fact, as long as people registered for the tournament, we accepted them,” Bardock said.

Lin Chen nodded, then looked at those people and said, “Did you hear that Since the rules do not prohibit it, there is no problem for Dr.

Gero’s Alien Android to participate in the tournament.”

“If you are not convinced, beat him in the arena.

Now that you lost to the opponent, you want to ask the referee to disqualify the opponent.

Don’t you feel ashamed for that”

Lin Chen’s words made them lower their heads.

Seeing that Lin Chen had spoken, the matter of Alien Android 7 qualifying for the final round was settled.

Although some among the eliminated contestants were unwilling, they had no choice but to accept it.

However, after Lin Chen left, Bardock asked him: “Your Majesty, in just two years, Dr.

Gero’s Alien Android already has 600,000 Power Level.

Do you think he will create an Alien Android that can match the power of Super Saiyan in the future”


Bardock was startled: “What”

“What Are you scared” Lin Chen turned around to look at Bardock.

The corners of his mouth rose as he said, “Bardock, Dr.

Gero’s Androids may indeed be a threat in the future, but in turn, you can also use it as a driving force for us to continue to get stronger.”

“Remember, Dr.

Gero’s Android will not be a threat to us as long as Saiyans keep getting stronger.”

“Your Majesty is right.” Bardock nodded.

Time slowly passed, and when noon approached, the top 64 of the tournament were finally decided.

Most of the contestants who reached top 64 weren’t unexpected, they were all famous experts on the planet.

It also includes Vegeta and Raditz, the two names that Lin Chen was most familiar with.

And the biggest dark horse among them, which attracted the hostility from Saiyans of almost the entire planet, was none other than Dr.

Gero’s Alien Android 7.

When other people in the arena knew that an Alien Android actually qualified from the 52nd arena, those Saiyans who were eliminated suddenly became the object of ridicule.

While the other contestants who entered the final round also vowed in their heart that they will definitely defeat Alien Android 7 to prove Saiyan’s glory.


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