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“Wow! It’s really different from Earth, the level is too high!”

In mid-air, Tights was looking down at the arena under her feet with a look of excitement.

Because the number of Saiyans who were participating in the battle royale was nearly more than half of the population on the planet, it was even more than the audience.

Therefore, there are no spectator seats for the battle royale, and those who did not participate in the tournament like Tights were floating in the sky to watch the tournament.

While watching the matches, Lin Chen nodded to Bardock, King Vegeta and others who were accompanying him and said, “I haven’t asked for a long time, it seems that our Saiyans level has gotten much higher than before.”

King Vegeta smiled and said: “Your Majesty, this is also the result of your years of hard work.

Since you introduced the gravity training method as well as the teaching material of Ki Sense a few years ago, Planet Vegeta is now full of talents, especially the younger generation.

There are a lot of outstanding talents emerging.”

Hanasia smiled and said, “King Vegeta, you aren’t praising your son Vegeta again, are you”

“Hahaha.” King Vegeta said a little proudly: “I don’t dare to praise him, but this kid is a bit capable.

I heard him boast that this time his goal is to become the champion.

I wonder if he can achieve it.

“Champion That kid spoke such big words”

Hearing this, Hanasia swept her eyes towards the arenas below, and soon found Vegeta.

“I want to see what ability he has to say this!”

Lin Chen, who was listening on the side, also turned his attention to Vegeta.

He was also very interested in the forever No.

2 protagonist of Dragon Ball.

“Oh His Power Level… as expected of Vegeta!”

In the 2nd arena, Vegeta, who has already grown up, was standing proudly in the center of the arena with his arms crossed while hundreds of Saiyans were surrounding him.

It seemed that they wanted to gang up on Vegeta.

Seeing that they wanted to gang up on him, Vegeta didn’t show any signs of fear, instead he snorted coldly.

“Want to gang up on Then hurry up and attack! A bunch of trash!”

Hearing Vegeta’s words, the other Saiyans were not reconciled.

“Damn it! Vegeta, this guy is acting like a pretentious prick again!”

“This guy always likes to pretend! I can’t stand it!”

“Let’s go! Beat him up together, there are so many of us, there is no reason to lose to him!”

Immediately after someone took the lead, the remaining Saiyan’s aura erupted out and they also rushed towards Vegeta.

However, Vegeta thought nothing of them and sneered.

He clenched his fists and a terrifying aura erupted out from him which instantly exploded throughout the arena.


The terrifying aura explosion sent the group of Saiyans who were surrounding him and wanted to rush over flying out of the arena.

Some people fell on the ground and were disqualified while some were able to control themselves in time and went back into the arena.

Because some people were sent flying too far away outside the energy coil, they didn’t have enough time to return and were thus disqualified.

In short, after one move, only a few dozen people remained in the 2nd arena without being eliminated.

But he could eliminate most of the people with just the eruption of his aura, Vegeta indeed has the capital to be proud of.


When Lin Chen saw the reading displayed by the scouter, he couldn’t help but ask: “530,000 Power Level.

King Vegeta, you must have given Vegeta a lot of Tree of Might’s fruit that were rewarded to you, right”

King Vegeta smiled embarrassedly: “Your Majesty, I’m not like Bardock.

I can reach this level with my aptitude, it’s already the limit.

Vegeta’s talent far exceeds mine…”

Lin Chen waved his hand and interrupted him,  “Don’t worry, it’s up to you who you give the Tree of Might’s fruit which were awarded to you.

However, Tree of Might’s fruits shouldn’t be of much use anymore to the current Vegeta.

He will have to rely on his own hard work from now on.”


Your Majesty is right.” King Vegeta nodded.

With a power level of 530,000, among the contestants who registered, it is already the best.

Among the rest of the people with Power Level exceeding 500,000, there were also many just like King Vegeta who chose to not participate in the tournament.

Many of these Saiyans with Power Level exceeding 500,000 were people whose Power Level was forcibly raised by Lin Chen in order to complete his system mission.

Because they made their breakthroughs early on, these people are considered to have high status on Planet Vegeta.

First of all, they did not want to bully the youngsters, and secondly, they were afraid of losing face in the tournament, so most of them chose to give up on the tournament.

And only a few chose to participate in the tournament.

They were all Vegeta’s opponents on his path to the championship.

Looking at Vegeta, whose Power Level far exceeds compared to in the original work, Lin Chen couldn’t help but think of Goku still on Earth.

He heard from Tights that they have returned from North Kai’s place.

They trained on North Kai’s Planet for more than a year.

I wonder how strong Goku and the others have become

“The match is over, go down!”

Vegeta snorted and then no longer wasting time, he took the initiative to attack and knocked all the rest of them out of the arena.

“The match in the 2nd arena is over, winner, Vegeta!”

When he heard the result announced by the referee, Vegeta snorted again.

“None of them can fight properly.

Sure enough, I shouldn’t have any hope for a worthy opponent in the preliminaries.”

Vegeta was about to leave the arena when he suddenly sensed a familiar aura from the side.

In the 3rd arena, he saw a long-haired Saiyan, who was being besieged by a group of Saiyans, scurrying around in the arena in an extremely sorry situation.

“Raditz!” Vegeta yelled.

Raditz, who was running away, turned around and waved to Vegeta: “Lord Vegeta!”

“What are you doing Get rid of them quickly!” Vegeta frowned.

“Lord Vegeta, I want to hurry too! But these guys are targeting me!” Raditz yelled.

“Then deal with them at the same time! You are following me, how can you not even make it to the final round!”

After saying that, Vegeta turned around and just walked away.

“Ah! Damn it! It’s all your fault, I again made Lord Vegeta angry!”

Raditz shouted loudly and stopped.

No longer running, he took the initiative to counterattack the Saiyans who were chasing him.

During the hand-to-hand combat, people kept getting beaten up by Raditz and fell off the arena, or fell to the ground.

But Raditz wasn’t feeling at ease either.

He wasn’t as strong as Vegeta, and under the siege of others, he was continuously being hit hard, and he could only move while fighting.

His battle also caught Lin Chen’s eyes, making him surprised: “360,000 Power Level… Bardock, did you also give the Tree of Might’s fruit to Raditz”

Bardock shook his head and said, “No.

It is thanks to Vegeta that Raditz is where he is today.”

Lin Chen was stunned for a moment, then understood.

He know that Bardock’s son Raditz had been playing with Vegeta since he was a child, because unlike in the original work, Vegeta’s lackey Nappa died early during the Turles Rebellion, so Bardock’s eldest son Raditz has been following by Vegeta’s side.

Speaking of which, Raditz actually has outstanding talent.

It was set up in the original work that Raditz’s talent is of an upper-level warrior.

But because he was too lazy, his Power Level has always been so low.

Now he is following Vegeta, and he is often used as a sparring partner by Vegeta.

With such training added with Saiyan’s traits where they become stronger after being seriously injured and on the verge of dying, his Power Level has surpassed 300,000.

[Author’s note]: Raditz’s talent was set by Akira Toriyama himself, not by me.


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