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Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, another two years have passed.

On this day, Saiyans on Planet Vegeta, no matter where they were before, all returned to Planet Vegeta.

For the first time ever since the ban on entering the universe was lifted, nearly all the Saiyans were gathered on their home planet.

And the reason they came back was to participate in the first Saiyan Martial Arts Tournament which will be held on Planet Vegeta soon.

Speaking of the origin of this martial arts tournament, it must be traced back to two years ago.

After he was done with his training on North Kai’s Planet and returned to Planet Vegeta, Lin Chen received the suggestion from Bardock.

Having watched Earth’s World Martial Arts Tournament three times in a row, he felt that a similar tournament could be held on Planet Vegeta.

The love for fighting is deeply etched into Saiyans bones and this kind of martial arts tournament just hits the soft spot of Saiyans, so it may cause a sensation on Planet Vegeta.

So Bardock suggested that he hope to hold the World Martial Arts Tournament on Planet Vegeta.

One is to give all Saiyans a chance to vent.

Second, it is also an inspection of Saiyan’s current strength.

On Lin Chen’s side, since returning to Planet Vegeta, he has resumed his boring training and worked hard to reach higher levels.

In order to kill time, he naturally gladly agreed to Bardock’s suggestion.

Finally, the two of them thought over it and decided on many rules for the tournament.

For example, Planet Vegeta’s World Martial Arts Tournament, if it is to be ever again held in the future, then the interval between each tournament would be ten years.

The rules of Earth’s World Martial Arts Tournament were used as a reference to frame the rules.

They cannot kill people.

If they fall out of the arena or fall into a coma, they will lose.

The only troublesome thing is the reward.

Earth’s Martial Arts Tournament uses money as a reward, but Saiyans are not interested in money, so after discussing it, they finally decided to use Tree of Might’s fruit as a reward.

In addition, the winner will have a chance to challenge the current three Super Saiyans on Planet Vegeta.

Originally, Lin Chen thought that it would be difficult to attract Saiyans to register for the tournament with this kind of reward.

But he still underestimated the Saiyan’s desire for a tournament like this.

Even if there is no reward, just fighting alone is enough to attract Saiyan’s interest.

What’s more, although the three Super Saiyans including Lin Chen will not participate in the tournament, the final ranking in the tournament can be regarded as a ranking of Saiyan’s strength.

So when the news of the tournament was announced, in just a few days, more than half of Saiyans on the planet had registered, and those Saiyans who had gone out to perform missions were eager to find the registration place after returning.

In the end, almost all adult Saiyans registered.

Earth’s World Martial Arts Tournament has only one or two hundred people registering each time, while the scale of the Martial Arts Tournament on Planet Vegeta has reached thousands of people.

Because of this reason, it took a year just to prepare for the tournament alone.

The preparations for the entire tournament were done by Bardock, who used everything he saw and heard on Earth on Planet Vegeta.

They also contacted the people of the trade alliance and asked them to help build large-scale arenas on the planet.

Each arena was also equipped with a high-power energy shield system.

For this, quite a lot of the capital of Planet Vegeta was consumed.

But no one objected to this, even King Vegeta and Paragus, were very much in favor of this kind of tournament.

And as the day of the tournament was approaching, the training craze on Planet Vegeta had almost reached the peak.

During this period, there were a lot less Saiyans on Planet Vegeta who went out to carry out missions, and most of the Saiyans were gathered in large and small training facilities on the planet.

Those families with a wealthy financial situation even directly purchased private training facilities for their own use.

For example, King Vegeta.

He purchased a Gravity Chamber with maximum adjustable 50x gravity, and used it for his son Vegeta to train.

Finally, on the day when the martial arts tournament was about to begin, Tights teleported in front of Lin Chen.

When Tights arrived, Lin Chen and Bardock were confirming the final details of the martial arts tournament.

Seeing her arrive, he said, “You are here You seems to be quite early”


I didn’t want to miss such an interesting thing.

I’m going to use what happens today in my novel.” Tights laughed.

These days, although Tights would mainly stay on Earth, she also comes to Planet Vegeta to look for Lin Chen from time to time, so she knows that the martial arts tournament is going to be held on Planet Vegeta.

“Then let’s go and have a look together.

In a while, the battle royale will start.”

Lin Chen led Tights out of the palace.

As soon as they went out, Tights felt the Saiyans aura on the planet: “Oh, it’s so powerful! Although I’ve been here many times before, this is the first time I’ve felt so many powerful auras.”

“Well, although those people on Earth are very hardworking, you’re right, they’re still very weak compared to the rest of the universe.”

Lin Chen chuckled and led Tights to the tournament venue.

This time, a total of 65 large-scale arenas have been set up on Planet Vegeta.

Except for the largest arena that is the venue for the final round, the remaining 64 arenas were all for preliminaries.

Drawing on the experience from Earth’s World Martial Arts Tournament and combining it with the situation of Planet Vegeta, the tournament on Planet Vegeta, in the preliminaries, is using battle royale rules.

Thousands of registered contestants will be divided into 64 groups and will compete in 64 primary arenas.

Every contestant who lasts to the end in the arena will enter the final sixty-four.

Hearing this rule, Tights immediately became interested: “Wow! A battle royal This is more exciting than Earth’s martial arts tournament! Lin Chen, do you know I heard that the World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth has been stopped because of funding issues.”

Each of the venues of the Battle Royale is 500 meters long and wide, which is much larger than the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Considering that Saiyan can fly in the sky, and the battle may infinitely extend to the sky, an energy coil visible to the naked eye has also been added to the venue.

According to the rules, if you leave the tournament space demarcated by the energy coil for more than three seconds, it will be regarded as a loss.

Out of the arena and disqualified from the tournament.

“The 64 rounds of the first Planet Vegeta’s Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin!”

“The 64 rounds will be held at the same time on a total of sixty-four arenas.

Only those who remain standing at the end will be eligible to participate in the final round!”

Saiyans don’t like to waste time like Earthlings.

Following the host’s voice, the battle royale began immediately.

On the sixty-four arenas, a flash of light erupted out at the same time.

In every arena, people can be seen all over the sky, as well as a crowd flying outside the arena.


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