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With a loud shout, a golden light erupted out from Lin Chen’s body.

North Kai was sitting on a reclining chair as he leisurely watched Lin Chen transform into Super Saiyan and said in astonishment, “Is this Super Saiyan His strength is really terrifying, no wonder he could even kill Frieza.”

“Tsk tsk, this Lin Chen! With such strength, why does he still want to learn my Kaio-ken”

Just when North Kai was wondering, he heard Lin Chen suddenly shout.



North Kai was greatly shocked.

He saw a violent aura instantly soar into the sky, blowing up a huge whirlwind.

The ground around Lin Chen instantly turned to powder and disappeared.

It was as if a hurricane was blowing on the tiny North Kai’s Planet, blowing everything around into chaos.

“Waa! Lin Chen! That’s enough! Quickly stop it, or my Planet will be destroyed by you!”

Just as North Kai’s voice fell, he saw that the storm had subsided, and Lin Chen, who was previously fine, fell to the ground with a loud bang and blood was oozing out from his body, which was truly frightening.

“Sigh! What are you doing Look at you!” North Kai came to Lin Chen’s side and looked at him lying on the ground.

It was clearly Lin Chen who was seriously injured, but he was the one who was frightened.

At this moment, North Kai suddenly heard Lin Chen’s feeble voice: “North… North Kai…Senzu Bean…Bean!”

“What Senzu Bean You have Senzu Beans”

As North Kai lowered his head, sure enough, he saw that a bean was lying on the ground beside Lin Chen’s hand.

As North Kai, he naturally knew what Senzu Bean was, and immediately picked it up and stuffed it into Lin Chen’s mouth.

After a while, Lin Chen finally recovered.

“Sigh! I almost thought I was going to die!”

It was the first time that Lin Chen had come so close to death ever since he fused with the Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline.

Just now, Lin Chen tried to use Kaio-ken in Super Saiyan form for the first time.

He had thought that, based on his previous research on Kaio-ken, when he used it in Super Saiyan state, at most, the Kaio-ken state would not last too long, but he never expected that it was not the case at all.

Using Kaio-ken in Super Saiyan state is more than just increasing the burden on the body.

Recalling the feeling just now, it was like being suffering a Health DEBUFF, even a body as strong as the Legendary Super Saiyan would have its HP be reduced to zero instantly…

He had only used Kaio-ken for a few seconds, but his whole body was on the verge of collapse.

If he hadn’t eaten the Senzu Bean in time, he might have even died.

Seeing that Lin Chen was fine, North Kai took out a cloth and wiped the sweat from his forehead, still having lingering fear.

“Although I don’t know what happened, it is clear that Super Saiyan transformation has caused a great burden on the body.

Coupled with Kaio-ken, this burden can no longer be supported by a human’s body.

In the future, these two moves can no longer be used at the same time.

You had better remember that!”

“Kai-sama, can you improve it” Lin Chen couldn’t help asking.

North Kai thought for a while before spreading out his hands and saying with a shake of his head, “There is nothing I can do, I’m not a Saiyan, I can’t even understand your transformation, how can I think of a way”

Lin Chen, who was not reconciled, relied on Senzu Beans and tried it several times, and even tried it once in Legendary Super Saiyan form, but apart from torturing himself, there was no progress.

At this point, he has no choice but to recognize that Kaio-ken really can’t be used in Super Saiyan form.

After that, Lin Chen turned his attention to Spirit Bomb, another unique skill of North Kai.

Unfortunately, this technique is also a bit special.

According to North Kai, Spirit Bomb can only be used by people with a pure heart, and even North Kai himself could barely use it because he does not meet the requirements.

And although Lin Chen cannot be considered evil, his thinking is complicated, which has nothing to do with pureness, so he has no hope for it.

After Lin Chen heard it, he didn’t believe it, so he asked North Kai to demonstrate it when he found a chance.

After another month of pestering, Lin Chen could see that he had let North Kai demonstrate Spirit Bomb no less than thirty times in front of him by relying on those corny jokes he had read in his previous life, but he still hadn’t triggered the beginner martial arts talent.

So, he had no choice but to grudgingly admit that what North Kai said was apparently true, that Spirit Bomb was really not something he could grasp, even if he has a system.

North Kai also felt somewhat regretful about it.

“It’s just a pity for my Spirit Bomb.

I thought if you could learn Kaio-ken in one day, maybe you can create miracle for Spirit Bomb…”

Seeing North Kai’s regret for “Spirit Bomb not seeing the limelight”, Lin Chen smiled and said, “Kai-sama, there will be a few more people coming over, maybe someone among them can learn Spirit Bomb.”

North Kai waved his hand and didn’t take it to heart: “I hope so.”

At this time, Lin Chen was also about to leave and said, “Kai-sama, thank you for your guidance during this period, I’ll be leaving now.”


Lin Chen, I hope you continue to lead the Saiyans on the right track in the future, instead of becoming the second Frieza.”

“I will.”

After saying that, Lin Chen waved his hand and performed Instant Transmission.

Seeing Lin Chen suddenly disappearing, North Kai was stunned for a moment: “Was that Yardratian’s Instant Transmission This guy Lin Chen is really a martial arts prodigy!”

After leaving North Kai’s Planet, Lin Chen did not return to the human world immediately, instead he arrived midway on the Snake Way.

Below him, Goku and his group were still working their way up Snake Way.

In the past two months, they had just traveled half of the Snake Way.

Lin Chen looked below him, the corners of his mouth curling slightly before he landed in front of everyone.

“Huh Brother Lin Chen!”

“Lin Chen”

“Why are you here”

Facing everyone, Lin Chen smiled faintly: “I’m done with my training, so I’m going back.”


Hearing that Lin Chen was already done with his training while they were still on the way, everyone felt disheartened.

But at this moment, Lin Chen gave each of them a strangely shaped fruit.

“Brother Lin Chen, what’s this” Goku asked curiously.

“Tree of Might’s fruit, your strength will soar after you eat it!” Lin Chen replied lightly.


Hearing this, they immediately swallowed the fruit.

They were not afraid of getting tricked, because there is no need for it at all.

To deal with them, Lin Chen doesn’t even need a finger.

After finishing the fruit in two or three bites, everyone immediately felt a huge change happening in their body as abundant energy appeared in their body.

After just a few seconds, everyone felt that their strength had increased by several times.

But it wasn’t over yet.

Immediately, Lin Chen used the Unlock Potential technique on them one by one.

In a single operation, even Chiaotzu with the worst strength, has his Power Level surpass 15,000!

They were at a completely different level from their past selves!

“Hea… heavens!”

“Haha, such powerful strength!”

Even Piccolo, who never smiles, couldn’t help but reveal a smile on his face.

However, he also suddenly realized a problem and asked, “Lin Chen, why are you helping us improve our Power Level”

“Because I think you are too weak.”

Lin Chen told them straight to their face, “Don’t think that you are invincible.

If your current level was compared with the people of Planet Vegeta, you are at the level of low-class warriors.”

“That’s all I can help you with.

Hurry up and go to North Kai’s Planet to improve and stabilize your strength.

If you can’t keep up with the pace of the times, you will eventually be eliminated by the times.”

After saying that, Lin Chen disappeared in front of everyone.


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