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Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb.

In dragon ball, when North Kai is mentioned, these two ultimate techniques cannot be ignored.

Before Goku learned to transform into Super Saiyan, Kaio-ken was used by Goku to make counterattack and bounce back, and had the role of helping him challenge opponents bypassing ranks.

While Spirit Bomb was the ultimate trump card that Goku used to eliminate powerful enemies even until the end of the story.

This rare opportunity to come to North Kai’s Planet, Lin Chen’s biggest purpose is to learn these two techniques.

In the past, Lin Chen had received several tasks that offered Kaio-ken as reward, he missed it, but this time he won’t miss it again.

“You want to learn my techniques”

“Yes, I’ve heard that Kai-sama has been observing the mortal world’s martial arts for years, and you have spent your whole life researching a few techniques.

I am very interested in them.

I wonder if you can teach me”

North Kai pondered for a while and said, “Aren’t you well-informed.

To be honest, you eliminated the great demon Frieza for me, so there is no problem in teaching you the ultimate techniques.”

“Well, as long as you can tell me a joke that can make me laugh.

But let me tell you in advance, my sense of humour is very high, and ordinary jokes are useless to me.”

Lin Chen knew that something like this would happen, “It’s simple, listen carefully.”

“Three little rabbits poop, the first is a long one, the second is a ball, and the third one is actually a triangle.

When asked how did it do it, the third rabbit replied: I kneaded it using my hands.”

“Kne…kneaded it with its hands!”

North Kai’s face stiffened before he burst into laughter while holding his stomach.

North Kai laughed for more than ten minutes, so much so that Bubbles and Gregory thought he had broken down, and shouted worriedly.

After a long time, North Kai came back to his senses and wiped the corner of his eyes behind the black glasses: “Fine, King of Saiyans, I am satisfied with your joke.

I will teach you properly, but how much you can learn is up to you!”

“Then what are you going to teach me, Kai-sama” Lin Chen pretended not to know.

North Kai proudly said, “I have a technique, which I’ve spent my whole life to develop by observing the martial arts of the mortal world for countless years.

I call this technique Kaio-ken!”

“Kaio-ken is used to forcibly increase your Power Level.

In theory, as long as the body can withstand it, you can continuously improve your strength!”

After introducing this, North Kai suddenly frowned: “By the way, speaking of which, this technique is very similar to your Super Saiyan… It’s all about multiplying your Power Level…”

“Lin Chen, do you still want to learn it”

Lin Chen actually want to learn Spirit Bomb, but in the spirit of seizing every opportunity, he didn’t want to miss out on Kaio-ken.

After all, in Dragon Ball Super, Goku later used the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken, which further improved his Super Saiyan Blue’s base Power Level.

Although Lin Chen doesn’t know if this technique can be used in this world, at least he should learn it, right

“North Kai-sama, please teach me this technique!”

“Okay okay, since you are so sincere, I will teach you, but I should remind you in advance that I have researched this technique for a long time before I created it.

If you can learn it within a month, you can be called a genius….”

North Kai laughed loudly, the fat on his face trembling violently, and then he explained to Lin Chen how to use Kaio-ken.

Lin Chen listened carefully, and couldn’t help but sigh.

Although North Kai looks like a funny character, his knowledge of martial arts is definitely at the master level.

But to say that this Kaio-ken is difficult to learn, it is only for ordinary people.

For Lin Chen, a man with a goldfinger, it is completely different.

After quietly listening to North Kai’s explanation, Lin Chen said, “Kai-sama, I generally understand it.

Can you demonstrate your Kaio-ken again”


After saying that, North Kai hopped over to an open space, and immediately used Kaio-ken.


“Ding! Beginner martial arts talent is activated, acquired the technique Kaio-ken!”


My luck is really good.


Lin Chen took a deep breath and shouted, and a dark red radiance burst out from his body, which was the dark red aura that erupts out after using Kaio-ken.


North Kai became dumbfounded and his sunglasses almost fell down.

A month later, Lin Chen had fully grasped the principles of Kaio-ken.

In fact, relying on his beginner martial arts talent, Lin Chen had learned Kaio-ken as early as the first day.

After that, he spent all his time studying the principles of Kaio-ken.

As a technique which was comprehended when North Kai observed the mortal world, Kaio-ken can directly improve the user’s speed, strength, and aura in a short period of time, which is reflected in the Power Level as it doubles.

But the price for using this technique is huge negative impact on the body.

To describe it graphically, when you use   Kaio-ken, it seems to give you a negative effect of blood loss.

During use, the user’s blood volume will   continue to drop, and once the blood volume get zero, the body will immediately break down.

Knowing all aspects of Kaio-ken, Lin Chen began to constantly test his limits.

From 20x Kaio-ken at the beginning, in this month, Lin Chen finally found that the limit that his body can withstand is 100x Kaio-ken!

Almost the same increase as when he transforms into Legendary Super Saiyan 2.

This multiplier once again shocked North Kai.

He didn’t expect that Lin Chen could actually bear 100 times Kaio-ken

Finally, after looking around, North Kai could only admit that Lin Chen’s Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline is really the best for using Kaio-ken.

Because of the influence of Legendary Super Saiyan bloodline, Lin Chen could be said to have the sturdiest physical body North Kai has ever seen, and what’s more, he also has a super-recovery ability.

As if his body has its own health regeneration effect, when Kaio-ken is less than 50x, it will hardly cause Lin Chen to lose blood.

Only after it surpasses 50x, the damage of Kaio-ken to the body will greatly delay Lin Chen’s body recovery.

However even so, in Lin Chen’s opinion, Kaio-ken is still not as good as the Super Saiyan transformation.

Although the two are very similar in effect, the characteristic of Kaio-ken is that it puts a burden on the body, while the Super Saiyan transformation is the consumption of Ki, and the two side effects are not the same.

If it is a protracted battle, you can rest and replenish your Ki if it gets exhausted, but if you don’t have any blood, you will really die.

It’s for this reason that in the original work, when Goku mastered the transformation of Super Saiyan, he almost never used Kaio-ken again.

I say almost because in the anime, Goku once used Kaio-ken after mastering Super Saiyan transformation in Other World.

Because the amplification of Super Saiyan Kaio-ken is still only a few times, after thoroughly mastering the principles of Kaio-ken, Lin Chen also wanted to give it a try to see if he could perform Kaio-ken in Super Saiyan state.

Otherwise, Kaio-ken is utterly useless to Lin Chen.

Because Lin Chen has Legendary Super Saiyan transformation.

Compared with ordinary Super Saiyans, this transformation has a higher increase in strength and it will also not consume Ki, rather it will continue to replenish his aura.

Similarly using the gaming analogy, it seems that there are multiple layers of mana and health regeneration effects.

Therefore, even though it is also 100x increase, the effect of Super Saiyan is far better than Kaio-ken.


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