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Hearing Lin Chen’s words, Piccolo didn’t dare disobey and could only fly over.

But he still kept a distance from Goku and the others.

“Brother Lin Chen, can you explain it now What exactly is the new training path you mentioned” Goku was getting impatient.

Lin Chen smiled and said, “I gathered you all today because I want to take you to a new place for training.”

“Everyone present, with the exception of Piccolo, have trained on Korin Tower and Kami’s place.

Although you are already very strong, I must tell you that outside Earth, there are countless people who are stronger than you.”

“So, I plan to introduce you to North Kai’s place for training.”

“North Kai Who is that”

Hearing the unfamiliar name, Goku wondered.

Lin Chen was about to explain when an old man’s voice came: “Mr.

Lin Chen, let me explain.”

Then, Kami walked over and said with admiration on his face, “North Kai-sama is a mighty god in charge of the entire North Area.

He has outstanding strength and is the most supreme god in the entire North Area…”

“Sorry to interrupt.” Lin Chen interjected: “Kami, you’re actually wrong.

In fact, there is Grand Kai above North Kai, Supreme Kai above Grand Kai, and there are also higher-level gods above Supreme Kai.

Your knowledge is incomplete.”

“What” Kami’s green face turned red, “So, there are more powerful gods”

“Cough, cough…”

He coughed and said, “Anyway, Mr.

Lin Chen wants to bring you all to the place of such a mighty person.”

“Then, is he powerful” Goku asked impatiently.

“At least, he is currently more powerful than you all.” Lin Chen explained, “The most important thing is that North Kai is proficient in a lot of unfathomable techniques and has training methods that are far more advanced than Earth.

You can learn a lot of things when you go there.”

“Really, then let’s hurry up!” Goku couldn’t wait.

“To go to North Kai-sama’s place, we must first obtain consent of the Other World’s King Yemma and if we want to go to the Other World alive, we must rely on Kami’s power.

That’s why I asked everyone to gather here today.


Lin Chen said to Kami, “Kami, please.”

“Okay, everyone, please put your hands on me.”

Everyone nodded and put their hands on Kami.

After a while, Kami’s thoughts moved and everyone disappeared from Lookout, and when they reappeared, they were already in the Other World.

The scenery of the Other World was completely different from the living world.

The surroundings were full of golden colors everywhere.

When they looked up, they could only see a wide expanse of golden magical clouds.

“So this is the Other World.”

Except for Piccolo, everyone shouted and looked surprised.

Lin Chen has also come to this place for the first time, so he looked all around and also noted down this place’s location, so that he could teleport over without relying on Kami in the future.

In the past, because he didn’t know the location of the Other World, he couldn’t get here even if he could use Instant Transmission.

Now, it won’t be so troublesome in the future.

Soon after, with Kami’s recommendation, everyone met the giant King Yemma and were given permission to head for the Snake Way.

However, when Lin Chen and the others were about to follow an ogre to Snake Way, King Yemma suddenly glanced at Lin Chen and said in surprise, “Wait human! What’s your name”

Everyone stopped.

Lin Chen looked up at King Yemma and smiled, “My name is Lin Chen, you can also call me Links.

What’s the matter, King Yemma”

“Links, are you a Saiyan”


“Oh…” King Yemma frowned, then shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.

Just get going, Snake Way is not easy to traverse.”


Saying that, Lin Chen and the others once again began to walk.

When they all disappeared from King Yemma’s palace, an ogre asked curiously, “King Yemma, was there anything special about that human just now”

King Yemma said with a solemn expression: “You don’t know, I just saw this man’s lifespan, he should have died more than ten years ago.”

“What Is he a living dead”

“No, he is a living person.

It’s really strange, how did he escape his fate and live to this day” King Yemma shook his head, puzzled.

At this time, following the ogre, everyone bypassed the Check-In Station of the Other World, quickly walked all the way and soon reached the entrance of Snake Way.

It was a huge snake head with its mouth wide open, followed by golden clouds whose end could not be seen, and an endless zigzagging snake body floating above the golden clouds.

Lin Chen stood on the snake’s head and said to everyone: “Everyone, at the end of Snake Way is North Kai’s Planet.

North Kai lives there and it is also your destination.

There are dozens of Senzu Beans here, which can be used as food on the journey.

You should eat them slowly, and if you run out, you can think of a way for yourself.”

Taking the Senzu Beans thrown by Lin Chen, Krillin asked in surprise, “Mr.

Lin Chen, aren’t you coming to North Kai’s Planet”

“No, of course I’m going.

But it won’t be with you.” Lin Chen said.


“Because you guys are too slow, I don’t have time to go with you.”

Lin Chen smiled and a powerful aura instantly erupted out from his body, then he turned around and flew towards the end of the Snake Way, turning into a black spot in the blink of an eye, and then disappearing.

Leaving Goku and the others behind, Lin Chen flew straight towards North Kai’s Planet.

In the original work, Goku with the Power Level of around 500 took almost half a year to walk the million-kilometer Snake Way, but for Lin Chen, the million-kilometer was only fleeting.

Soon, he arrived near North Kai’s Planet.

When Lin Chen landed on North Kai’s Planet which has 10 times the gravity, North Kai, who looked similar to a cockroach, had his hands behind his back and was waiting.

“Hello, King of Saiyans.” North Kai looked at Lin Chen with a smile.

Beside him, North Kai’s pet gorilla Bubbles and cricket Gregory also looked at Lin Chen curiously.

“Hello, North Kai.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “Being able to know who I am, it seems that you have been paying attention to me, North Kai.”

A light flashed through North Kai’s   sunglasses: “Of course, you are a popular person who led Saiyans to turn over a new leaf and defeated Frieza.

I have been paying attention to you these days!”

“By the way, tell me.

What are you doing at my place I know there is a group of people behind you who are coming here to train.

But, what about you I don’t think I have anything to teach a Legendary Super Saiyan.”

“No, I know you know a lot of magical techniques, North Kai.

Can you teach them to me”


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