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“Is he serious”

“Chiaotzu, why did we lose to such a guy”

“Tien Shinhan, I also don’t understand!”

In the backstage area, Krillin, Tien Shinhan and others who had already lost, were speechless.

Even the sunglasses-wearing referee standing at the boundary of the arena couldn’t help but say, “Contestant Mark, you just now…”

“What Isn’t my performance perfect” Mark turned his head and frowned.

“No…” The referee’s forehead broke out into beads of sweat.

“It’s just that you saw Contestant Goku’s previous matches, their…”

“Oh!” Mark said disapprovingly, “Those are just special effects, they can’t fool my eyes!”

“Special effects”

“Huh” Goku was also stunned.

When Mark saw this, he pointed at Goku and said, “How is it Did I hit the mark You pretentious guy, if you have guts, just fight me fair and square!”

“But I’m not acting pretentious.” Goku said aggrievedly.

“Stop talking nonsense! Referee, let’s start the match!” Mark said loudly.

“Oh, oh.”

Hearing this, the referee had no choice but to shout, “Then, the final of the 23rd World Martial Art Tournament will begin now!”

Just as the referee’s voice fell, Goku suddenly brought his hands together.


Mark, I will show you if I’m acting pretentious or not! Kamehameha!”


“Why did Goku use this technique right at the start Isn’t he afraid of depleting his energy”

Seeing Goku’s choice, Krillin and the others were greatly surprised.

It wasn’t just them who were surprised, Lin Chen also didn’t expect it at all.

Because of what Mark said just now, Goku used Kamehameha right at the start.

He didn’t have the time to use Telekinesis and could only helplessly watch Mark being swept away by Kamehameha.


A mushroom cloud appeared in the arena.


Lin Chen couldn’t help but cover his face and sigh.

Damn that Mark, why did you say those words just now

With his Power Level of less than 50, being swept by Goku’s Kamehameha, isn’t that a sure death

“My, my God! Who would have thought that the decisive battle of the World Martial Arts Tournament would begin with such a fierce opening.

I wonder if Contestant Mark was able to withstand the attack of Contestant Goku”

Withstanding it I reckon he has already been torn to pieces

Lin Chen shook his head.

However, at this moment, he suddenly heard the referee exclaim: “My God! Audience, can you see it Contestant Mark is still standing tenaciously! He didn’t fall! Amazing!”


Lin Chen hurriedly raised his head and sure enough, Mark really didn’t fall down!

Although he seemed to have turned into a black-man and his long flowing hair had turned into an afro, Mark was still standing tenaciously in the same place.

How is that possible

Suddenly, Lin Chen thought of a possibility.

Could it be…because of the Tree of Might’s fruit!

This Mark has really escaped a calamity!

Although Mark had spat out most of the Tree of Might’s fruit, it is clear that he should have at least swallowed some juice.

And it was precisely the juice of the Tree of Might’s fruit that caused Mark’s body toughness to become different from ordinary people that he was able to survive under Goku’s Kamehameha.

This guy… is a bit too lucky, right

Lin Chen couldn’t help sighing.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that Mark, whose hair had turned into an afro, looked a little familiar.

Huh Why does he look like…

Mark, whose hair had turned into an afro, touched his body with a pained on his face while he kept taking deep cold breaths.

“Referee! This guy used a bomb, shouldn’t he be disqualified”

“Boo..bomb” The referee didn’t understand what Mark was talking about.

“Of course! He must have planted a bomb in the arena just now!” Mark shouted.

“Sorry, Mr.

Mark, but it is impossible.”

“Bastard!” Mark glared at Goku: “Even if everyone is deceived by you, it can’t fool my eyes! Goku, look at my counterattack next!”

“Here I come! Rolling attack!”

Mark bent down and actually began to roll in the arena.

Goku stared blankly at Mark who was rolling over, not knowing what the technique was.

“A chance! Look at my move! This is my strongest Miracle Special Ultra Super Megaton Punch!”

“This punch doesn’t seem to be that powerful”

Mark thought he had grasped an opportunity, but Goku was already in a stance to counter the punch.

Just then, Lin Chen stared at him.

“An opportunity!”

Then, everyone at the scene saw Goku get sent flying into the sky like a piece of paper and fall outside the arena.

“Huh But my punch didn’t hit him yet”

Seeing that Goku was sent flying, Mark blinked his eyes stupidly.

But at this moment, the host, who had recovered his senses, raised the microphone and excitedly announced: “Unbelievable! Dear audience, Contestant Goku has fallen out of the arena, so the champion of the martial arts tournament has been born.

Let us warmly applaud and congratulate Contestant Mark!”


Although they couldn’t understand it, the audience immediately burst into fierce applause and cheers.


In Lin Chen’s ears, a system prompt finally sounded: “Congratulation host for completing the mission.

Obtained reward: Kami’s magic!”

Strange knowledge poured into Lin Chen’s mind, causing him to be in a daze for a while, but soon, Lin Chen found that there was a lot of wonderful knowledge of magic in his mind.

Such as mind reading, possession technique, magic materialization technique, and other wonderful magic.

Although it may not necessarily improve his combat ability, they have many magical effects.

Finally, I didn’t waste my time for nothing.

Lin Chen sighed inwardly.

“Cough, cough!”

At this moment, Mark’s voice suddenly   resounded in the arena.

He took the microphone from the referee’s hand and signaled everyone to be quiet.

“Everyone! Please don’t call me Mark again! I just made a decision, starting today, I will change my name to Satan! I am the man who returned from hell! Satan!”





Immediately after a brief moment of silence, cheers erupted out in the audience.

Everyone shouted the new champion’s name and clapped.

Mark, who has changed his name to Satan, put his hands on his hips and laughed wildly in the arena.

“Wa hahaha!”

Black lines appeared on Lin Chen’s face.

No wonder he thought Mark looked familiar.

So, he is really that Satan


Satan, who kept cracking gags and accidentally took the credit of Goku and the others’ work during the Cell Games in the original work

No wonder this guy is so lucky!


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