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How can a guy with only 50 Power Level become champion

Lin Chen thought about it, and finally arrived at only one answer, that is cheating!

It just so happened that Earth’s Kami once gave Lin Chen a perfect demonstration.

In the original work, in order to deal with the reborn Piccolo, Kami used magic to possess an earthling, and then defeated the experts one after another and entered the semifinals.

Although Lin Chen doesn’t know Kami’s magic for the time being, he knows Telekinesis.

In order to achieve the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 transformation, Lin Chen had to hone his mental power.

Although his Telekinesis was only a Beginner-level Telekinesis, in terms of strength, a group of guys with Power Level of less than 1000 were not his match at all.

When Mark challenged Yajirobe before, it was Lin Chen who helped him from behind the scenes, allowing Mark, a trash with a Power Level of less than 50, to defeat Yajirobe, whose Power Level had already reached almost 200.

The preliminaries are over, and the final eight’s match table will be released soon.

The first match, Krillin vs Piccolo.

The second match, Goku vs Chichi.

The third match, Yamcha vs Tien Shinhan.

The fourth match, Chiaotzu vs Mark.

Soon, the first match began.

As soon as the two came on stage, under the lead of the host, the atmosphere of the audience became extremely heated.

Seeing that his opponent was a little baldy, Piccolo, who went by the alias Ma Junior, sneered: “Boy, get down and surrender, my target is Goku, you are not worthy of wasting my time!”

Krillin suppressed the bellyful of fire in his heart.

Back then, he had died at the hands of the Great Demon King Piccolo’s child.

This confrontation with Piccolo can be said to be his revenge battle.

“I’m not what I used to be before! For the past two years, I’ve been fighting a monster! You’re basically nothing at all in comparison.”

“Monster Hehe, in front of me, what other monster can there be” Piccolo said with an amused look on his face.

Under the arena, seeing that Krillin’s opponent turned out to be the Great Demon King Piccolo, Bulma couldn’t help but say, “I wonder if Krillin will be fine”

“He will be fine.” Turtle Hermit smiled confidently: “I can feel that Krillin has undergone earth-shaking changes.

I wonder how he has trained in the past few years.

Really amazing!”


At this moment, the host shouted loudly: “The match starts!”

As soon the host’s voice fell, Krillin in the arena instantly moved.

His speed was so fast that the ordinary people in the audience couldn’t see him at all, and even Piccolo failed to catch his tracks for a moment.

“How is this possible”


Krillin raised his hand and sent Piccolo flying out of the arena.

Piccolo, who had flown out, managed to stabilize in mid-air with great difficulty.

Looking at the purple blood around his mouth, his eyes turned red.

“How is it possible, my opponent is Goku, how can I not even beat a weakling like him”

In a fit of rage, Piccolo took off his cloak, and all the power he had intended to use when he challenged Goku surged out.

“Too weak.”

Lin Chen, who had returned to the audience seats, muttered.

After Piccolo exploded with his full strength, his Power Level was only 350.

But the Power Level of Krillin opposite him had already exceeded 400!

Sure enough, although Piccolo’s potential is very good, he lacks systematic guidance, and his potential has not been unlocked at all such that he can’t even be compared to Krillin.

“Too weak!”

Goku and the others backstage also couldn’t help but say this word.

“Too weak.”

Even Krillin in the arena couldn’t help but say.


Hearing Krillin’s words, Piccolo’s mouth twitched.

“Who would have thought that back then I couldn’t even beat a subordinate of Great Demon King Piccolo.

But, now I feel that you are too weak.

Lookout’s training was really amazing.

And that Broly, he is even more of a monster…”

Krillin said with emotion.

“Lookout” Piccolo was stunned, and finally understood, “So you guys went to Lookout for training! But so what I’m Piccolo! The demon king who is going to rule this world!”


Just as Piccolo’s voice fell, Krillin suddenly disappeared and before he could react, he punched Piccolo in the stomach.

After one punch, Piccolo passed out and fell to the ground.


Seeing this scene, the host who was about to start his commentary was stunned.

In the audience seats, the audience who had been moved by Piccolo’s words were also stunned.

“Hey, what did that guy just say his name was”



“I don’t know, this guy is too weak.

I thought he was very powerful, but he lost so quickly.”

The audience was doubtful.

At the same time, the host ran over and started the countdown for Piccolo who had fallen to the ground.

Piccolo didn’t get up even till it reached “0”.

The host then declared Krillin’s victory.

“Haha! I won!”

Krillin jumped up happily, and hugged Goku and the others who had rushed to the arena.

Turtle Hermit was relieved on seeing Krillin’s changes: “It seems that my era is really over…”

The medical staff soon arrived, put Piccolo on a stretcher and left.

Lin Chen thought for a bit, and once again teleported to the backstage area.

In the backstage area, Piccolo had already woken up.

Knowing that he had lost the match, he naturally flew into rage.

The current Piccolo has still not completely turned over a new leaf.

Furious, he immediately wanted to destroy the entire venue.

“I don’t care about any tournament anymore! I’m Piccolo! I’m going to kill all humans! I…”

At this moment, a voice entered Piccolo’s ears: “Piccolo, why don’t you admit defeat At your current level, you are too far behind Goku and the others.”

“Who” Piccolo was startled, he quickly turned around his head.

But when he turned around his head, he saw no one.

Just as Piccolo was stunned, a person’s head suddenly emerged from the side: “I’m here.”

“What” Piccolo turned around his head and looked at the human beside him in surprise.

Just now, he couldn’t keep up with this person’s movements at all.

“You, who the hell are you…”

“If you want to become stronger, go to a place with me obediently.”

After saying that , Lin Chen grabbed Piccolo with one hand and used Instant Transmission in front of everyone.

The medical staff at the scene did not understand what was going on from the beginning to the end, and how did they suddenly disappear

“…This place is haunted!”

Meanwhile, Lin Chen and Piccolo appeared on the Lookout’s square.

“Broly!” Lin Chen shouted.

After a while, Broly appeared.

“Brother Links.”

Lin Chen threw Piccolo in front of him: “Broly, from today onwards, let this guy train here.

Watch him and don’t let him escape.”



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