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Soon everyone’s attention was diverted because of Chichi’s appearance and her conflict with Goku.

Taking this opportunity, Lin Chen called Mark out.

“Hey! Is it really true Is there really a female contestant who wants my autograph” Mark crossed his arms as he followed behind Lin Chen.

“Yes, yes, she is very shy, so she is hiding in the toilet.”

Lin Chen held back from smiling and said.

This Mark’s personality is really simple and is easily fooled.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of the toilet.

Mark looked around and asked in confusion: “Huh Where is she Where’s the beautiful contestant you mentioned”


After a crack sound, Mark fell to the ground, with Lin Chen standing behind him with his palm turned into a knife-shape.

Lin Chen smiled, then bent down and grabbed Mark’s shoulder.

“Now, I just have to stimulate his potential.


Gero can have more than 900 Power Level when his potential was stimulated.

So, this guy should be able to break through 1000, right Then it should be easy for him to deal with Goku and others.”

While pondering, Lin Chen first used Instant Transmission and took Mark to an uninhabited wasteland since when unlocking Mark’s potential, it may be discovered by Goku and the others, so he must change the place first.

After everything was ready, Lin Chen grabbed Mark, who had still not woken up yet and directly used the Unlock Potential technique on him.

A golden aura immediately emerged from Mark’s body.

However, to Lin Chen’s surprise, the potential in Contestant Mark’s body turned out to be…

“I…f**k! Who the hell is this guy His potential is only this much”

When Lin Chen was done using the Unlock Potential technique, he was surprised to find that Mark’s Power Level had only increased to…


The unlock potential technique that can stimulate the human body’s potential and has outstanding effects only increased this guy’s Power Level by dozens of points


System, you fraud!

50 Power Level, how can he defeat Goku and the others with just this

That’s it!

Fortunately, I have another treasure.

Then, he took out a Tree of Might’s fruit.

Although he is not lacking them now, it is still an extremely valuable treasure in the universe.

So, he was really anguished on using it on a stranger.

But in order to complete the mission, he can only do so.

Lin Chen floated up Mark, who was still unconscious, and stuffed the fruit into his mouth.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that, after stuffing a few bites of Tree of Might’s fruit into Mark’s mouth, he suddenly woke up by himself.

“Ah!!! Who are you!”

Mark stood up in alarm, and at the same time discovered the fruit’s residue in his mouth.

“Damn….damn it! Who sent you to poison me”

“Ah” Lin Chen was dumbfounded.

I gave you something that only gods can enjoy, but you actually said it is poison

But it wasn’t just these things that greatly surprised him.

Mark suddenly lowered his head and spat out everything from his mouth.

Not only that, he even squeezed his throat to induce vomiting, and spat out the pieces of fruit that he had just eaten.

Seeing that his Tree of Might’s fruit was wasted, the veins on Lin Chen’s forehead bulged.

This idiot!

“Do you know what you are doing Immediately eat everything you spat out! Otherwise you will end up like this!”

Lin Chen raised an energy ball on his hand, flicked his hand, and threw it towards a boulder beside him.


A mushroom cloud appeared not far away.

Looking at the mushroom cloud, Mark’s legs softened, his eyes rolled over and he passed out.

Lin Chen covered his face, completely speechless.

What should I do

His Power Level is only 50 after unlocking potential, and he spat out the Tree of Might’s fruit fed to him.

This Mark is simply hopeless.

How can a guy like this win the championship

“System, can I re-select the choice”

“Ding! Host has already confirmed the choice and cannot back out, otherwise he will be obliterated.”


Lin Chen couldn’t help but curse.

I have been ripped off really hard by this Mark.

Is there no other way

Looking at Mark who was unconscious, Lin Chen suddenly had an epiphany.

Got it!

“Contestants, I’ve made you wait.

The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament preliminaries are about to start.

Please gather in the middle!”

Hearing the voice of the staff on the speaker, all the contestants gathered one after another, and after the host introduced the rules of the tournament, the drawing of the lots began.

At this time, the contestants who registered together with Mark were feeling troubled.

“How is it Did you find Mark”

“No! That guy, he couldn’t have escaped, right”

Just when they were running around, Mark, who they were looking for everywhere but couldn’t find, finally came back.

“Mark! Where have you been”

“If you didn’t come for drawing lots, you would have been disqualified, you know”

Mark touched his head and said with a confused expression: “I…I seem to have been to hell just now, and a demon wanted to kill me with poison…”

His companions stared blankly for a moment before breaking out into laughter.

Fortunately, at this time, the drawing of lots finally started, and they did not continue to laugh at Mark.

During the lot drawing process, Goku and his group were not drawn to the same zone under Chiaotzu’s manipulation, and Mark was also lucky to avoid Goku and others, replacing Kami’s position.

“Humph! Fortunately, I know Telekinesis, otherwise he would have been finished.” Lin Chen, who was hiding on the roof, muttered inwardly.

No one knew that Mark’s lottery was actually manipulated.

Soon, the matches in various zones were in full swing.

After the training on Lookout, everyone easily reached the main tournament, and even Chiaotzu, who should have been eliminated, easily defeated his opponents and entered the final eight smoothly.

Then on to Contestant Mark’s match, because Lin Chen unlocked his potential, although he only has 50 Power Level, Mark’s level had already greatly surpassed that of ordinary people.

So, there was practically no one who was his match.

Even Mark’s teammates were a little surprised.

Why does Mark, who is usually stupid, seem to be have gotten so much powerful all of a sudden

“Hahaha! It seems that I didn’t dream, I really came back from hell! Look at my power! This is the power of rebirth from ashes after returning from hell!”

“Hey, uncle, quickly come and fight.”

At this moment, a sharp voice sounded beside Mark.

Yajirobe, dressed like a masked superman, said impatiently.

Hearing this, Mark snorted coldly, shouted at Yajirobe and rushed over.

“Ah, ya, ya,ya!”

“This guy, he’s just an ordinary person…” Yajirobe was about to knock Mark off the arena, but suddenly found that his body couldn’t move.

The next moment, Mark’s fist also approached him.


“Hahaha! Do you feel it I call this Hell Punch!” Mark shouted.


Yajirobe tried hard to get his body to move, but there was nothing he could do.

Immediately afterwards, a powerful force suddenly came over and Yajirobe immediately flew out of the arena.


The people at the scene looked at Yajirobe who had flown out of the arena and exclaimed.

The referee was stunned, and he took a long time to react before announcing: “The winner is Mr.

Mark from Satan City!”

Goku and the others were all surprised: “I can’t see, is this guy very powerful That person just now, from his aura, it should be Yajirobe, right I didn’t expect this Mark to be able to defeat him.”

Just like this, the morning passed and the final eight finally emerged.

The top eight were: Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Chichi, Mark, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu.

Seeing this result, Lin Chen let out a long sigh of relief: “Phew! Fortunately, my Telekinesis works.

Let’s hope the next one, too, will go well.”


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