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“Goku, you’ve grown so tall!” Turtle Hermit said in surprise.

Goku rubbed his head and grinned, “Yeah, I’ve grown tall without realizing it in the past three years.

The first time I noticed it was when I saw Krillin getting shorter…”

“Goku, I’m going to get angry if you mention that again!”

“Hahaha! Hey, Bulma, your lips are so red, are you sick”

“That’s lipstick.” Bulma rolled her eyes and said helplessly.

Sure enough, although he has grown tall, he has remained the same.

He is still too simple.


Bulma suddenly blinked as she realized that the grown up Goku looks like that person…

No, it should be said that he looks exactly the same!

“Brother Lin Chen, long time no see!”

At this time, Goku noticed Lin Chen and gave him a deep bow.

“Go, perform well.”

“Umm! I will definitely defend my championship!” Goku was full of confidence.

“Goku, I won’t lose to you this time!” Tien Shinhan said confidently while clenching his fists.

“Goku, everyone has received the same training, you had better be careful!” Yamcha also said confidently.

After greeting everyone, Goku and his group went to the registration office to sign up, and then prepare to participate in the preliminaries.

Watching them leave, Turtle Hermit sighed with emotion: “They have become so strong.

My era is really coming to an end…”

“Old man, your era is over, okay My sister is already much more powerful than you!” Bulma laughed.

Turtle Hermit shrugged: “Tights has Lin Chen’s help, so how can it be compared”

“Haha, good that you know!”

On the other side, Tights looked at Goku and others receding back and asked Lin Chen, “Goku should be winning the tournament again, right”

“It seems so…” Lin Chen nodded.

He had sensed Piccolo’s aura just now.

Unfortunately, his aura turned out to be far inferior to Goku, and was even inferior to Krillin and others.

According to his guess, this may be because Krillin and the others went to Lookout to train much earlier.

The training time of Goku and his group was much earlier than in the original work.

On the contrary, the newly born Piccolo is the same as in the original work, still training by himself, so he has fallen behind in strength.

Maybe it is precisely because of knowing the disparity between Piccolo and Goku that Kami did not participate in the tournament while possessing an ordinary person’s body like in the original work.

This time, whether it is Krillin or Tien Shinhan, or even Yamcha, they have the ability to defeat Piccolo.

And unlike Goku, they won’t be soft-hearted when facing Piccolo, so Kami doesn’t need to personally take action.

Aware of Kami’s thoughts, Lin Chen couldn’t help but feel sorry for Piccolo.

Great Demon King Piccolo, who was rushing over with a delusion of sweeping through Earth, will suffer a crushing defeat this time too.

It’s just that without the fateful confrontation between Piccolo and Goku, I wonder what will be the highlight of this tournament

Should I register too

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly heard a voice.

“Ding! Congratulation host for triggering the strongest choices!”

“Choice one: Participate in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament and win the championship.

Reward: Power Level 100,000!”

“Choice two: Let Contestant Mark win the championship.

Reward: Kami’s magic!”

“Choice three: Do nothing.

Reward: 1 Time Point!”

Hearing the choices which he hadn’t heard in a long time, Lin Chen couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

Although the rewards this time were not the best.

But it’s quite interesting.

There have been a total of three tournaments.

Lin Chen missed one and watched two of them.

It is rare that the system has given choices for this tournament.

I should just forget about the first choice as he is not so shameless to participate in the tournament and bully the weak for a mere 10,000 Power Level.

Choice three is also very boring.

It is rare to receive a selection mission and he has to do nothing What is the difference between that and salted fish

But this Choice two…Contestant Mark Who is it

Just when Lin Chen was feeling puzzled, a hubbub suddenly erupted out from the crowd next to him.

He saw a group of people in karate uniforms push the crowd away and walk towards the registration office.

The one in the lead was a young man with long hair.

“Hey, we’re here to register!” The young man slammed the table and said.

The person at the registration office immediately said, “Okay, what’s your name, Mister”

“My name is Mark! The man who is going to become the world champion! Remember it!”

It’s him

Knowing the target whom he has to help according to the system, Lin Chen took a look at his Power Level.


Power Level: 12…

Cough, cough, cough!

Lin Chen choked on his own saliva.

And couldn’t help but say in his heart, “What the f**k! I just knew that the system didn’t have any good intentions.

After a long time, the reward that seemed to be the best was really the hardest.

12 Power Level.

How can this person compete against Goku and others, whose Power Level has exceeded 500, for the championship

Fortunately, someone else might not be able to complete this mission, but Lin Chen can.

Who made him have many tricks

“System, I choose two!”

“Ding, the host has selected their choice, please complete the mission as soon as possible.”

Then, Lin Chen said to Tights and the others: “You two and Bulma go to the venue, I’m going out for a while.”

“Oh Lin Chen, where are you going”

“Your Majesty, should I come with you”

Tights and Hanasia asked curiously.

Lin Chen shook his head and refused: “No need, I’ll just be strolling around, that’s all! Bye-bye.”

After saying that, Lin Chen directly used Instant Transmission and disappeared in front of everyone.

Like the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, this time the preliminaries were held in the arena to determine the final eight contestants.

At this time, Goku and the others were changing into their martial art uniforms, preparing to start their matches.

“Look, this is a custom-made dress I specially ordered from the mortal world! I knew Master Roshi would not prepare it for us this time!” Krillin said proudly while putting on a martial art uniform with the word “Turtle” printed on it.

“So, everyone had the same thought, ah!” Yamcha and Goku also took out their martial art uniform and put them on.

They exercised their limbs, their eyes full of confidence.

After three years of hard work on Lookout, almost everyone has made ample progress.

They couldn’t help it, because in addition to Kami, there is also an extraordinary expert on Lookout.

Because of him, even Chiaotzu has improved a lot compared to the original work.


Just then, Goku’s expression suddenly froze as if sensing something, and he became completely vigilant.

Not only him, but Tien Shinhan also looked solemn.

“Goku, do you feel it”

“Huh A very powerful aura flashed past us just now.”

Krillin pointed at the strange man draped in a cloak in the distance: “Could it be him”

“No, that aura was much stronger than his.” Goku said, “It’s weird, I can’t feel it anymore.”

Just as Goku and the others were looking for the whereabouts of the aura, Lin Chen hid and covered his mouth.

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief when he confirmed that Goku and the others were not looking for him anymore.

“Haaa! These guys’ perception towards Ki is really sharp.

They almost discovered me.

If there is no interference from outside, the few of them will most likely be competing against each other in the finals…”

Lin Chen smiled as he looked at Goku and the others in the distance, “But it’s a pity that this time the champion of the martial arts tournament has already been decided.

It’s going to be my Contestant Mark.”


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