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“200 times”

Bardock was inwardly surprised when he heard this and could feel that the disparity between him and Lin Chen was really like heaven and earth.

But Lin Chen’s words also pointed out a way for Bardock to become stronger.

Although he doesn’t necessarily have the talent to further progress, what he has heard today may help his sons in the future.

“Okay, Bardock, Hannah, attack!”

Hearing Lin Chen’s shout, they came to their senses.


Bardock roared angrily, but this time, he didn’t hold back anything and all the energy in his body erupted out.

Hanasia was also ready, and as soon as she gathered all her strength, she shot an energy wave towards Lin Chen.

At this moment, the surging energy surrounding Lin Chen was burning and the ground and air was shaking.

Boom! !

On the planet, a deafening loud noise instantly exploded out and everything was enveloped by a sudden burst of golden light.


When the light dissipated, Hanasia and Bardock had already fallen to the ground and lost consciousness.


Soon after, in the wasteland, in a house that has appeared out of nowhere, Lin Chen was giving Hanasia and Bardock a cup of hot coffee each.

“Sorry, I seemed to have used a little too much strength just now.”

“Your Majesty, you bullied me…” Hanasia looked aggrieved.

Bardock rubbed his head in pain.

“Hahaha.” Lin Chen laughed.

Although he tried his best to restrain his strength, the disparity between the two sides was too large, which caused Hanasia and Bardock to suffer a little.

“Thanks to you, I have now fully mastered the new transformation.”

Even in battles before, Lin Chen was still able to stay clear-headed, now after three years of tempering, he is truly able to perfectly control the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form with his mental power.

I wonder what kind of transformation there is after the Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form Is it Legendary Super Saiyan 3 Or another variant

Lin Chen took a deep breath with a look of anticipation on his face.

According to his current training speed, it does not seem impossible to reach the level of a God of Destruction in the future.

“By the way, which year is it now”

Lin Chen suddenly realized that, unconsciously, he seemed to have been training for a long time.

“Your Majesty, it’s Age 756 Earth Time.

It’s around February or March,” Bardock said.

Seeing how clearly he remembers Earth Time, it’s clear he’s been paying attention to Earth or his son Goku.

“Then is it going to be the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament soon I remember that I made an appointment with Tights to watch it together… Hannah, have you seen her recently” Lin Chen asked.

Hannah shook her head: “Tights seems to be writing behind closed doors.

I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

“Then let’s go watch it together this time.

What about you Bardock”

Bardock was stunned for a moment before nodding and saying, “I’ll go too.”

“Let’s go together then! Let’s go back to Planet Vegeta first, Hannah!”


“By the way, Your Majesty, I have something I want to ask your opinion on…” Bardock asked suddenly.

“What is it”

Bardock hesitated for a moment before saying, “Your Majesty, since we have the Tree of Might’s fruit, the average Power Level of Saiyans on Planet Vegeta has increased by a lot, and the disparity between Kakarot and them has become wider and wider.”

“I’m now considering whether I should provide pointers to that boy.

But I remember you once said that it’s best not to disturb Kakarot’s training on Earth, so…”


Lin Chen also understood what Bardock meant.

Now with the introduction of Ki Sense on Planet Vegeta, Saiyan’s average level is getting stronger day by day.

In contrast, Goku, who is also a Saiyan, has grown farther and farther apart from his compatriots.

Lin Chen, who likes Goku and others from the original work very much, didn’t want to disturb people on Earth because he didn’t wanted to change the storyline too much at the beginning.

But now that the follow-up storyline in the original work is unlikely to happen, it may be time for Lin Chen to intervene.

So, Lin Chen said: “Fine! Bardock, after this tournament is over, let’s give guidance to Kakarot, but you can leave this to me.”

Hearing this, Bardock rejoiced: “If Your Majesty is willing to help, then that’s the best.”

The time of the World Martial Arts Tournament is approaching day by day.

Lin Chen and the others went to Earth ahead of time to watch the tournament.

On May 7th, the island in the southeast, where the World Martial Arts Tournament is being held, was cloudy and drizzly.

After meeting with Lin Chen family, Bulma, Oolong, Puar and others arrived at the main entrance of the venue together.

As soon as they got out of the car, they saw Turtle Hermit and Launch holding umbrellas.

“Hi! Bulma! Oolong, Puar!” Launch greeted them while enthusiastically waving her hands.

Looking at Bulma’s beautiful dress, Turtle Hermit’s blood boiled, and he wanted to touch it.

But suddenly, Turtle Hermit felt the hairs on his body stand on end, causing him to stop.

Because he saw Lin Chen’s terrifying family again.

“Turtle Hermit, long time no see.” Lin Chen smiled and waved.

“Haha, long time no see.” Turtle Hermit laughed awkwardly, and immediately turned to Bulma and the others and greeted them.

He really can’t afford to offend that monster Lin Chen.

Fortunately, after saying hello, Lin Chen and Tights began to chat.

“Lin Chen, where are Bardock and Gine who came to Earth with you”

“Didn’t I tell you Now that Goku has grown older, he is  almost identical to Bardock.

He didn’t dare to come over for fear of being recognized.” Lin Chen explained.

“Really! You Saiyans! There is nothing wrong with a father and son meeting.” Tights said in astonishment.

At this moment, Tights suddenly stopped talking and turned around, and looked to one side.

Lin Chen and Hanasia also looked in that direction together.

“There are five decent auras,” Tights said.

“The average Power Level is more than 400.

The strongest one is 500… Is it Kakarot and the others” Hanasia guessed.

Lin Chen was also a little surprised.

He didn’t think that Goku and the others would get so much stronger than in the original work.

After a while, five figures quickly flashed over and stopped in front of Turtle Hermit and others.

“Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, you are here!” Turtle Hermit and Bulma gathered around them.

“Everyone, long time no see!”

The four of them greeted them with a smile.

“Oh, you guys are back! I haven’t seen you for three years, have you gotten a lot stronger” Turtle Hermit looked at the four of them and said in delight.

“After we went to Korin Tower together with Goku, we trained there for a year and then, like Goku, we got the qualification to go to The Lookout to train.” Krillin said proudly.

“Lookout Amazing, no wonder the four of you have gotten so much stronger.” Turtle Hermit sincerely in admiration, “By the way, what about Goku Why didn’t he come with you”

“Goku Isn’t he right here” Krillin pointed behind him in surprise.

Only then did Turtle Hermit and the others  notice that behind the four of them was a young man who looked familiar.

Bulma rubbed her eyes and looked at the young man suspiciously.

She swallowed and asked in disbelief, “Um, could it be…you are Goku”

“It’s me! Can’t you recognize me with the cloth wrapped around my head”

Goku said, and took off the cloth wrapped   around his head.

“It’s really Goku!”

Turtle Hermit and the others were taken  aback.

They didn’t expect that the little boy from before had grown into a handsome and tall guy.


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